Furniture and domestic articles or appliances and coffee mills and spice mills and suction cleaners in general (A47)

A   Human necessities(304962)
A47            Furniture; domestic articles or appliances; coffee mills; spice mills; suction cleaners in general(7626)

Beverages production system // 2614092
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to beverages production machines by food substances extraction and aimed at reducing probability of counterfeit using. Beverages production system contains beverage dispensing device and pellet, inserted into beverage dispensing device for beverage extraction liquid passage. Pellet has filtering housing, which forms space, containing food substance, from which beverage is produced. Filtering housing has flange on its outer surface, pellet includes, at least, one recognition element, connected to filtering housing, which is recognizable and/or interpretable by beverage dispensing device recognition device. Recognition element is arranged on valve, which draws back from flange, wherein recognition device is electric and includes electric circuit, and recognition element includes bridge, capable to create electric contact between two sections of electric circuit.EFFECT: production of beverages.12 cl, 7 dwg

Improvements in and relating to cushions // 2613874
FIELD: household items.SUBSTANCE: cushion including pillow portion (2), useable for supporting the head of a user of the cushion, and an elongate trunk portion (4), that extends away from pillow portion (2) and which is usable for supporting the chin of the user. Wherein pillow portion (2) is shaped so that it is useable to extend from at least a position on the back of the neck of a user, whose head is being supported by pillow portion (2), that is less than three centimeters from the mid-point of the back of the neck to at least a position, where it contacts an ear of the user, and wherein in this use of pillow portion (2) trunk portion (4) extends away from pillow portion (2) towards the chin of the user.EFFECT: supporting the head.33 cl, 35 dwg

Feeder cup cover assembly // 2613871
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: feeder cup cover assembly, containing circular housing (5), installed on cup (3) open upper end and containing rim (8), allowing user to drink liquid from said cup through annular housing (5). Cover element (9) is located inside said housing (5) and is installed with extension through cup (3) open upper end, on which housing (5) is installed. Cover element (9) has plurality of openings (12) and central opening (13) in it. Sealing element (14) is located on cover element (9) inner side, and actuator (15) is on cover element (9) opposite side, which is accessible for user, when said cover unit (2) is installed on cup (3). Sealing element (14) and actuator (15) are connected to each other, wherein with sealing element (14), displaced into initial position, in which it is pressed to said cover element (9) inner side and comes into contact with sealing element (14) said inner side with upper side, which in initial position passes parallel to it to lock said openings (12) and prevent fluid flow flowing through it. Actuator (15) includes part (20), which is in contact with lip, which extends above cover element (9) in said rim (8) direction on circular housing (5). Device is such, that sealing element (14) moves from said initial position, to allow fluid flow through said openings (12) and from vessel, when pressing sufficient for said displacement overcoming, is applied by user on actuator (15). Diaphragm has protruding area (21), surrounding central opening (13).EFFECT: enabling possibility of child teaching to drink as from standard cup with simultaneous protection against spillage and avoiding child harming with hot drink.10 cl, 5 dwg

Stack of folded web material for hygienic articles // 2613861
FIELD: hygiene.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to stack of folded web material for hygienic articles, such as paper or nonwoven articles, wherein said stack contains, at least, two bands (1, 2), wherein bands comprise first band (1), divided into separate sheets by weakening lines (4), and second band (2) divided into separate sheets by weakening lines (4). Said first and second bands (1, 2) are mutually folded with each other so, that they form said stack (3), and wherein first band (1) and second band (2) are laid into stack (3) so, that first band (1) weakening line (4) and second band (2) weakening line (4) are displaced one relative to another along bands (1, 2). Each weakening line (4) has separation strength, which is force required, in order to separate individual sheet from band along said weakening line (4). First tape and second bands (1, 2) are connected to each other in plurality of crosspieces, forming individual sheet plurality of combinations (5), wherein each individual sheet combination is formed by crosspiece or crosspieces connecting first band (1) individual sheet with individual sheet of second band (2), and each individual sheet combination of (5) has separation strength, which is force required, in order to separate two individual sheets of first and second bands (1, 2) one from another so, that crosspiece or crosspieces forming said combination (5) of individual sheet were broken, wherein individual sheet combinations (5) separation strength is less than weakening lines (4) separation strength.EFFECT: invention relates to stack of folded web material for hygienic articles.45 cl, 11 dwg

