For producing a shock wave, e.g. laser lithotripsy (A61B18/26)

ethod for kidney pelvis and calyx mucosa protection during laser transurethral nephrolithotripsy // 2630584
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: mucosa of the pelvis and calyces of the patient's kidney is protected during transurethral contact laser nephrolithotripsy. Contact lithotripsy and stone fragments removal are carried out with simultaneous continuous feeding of isotonic solution pre-cooled to a temperature of not more than 10C under excess pressure of not more than 60 cm H2O into the kidney.EFFECT: prevention of thermal damage to the mucosa of the pelvis and calyces of the patient's kidney, while significantly reducing the procedure time.2 cl, 2 ex
ethod for stone fragments evacuation during ultraminipercutaneous nephrolitotripsy // 2621532
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: under ultrasound and X-ray control, a nephrostomy course into the calyx-pelvis system is formed. An ureteral casing with an outer diameter of 2.6 mm and inner diameter of 1.9 mm is directed into the calyx-pelvis system cavity. The finest fragmentation of the stone at the background of continuous irrigation is carried out along the working channel of ultraminerefroscope using laser radiation. Stone fragments are evacuated by washing the irrigation liquid through the ureteral casing under the endoscopic control.EFFECT: effective low-invasive treatment of kidney stones up to 2 centimeters, reduced risk of bleeding and reduced number of postoperative complications, without the need to interrupt lithotripsy and change tools, without the use of a lithoextractor.2 ex

ethod for cervix, vagina and vulva dystrophic diseases treatment by shockwave method and device for its implementation // 2614361
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: tissue with pathological changes is coated with fine particles of carbon dye. The coating is exposed to pulsed laser radiation. At the beginning of radiation, laser irradiation pulse power is set lower than the value expected for this threshold pathology. The repetition frequency of acoustic pulses generated by a surface thermal microexplosion and absorbing the laser emission of carbon dye particles is determined. It is compared to the laser pulses frequency. Laser pulses power is sequentially increased to a value at which the acoustic pulse frequency becomes equal to the repetition frequency of laser pulses. Irradiation is performed with this pulse power value. The device includes a laser operating in a pulse-periodic mode of laser radiation generation, a laser radiation operating parameters control unit, a laser radiation parameters measuring unit and an indication unit. It additionally contains an acoustic microphone, a selectable band-pass filter for a maximum range of 5-7 kHz, microphone signal amplifier and a two-input coincidence circuit, all connected in series. One of the coincidence circuit inputs is connected to the microphone signal amplifier output, the second icoincidence circuit input is connected to the laser pulses repetition driving frequency generator output, and output - to the laser radiation operating parameters control unit input and the indication unit.EFFECT: increased efficiency of treatment and reduced probability of postoperative recurrence and scar development processes through implementation of objective selection and monitoring of the adequacy of defined laser radiation parameters, providing the process of shock wave destruction.2 cl, dwg

ethod for generating shaped laser pulses in a lithotripter and a lithotripter // 2602943
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: series of inventions relates to medicine. Generation of a shaped laser pulse shape in a lithotripter characterized in that, if the pulse duration is divided into four intervals of equal length, less than 25 % of the energy of the pulse is emitted in the first of those intervals, and in that the maximum intensity of the pulse is first reached in the second, third or fourth time interval, and wherein the intensity reached after the start of the third and/or forth interval is at least once the same as or higher than the maximum intensity reached in the second interval.EFFECT: generation of a laser pulse.18 cl, 3 dwg

Laser assembly // 2315582
FIELD: medical equipment.SUBSTANCE: laser assembly can be used in operative urology, for example, for curing benign hyperplasia of prostate and in lithotripsy for curing urolithiasis. Laser assembly has at least first laser radiator intended for lithotripsy of gallstones and second laser radiator intended for cutting and coagulation of tissues. First laser radiator is made for transform of radiation into second harmonica. It has laser resonator on base of Nd:YalO3 crystal with modulation of Q-factor by shutter having damaged total internal reflection and with fiber-optic delay line. Laser radiator also has out-resonator radiation for transforming radiation into second harmonica of radiation at non-linear crystal to reach efficiency of transformation of 25% and higher. Second laser radiator has laser resonator on base of Nd:YAG crystal. Both radiators can be combined inside single laser assembly. Universal power source of pump lamps is used as well as integral control system and integral cooling system.EFFECT: reduced cost of assembly; smaller sizes and weight.12 cl, 4 dwg