Rocking chairs (A47C3/02)

Console armchair // 2636304
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: console armchair comprises a bearing frame from a convex cage, wherein a seat and a backrest are fixed, the cage is formed by armrests passing from the back downwards by their front ends, providing a support, which are inwardly directed to the central support.EFFECT: smooth rocking in any direction.2 cl, 2 dwg

Recovery rocking chair // 2625707
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: recovery rocking chair has the base in the form of two side wheels, the chair connected to the base, and the simulator of the "wall bar" series. The chair is mounted on the rims of the side wheels, connected by the joining axis, bearing the pulley in the middle part, enclosed by the round belt, engaging with the chair seat front part and enclosing the pulley behind the back of the chair, mounted between the triangular frames, having the spacers commensurable with the axial size of the rocking chair at the tops of the frame, the round belt, enclosing the last pulley, through the splitter it is connected to the tops of the lower part of the frame by means of the rubber bundles, the removable L-shaped "wall bar" has fixation units, from the front of the chair with the training user, who has the device for rigid fixation of the chair to the bottom of the frame, made according to the scheme of the breaking brace crank-slider mechanism.EFFECT: expansion of the recovery rocking chair functionality.1 dwg

Seating furniture // 2571023
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to seating furniture, in particular to a chair, with a spring frame, and is aimed at increasing freedom of movement and to improve stacking. The seating furniture, in particular a chair, with a spring frame which is substantially Z-shaped in side view and comprises an upper part of the frame, two lower parts of the frame, and two middle parts of the frame, each of which connects the corresponding lower part of the frame to the upper part of the frame. The upper part of the frame extends from the rear region located on the upper part of the seat frame to the front region of the seat. The lower parts of the frame form the support rails, at least partially parallel to the seat and extending from the front region of the seat to the rear region of the seat. Each middle part of the frame extends from the corresponding lower part of the frame in the rear region of the seat obliquely upwards to the upper part of the frame in the front region of the seat.EFFECT: distance (a) between the middle parts of the frame in the upper part of the frame is maximum half, preferably maximum one third of the width (A) of the seat in its front region, to provide during the use of seating furniture at least partially an ergonomically favourable lateral displacement of the upper part of the frame relative to the lower parts of the frame without substantial separation of the lower parts of the frame from the floor.14 cl, 4 dwg

Seat structure // 2540392
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the structure of seats with adjustable slant or tilt. The seat structure includes a support frame, a seat and a back. The seat includes the seat frame, formed by the side pieces, the front cross piece and the rear cross piece and pivotally connected to the support frame by means of at least one attachment mechanism positioned below the seat surface. At least one balancing spring is installed between the seat and the support frame, containing the first and second side elements as well as the front and the rear frame elements. The attachment mechanisms are installed symmetrical relative to the seat as compared to the seat central axis so that the pivotal joint axis passes between the knees and thighs of the user sitting on the seat structure in a conventional posture, with legs parallel and tilting on the seat back. The attachment mechanism is positioned between the side pieces of the seat and the side elements of the support frame.EFFECT: enhanced comfort of the user accommodation of a device containing such seat.8 cl, 11 dwg

Rehabilitation rocking chair // 2345692
FIELD: medical equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in medical establishments, rehabilitation centres, sanatoria, preventive clinics and in everyday life for training and functional recovery of limbs mainly. Rehabilitation rocking chair contains bottom with support element in form of ring part connected with chair bottom and means of therapeutic action on user. Bottom is made in form of two wheels between which there is support element in form of ring part, whose inner diameter is larger than outer diameter of wheels, and whose width is commensurable with inter-wheel base of bottom, on which rests for user feet in form of steps or beams of different level are mounted. Support element ends at user chest level with two gripping devices in form of steering wheel for therapeutic action on arms, back, shoulders spinal chord and neck of user and in upper point has suspended means of belt type for therapeutic action on shoulders, spinal chord and neck of user.EFFECT: extension of functional possibilities for training and functional recovery of limbs.3 cl, 2 dwg

ovable joint having a number of stable positions for usage in furniture // 2310361
FIELD: movable joint designed for construction of seat, in particular, arm-chair, and adapted for positioning between seat and its support.SUBSTANCE: joint has at least two members adapted for limited rotation with respect to one another between two extreme positions for enabling inclination of seat due to movement of user's weight, and two outer members pivotally positioned for rotation relative to middle member. Rotation pins between two outer members and middle member are offset with respect to one another in horizontal direction. So, joint may be set in stable inclined state between two extreme positions. Joint of such construction allows user to adjust it and return to initial position when armchair is not used.EFFECT: compact and simplified construction, and increased strength of movable joint.11 cl, 13 dwg

ovable connection for seat // 2301007
FIELD: movable connection with springy resistance for any type of seat.SUBSTANCE: movable connection has first and second connection members which are designed for connection through shaft to provide inclination of seat caused by shifting of user's weight. Connection has first and second parallel plated springs with intermediate blocking member. Each plated spring is connected at the side of first end to first connection member and at the side of second end slidingly adjoins second connection member. First and second plated springs have pins of rotation which are offset relative to one another and relative to shaft.EFFECT: compact and simplified construction and reduced weight of connection.14 cl, 5 dwg

Swinging apparatus // 2261641
FIELD: furniture industry, in particular, swinging equipment for resting and relaxation in case of stress situations.SUBSTANCE: apparatus has supporting structure, article, and suspenders for connecting article to supporting structure through bearings. Supporting structure is positioned under article. Suspenders are adapted for pivotal connection of supporting structure with article through two pins. One pin connects supporting structure with suspender and other pin connects suspender with article through bearings. Area of horizontal projection of supporting structure is smaller than identical area of article. Supporting structure may be formed as closed box.EFFECT: enhanced reliability in operation and wider operational capabilities.2 cl, 2 dwg

Foldable rocking chair (options) // 2207038
The invention relates to the field of furniture production, namely to design a folding rocking chair with adjustable backrest and fixing of the swing

Chair // 2189771
The invention relates to furniture, in particular office chairs with frame made of tubular metal elements mounted on a height-adjustable swivel bearing

Universal rocking chair // 2176141
The invention relates to furniture, in particular to rocking chairs, ensuring the placement of two partners engaged in sexual contact

Seats // 2121805
The invention relates to the sofas, bench seats with frames made from metal tubular elements and a swinging seat

Power chair // 2114546
The invention relates to office furniture and is designed to equip institutions place of work, combining possibilities seat for work and training for the forced correction, joints of fingers and arms, internal organs, improve psychological tone with the possibility of independent development, as well as employees drive for electricity generation and subsequent accumulation and its use in low-voltage equipment or for medicinal purposes

Chair // 2103898
The invention relates to designs of chairs, in particular, with frame made of tubular elements