Upholstered furniture transformation device "dolphin" // 2613857
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: upholstered furniture transformation device "dolphin" includes interconnected a stationary frame part with the sleeping berth first part attached to it, and a retractable frame part with the sleeping berth second part attached to it, with the possibility of moving the retractable frame part towards the retracted position and back, wherein the stationary frame part is adapted to receive therein the retractable frame part the folded position and the retractable frame part is adapted to telescopically move along guides mounted on the sides of the stationary frame part, wherein two guides are mounted on each side of the stationary frame part, one above the other, with the gap, height along, and a displacement limiter for the retractable frame part mounted between the first and the second guides near the rear side of the side portion. Retractable frame part comprises a frame of the sleeping berth second part on which the sleeping berth second part is fixed, the base consisting of a front, a rear and two side portions, on each of which at least one floor support roller is mounted, and also one guide element mounted to move between the first and the second guides of each side portion of the stationary frame part. A frame of the sleeping berth second part of the retractable frame part is hingedly connected to the base of the retractable frame part pivotable relative to the base of the retractable frame part to the extended position by two rotary mechanisms set one on each side of the base of the retractable frame part symmetrically in such way that each swivel mechanism is pivotally connected to both the side portion of the base of the retractable frame part and the second part of the frame of the sleeping berth second part of the retractable frame part.EFFECT: increased reliability of operation of upholstered furniture transformation device.11 cl, 6 dwg

User interface for a beverage preparing device // 2613773
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a beverage preparing device which comprises a user interface with a selection element meant for selecting the first value of at least one beverage parameter; an ingredient processing module for preparing a drink in accordance with the first value of at least one ingredient supplied in the capsule. The user interface includes a feedback element for providing default value calculated according to the values used in the past for at least one noted parameter according to the beverage preparation device.EFFECT: additional device functionality typified by a constant calculation and recalculation of previously selected user preferences, without the need of new parameters entering in the beverage preparation device.15 cl, 12 dwg

Studio couch, "euro longue" type // 2613741
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: studio couch, "euro longue" type, comprises a stationary frame with a front portion, a rear portion and two side portions; at least two guides mounted symmetrically with respect to each other close to the stationary frame side portions; the seat adjacent to the stationary frame and able to move in the horizontal direction to form a cavity above the stationary frame; backrest mounted on the stationary frame in the rear part so that in the folded position of the couch the backrest is located in a vertical plane. Backrest is able to rotate around the horizontal axis towards the horizontal position in a cavity formed when the seat is extended, forming a sleeping berth; at least one horizontal displacement limiter of a seat; seat attachement fixture; at least one rear roller fixed on each side of the seat near to the rear portion of the seat. Each of the rear rollers interacts with at least with one guide mounted near the side of the stationary frame; at least two front rollers are mounted on the front portion of the seat to be moved over the floor. The upper part of each guide is formed as a flat surface horizontally mounted parallel to the side of the stationary frame, with downward slopes at the sides and flat in the middle portion. The inner surface of each side of the seat is equipped with at least one supporting roller, and on the outer surface of each side of the fixed frame at least one supporting roller is installed with the possibility of mutual movement when the seat is moving. The height of the supporting rollers mounted on the inner surface of the seat sides is different from the height of the supporting rollers mounted on the outer surface side of the stationary frame. When the seat is in the extreme retracted position between the supporting rollers mounted on opposite surfaces, specifically on the outer surface of the stationary frame side and the inner surface of the seat side, there is a maximum distance, and the diameters of supporting rollers are approximately equal.EFFECT: improvement of operational characteristics.3 cl, 5 dwg

Household food preparation electrical apparatus comprising working container containing filtering device // 2613597
FIELD: household appliances.SUBSTANCE: electric household appliance for beverage preparation, containing working container (2), with bottom, equipped with grinding means (4), and upper opening for feeding food products, wherein said working container (2) comprises pusher (6), having head (65), to be inserted into working container (2) through said upper opening, and filtering device, fixed on peripheral shell (22) of working container or on head of pusher (6), characterised by that said grinding means (4) comprise grating disc (43).EFFECT: preparation of beverages.15 cl, 6 dwg

ethod for performing dynamic hydromassage procedures // 2613409
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: in the method of dynamic hydromassage procedures, each device for forming jet streams automatically moved in the vertical plane, as well as the vertical portion of the T-shaped bracket of the device for forming jet streams implemented by means of their rotation, are configured with the possibility for changing the position angle of their jet-forming panels or meshes from the original working one to the horizontal one, parallel to the bath bottom. Either one of the mixer tap outputs is connected to the device inlet for preparing the water distilled or purified from impurities, whose outlet is connected to the inlet of its storage tank equipped with the local pressure system, connected to the inputs of the devices for forming jet streams, or the water distilled or purified from impurities is pre-poured in said storage tank. After carrying out hydro procedures, the jet-forming panels or the meshes of the corresponding devices for forming jet streams are switched from the initial working position to the horizontal one, parallel to the bath bottom. After that, momentary sequential or simultaneous feeding of the water, distilled or purified from the impurities, in each device for forming jet streams is performed. Furthermore, the design of devices for changing the angle position of jet-forming panels or meshes and the horizontal portion of the T-shaped bracket of the device for forming jet streams with tangential water supply, as well as the purifying process parameters, are new in the method.EFFECT: ensuring the stability and reliability of the hydromassage procedures implemented in the automatic mode, and expanding their functional capability.4 cl, 10 dwg

Dispenser // 2613168
FIELD: textile and paper; hygiene.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is sanitary-hygienic paper dispenser (2), having housing (4), including first and second support elements (6) respectively for first roll (8) or first stack of sanitary-hygienic paper and for second roll (11) or second stack of sanitary-hygienic paper. Housing (4) is provided with first (12) and second (14) dispensing points, from which sanitary-hygienic paper can be caught for its dispensing. Dispenser (2) comprises locking device (16) for selective locking either first or second dispensing points. Dispenser (2) comprises sensor device (50) for determining of, at least, one locking device (16) position, wherein sensor device (50) is connected to control unit, made with possibility of dispenser filling with sanitary-hygienic paper state indication based on said determined, at least, one locking device (16) position.EFFECT: disclosed is sanitary-hygienic paper dispenser.21 cl, 4 dwg

etering device for beverage-making machines with the use of capsules // 2613162
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a dispensing assembly for machines preparing liquid products with the use of capsules, comprising: injector device for water and / or steam feeding into the capsule under pressure; capsule-holder facing the injector device and adapted to receive a capsule; and drive transmission mechanism for providing relative capsule-holder movements between the remote position and the approximate position relative to the injection device. The dosing unit further comprises extraction means adapted to push the capsule towards the outside of the capsule-holder in accordance with the capsule-holder movement towards its remote position from the injection device. Mechanical connection is a desmodromic connection which contains one connection component configured with the ability of angular movement together with the noted movable element of the drive transmission mechanism.EFFECT: improved reliability of the used capsule extraction function from the holder.11 cl, 23 dwg

ethod to do water jet procedures of dynamic type in domestic bath tub // 2613058
FIELD: human subsistence needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: in method to do water jet procedures of dynamic type in domestic bath tub a bath outlet pipe is connected to its spout in a lounger connected to the standpipe, through the three-way ball valve or three-way solenoid valve. One of the valve outputs is connected directly or through a coarse mesh filter with the inlet of the local pressure system, the output of which is connected directly or through a water microfilter cleaning of mechanical impurities and/or hardness salts with the decontamination chamber input. Decontamination chamber output is connected to the storage tank input with distilled, demineralised or purified from the impurities water put into it in advance or obtained from the respective devices, also equipped with a local pressure system. The pressure system output is connected to the used devices to form the jet streams either directly or through two-way ball valves or normally closed solenoid valves.EFFECT: making it possible to do under the conditions of small water flow in the mixer tap, or significant contamination of the used water with hardness salts, and possible fluctuations of its temperature or flow rate, relatively high water cost, simplified water pressure regulation and expansion of the water jet procedures functionality.9 cl, 5 dwg
Electric household appliancies for food processing // 2612992
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electromotive device for processing foodstuff comprises at least the cup for processing, the cap to prevent user access to mentined working tool and holding the processed food in the bowl during processing, the spindle, the support stud spindle clutch connecting spindle driven household appliance, a working tool attached to the spindle and a friction member disposed between the spindle and the spine for quick termination of rotation of the spindle when the cover is lifted from the cup to be processed. The spindle is supported at the perimeter by a spike in the bottom third of the height of the spindle, as measured from the bottom of the bowl to process, and maintained one sliding surface, the friction element is located either in the internal cavity of the spindle, or a spike. In this case the friction element is made of a material different from the material of the spindle and the stud.EFFECT: reduced tool stopage time after removing the cover.6 cl, 4 dwg

Brewing device for extraction from portioned capsule // 2612986
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: claimed invention relates to a brewing device for the brewing via extraction from a portioned capsule, containing the first element of the infusion chamber and the second element of the infusion chamber, where the first brewing element of the infusion chamber may be shifted between a loading position, where the first and the second elements of the infusion chamber are in a distance from each other to enable the input of the portioned capsule, and the extraction position, where the first and the second elements of the infusion chamber are close to each other to form an actually closed infusion chamber for the portioned capsule. There is also a support plate with a separation element. The support plate which due to mobility of the separation element has a greater tendency to spontaneous disconnection during operation of the brewing device is clamped with a form closure between the first element of the infusion chamber and the additional support plate that provides an effective locking of the separation element against spontaneous disconnection.EFFECT: invention enables brewing via extraction from a portioned capsule and an operation method for the brewing device.6 cl, 7 dwg

Distribution device assembly // 2612921
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is distribution device (1) for supply of sheet material from roll (3), which has longitudinal axis (15). Device contains roll holder (5) for sheet material roll (3) detachable retaining, wherein sheet material roll (3) can freely rotate relative to it. Device comprises base (6) for roll holder (5) supporting and connection with surrounding structure (7); comprises two connecting elements (8), where first element (9) is connected to sheet material roll (3), second element (10) is made integral with roll holder (5). First element (9) is connected with possibility of rotation and detachment to second element (10) by means of magnetic connection; first element (9) comprises contact section extending transversely relative to longitudinal axis (15), which is glued to sheet material roll (3) lateral face (12, 12a) and positioned so, that least partially overlap said lateral face (12, 12a) in order to first element (9) was rigidly connected to sheet material roll (3).EFFECT: disclosed is distribution device for supply of sheet material from roll.16 cl, 11 dwg

Electric pressure pan // 2612849
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: present invention discloses electric pressure pan, consisting of pressure pan pot and pressure pan lid, in which pot is equipped with magnetic sensor switch and magnetic element made with possibility of displacement between first and second positions relative to magnetic sensor switch, thus providing electric pressure pan control circuit power supply connection and disconnection, wherein pressure pan lid is arranged on pot with possibility of turning relative to it and displacement so, of magnetic element between first and second positions.EFFECT: magnetic sensor switch and magnetic element form sensor for determining, whether lid is installed on its place, due to which electric pressure pan has simple design and inexpensive in manufacturing.7 cl, 9 dwg

Food preparation device // 2612565
FIELD: food industry; machine building.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is a device for preparing food, comprising a first container (101, 201, 301, 401, 501, 601) and a second container (102, 202, 302, 402, 502, 602), wherein one of them is used for food preparation using water, and other is used to contain a liquid; a first passage (109, 209, 309, 409, 505a, 605a) and a second passage (105, 205, 305, 405, 505b, 605b), connecting first container with second container; wherein first control unit (104, 204, 304, 404, 507a) is connected to a first valve (103, 203, 303, 403, 506a) for controlling overflow of liquid contained in first container into second container through first passage; and second control unit (107, 207, 307, 407, 507b) is connected to a second valve (106, 206, 306, 406, 506b) for controlling overflow of liquid contained in second container into first container through second passage; wherein first and second control units are located outside first and second containers.EFFECT: in containers of food preparation device there are no electrical components and no electric connections, so that all components that are in contact with liquid can be easily removed for cleaning.14 cl, 6 dwg

Foodstuff preparation // 2612564
FIELD: household appliances.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to food product preparation device, containing cutting unit (2) for use with separately driven cooking unit (3), wherein cutting unit (2) has first main structure, at least, one inlet hole (27), cutting device (22, 24) and, at least, one outlet hole (28). Cutting unit (2) can be located in configuration of adjoining to cooking unit (3), in which outlet hole (28) is in position for cut food ingredients supply into cooking unit (3). Cutting device (22, 24) comprises first drive and, at least, one rotary cutting element, installed in cutting chamber arranged above main structure. Cutting chamber opens to outlet hole through overlapping zone, which is, at least, partially located under cutting chamber. Besides, cooking unit (3) is intended for use with separately driven cutting unit (2), which contains second main structure, container, heating and mixing devices (34), which comprises second drive and, at least, one mixing element, arranged inside container volume.EFFECT: container comprises upper loading opening.15 cl, 13 dwg
Shop vacuum cleaner noise suppressor // 2612454
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: suppressor includes a housing, consisting of a cylinder shell, rigidly connected to the end circular plates with inlet and outlet nozzles. The aerodynamic body perpendicular to the direction of flow has at least three reactive chamber formed by circular discs with holes, the holes in the disks alternately offset relative to the housing axis so that the openings do not coincide in the two adjacent disks. In this case three successively connected jet chamber are coupled to the inlet housing and with the chamber and the outlet. In this case the annular chamber is formed by a perforated disc and a circular end plate, which are interconnected by a central sleeve whose inner surface is lined with sound-absorbing material, and a coaxial cylindrical shell. In this case one of the discs facing towards the inlet pipe, is lined with sound-absorbing element round. The ratio of body length L1 to its diameter D is within the optimal values range L1/D=3.5…4.0; and the ratio of housing diameter D to the diameter of outlet nozzle D1 is within the optimal values range D/D1=4.5…5.5; and the ratio of housing diameter D to the diameter of the discs hole d is within the optimal values range D/d=5.0…6.0; and the ratio of housing diameter D to the chamber length LC is within the optimal values range D/LC=2.0…4.5. The housing is made of structural materials, coated on its surface on one or both sides with a soft vibration damping material, wherein the ratio between the thickness of the lining and vibration damping coating lies in the optimal range of values of 1: (2.5…3.5).EFFECT: improved efficiency of noise suppression.2 cl, 3 dwg

Jug assembly for a blender // 2611984
FIELD: household appliances.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is a jug assembly for a blender having a body, in the lower wall of which there is a through opening for receiving a blade assembly and extending through a hub; blade assembly having a bearing case for supporting a shaft; bearing case has a flange at one end and threads – at an opposite end, protruding from a lower surface of the hub; threads cooperates with a threaded nut that draws the flange into engagement with the jug; lower surface of the hub and the nut are being capped by a cover, through which the shaft protrudes; lower end of the shaft has an attached coupling.EFFECT: cutting of products.18 cl, 16 dwg

Vacuum cleaner with closed cleaning cycle and device for engine cooling // 2611309
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: electric vacuum cleaner with the closed cleaning cycle and the cooling device, comprising an electric motor with a fan, air ducts with built-in valves, seats for replaceable filters, a dust-collecting brush. The vacuum cleaner is additionally equipped with the engine cooling system comprising a chamber separated from the main volume, with a fan placed therein, an electric motor, a noise-absorbing filter, and air ducts, via one of which ambient air is drawn inside, flows around the electric motor, passes through the noise-absorbing filter, and is expelled via the other duct.EFFECT: reducing the suction effect of the brushes, low noise level and high cleaning quality make the use of the vacuum cleaner more comfortable.2 dwg

Electric vacuum cleaner with closed method of cleaning in cold and hot modes and method of its operation // 2611308
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electric vacuum cleaner comprises a casing, an electric motor with a fan, air ducts with the built-in valves, a dust collection combined brush with the sucking and pumping nozzles. The thermal motor is located in the casing in the separate cooling chamber, the chamber communicates with the interior of the vacuum cleaner and the external space through the ducts and valves. Two fans are installed on the motor shaft, one of which is located in the cooling chamber, and the second one is derived into the main vacuum cleaner volume. The method of operating the electric vacuum cleaner is characterized by the closed cleaning cycle and implements the construction performance of the vacuum cleaner.EFFECT: electric vacuum cleaner facilitates the cleaning process, improves the cleaning quality, reduces the noise level.3 cl, 2 dwg

Coffee maker and operating method thereof // 2611304
FIELD: household appliances.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a coffee maker, which comprises at least one removable portafilter, that is insertable into a holder on coffee maker, first means for producing and dispensing hot water under pressure, and at least one coffee mill. Hardware simplification of machine without waiving given, unchanged quality is achieved due to that there is a second means for repeated pressure-tight closing and opening of portafilter inserted into holder and third means for introducing coffee powder from coffee mill into open portafilter, that is inserted into holder.EFFECT: invention reduces expenses on operator, and also to increase possible high-quality of coffee obtained in semiautomatic machines.12 cl, 9 dwg

Inflatable sleeping bag - tent // 2611298
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: bulk of the tent is inflatable, it is filled with air through the valve, it has no props. The inflatable part of the sleeping bag -tent has stiffening plates made in the form of an inflatable air hose, chambers or air proof channels connected with each other in one or more separate pneumatic systems. The construction is pumped by sewn-in swaping pear-shaped pump or touring and motor pump. The construction consists of two lays of material with a pneumatic system without rigid fasteners. Air-inflated structure allows you to isolate residents from environmental exposures - air and soil low temperature, humidity, rain, snow, frost and wind. Single set transformation into double set or the set for more residents is accomlished by attaching one set to the other with the help of Velcro hook-and-pile fasteners or zip fasteners.EFFECT: enhancing the convenience of installation and comfort, operational safety and weight reduction.7 cl, 13 dwg
Cartridge positioning system // 2611266
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device for extracting an ingredient in a cartridge by supplying an extraction liquid, for example hot water, into cartridge, comprising: upstream and downstream enclosing devices, relatively movable between an open position and a closed position, for forming an extraction chamber enclosing such cartridge during beverage extraction; a cartridge handling arrangement including a cartridge retaining element, in particular a retainer,in particular, a retainer, connected or made integral with upstream and downstream enclosing device and serving for producing a cartridge and holding cartridge against falling under gravity when inserted and descending under gravity between enclosing devices in open position prior to forming extraction chamber. Handling arrangement also includes one cartridge positioning element, which horizontally guides cartridge upon reception by holder in a cartridge extraction alignment between upstream and downstream closing devices.EFFECT: positioning element provides for tight arrangement of capsules in extraction chamber, increasing operating safety of device as a whole.19 cl, 7 dwg

Beverages preparation system // 2611208
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to beverages preparation system. Beverages preparation system contains capsule, containing powdered food product, which can be extracted by passing of water under pressure through it for beverage preparation, and capsule holder, containing loading port, through which capsule is inserted into recess limited by annular edge, on the upper part of which there is projecting annular element and/or annular slot, respectively. Capsule contains housing, containing lower wall, side wall and perimetritic edge, on which there is annular groove, on surface of which there is bottom area and two inner lateral surfaces arranged aside on said bottom area opposite sides, and, accordingly, there is annular projection, on surface of which there is end section and two external side surfaces arranged aside on said end section opposite sides. Capsule holder and capsule may take compacted configuration, in which projecting annular element is placed in annular groove, is in sealed contact with at least one of internal side surfaces and/or annular slot accordingly receives inside annular projection and is in sealed contact with at least one of outer side surfaces.EFFECT: invention enables creation of watertight seal between capsule and capsule holder regardless of presence or absence of teeth or channels on capsule holder annular edge, which provides for less dependence of seal on axial pressure, applied by capsule holder onto capsule.11 cl, 6 dwg

ethod for operating economy class public bathrooms // 2610698
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method involves setting up public bathrooms, wash basins and toilets with flush tanks. Each bathroom contains at least one toilet with a flush tank, which is connected through a duct with drain holes of the sink and contains a device whereby flush tanks of at least some other toilets are connected to a supply duct with drain holes of the sinks, which opens the feed line when the flush tank is full and closes it when it is empty. Flush tanks of toilets or some of the toilets are connected to the water supply system through a supply line.EFFECT: reduced consumption of clean water, improved hygiene, reduced incidence of infectious diseases, a more comfortable environment for users.2 cl, 2 dwg
Armchair with backrest consisting of mobile mechanical, neck and head support segments // 2610417
FIELD: personal items.SUBSTANCE: armchair is comprised of a backrest made of individual segments in the form of rectangular parallelepipeds each of which is rigidly fixed onto the rod, which freely subsides into the inside cavity of the backrest and retracts therefrom. The rod is fixed by a ratchet, and the backrest transforms its shape according to the anthropometric data of users so that a person seats him- or herself into a recess formed in indented segments. The segments remaining in their original position or less immersed in the back of the chair form a sort of an elastic corset, creating horizontal and vertical support.EFFECT: rapid change in the form of the backrest relieves the stress on the lumbar, thorocal and cervical sections of the spine for those who remain in the sitting position for a long time; the chair can be used by a variety of people with different anthropometric measurements.5 dwg

ethod and system for beverage preparation // 2610405
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to beverage preparation system and a preparation method, which includes a first step on which via a capsule that is inserted into a percolation element and having different chambers, each containing a corresponding infuse, a water flow coming from a tank is heated to a predetermined temperature, and a second step, on which water flow is directed into multiple channels, each formed by corresponding chamber and corresponding output area of said capsule. Thus a choice which a mixture of infusions should make up beverage is provided.EFFECT: providing mixing of ingredients used directly outside percolation element, for example in a cup of a user, thereby providing a higher quality beverage from separately prepared infusions.11 cl, 4 dwg

Boiling unit for beverages preparation // 2610400
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to beverages preparation machine with boiling unit for beverages preparation to accommodate disposable capsule, wherein machine comprises: capsule retention unit, intended to hold capsule in preset position during capsule insertion into boiling unit under gravity; and water injection unit for, at least, partial capsule closing and water supply into capsule. Part, retaining capsule, forms unit front part and is attached to liquid injection unit with possibility of movement, substantially, along horizontal trajectory, while water injection unit is unit rear fixed part. Beverage preparation machine has housing. One of these boiling unit assemblies can be movable or telescopically extending out of said housing for insertion/removal of capsules with ingredient and retracted into housing to actuate boiling unit in capsule extraction position.EFFECT: invention is aimed at providing more easy capsule insertion into machine, with simple concept requiring less number of movable parts, as well as more convenient machine actuation in sealed state, preventing hot water release during opening after boiling.76 cl, 13 dwg

Floor cleaning machine // 2610396
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to floor cleaning machine. Floor cleaning machine comprises front part (13) and rear part (12) with at least two lateral rear wheels (11); frame (10) with lower side (22) facing floor (20), and two lateral sides (23a, 23b); at least one front wheel (3) located in front part (13); cleaning device (14) attached to frame (10) and comprising at least one brush (6) made with possibility of rotation, arranged ahead of rear wheels (11) and having part (28) of contact with floor for contact with floor (20) undergoing cleaning. Besides in floor cleaning machine one front wheel (3) can move relative to frame (10) from retracted position to lower position whereat it extends from part (28) of contact with floor of at least one brush (6). Additionally it comprises drive (4) with motor for displacement of at least one front wheel (3) from upper position into lower one and back.EFFECT: invention objective is development of floor cleaning machine, which can be more easily moved on floor, when it is not used, and allowing to gently access brushes during movement of machine or driving it sideways and exclude traces on floor or floor damage during storage or transportation of machine.18 cl, 8 dwg

Head restraint construction // 2610259
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a head restraint structure comprising automatic external defibrillator assembled in it. The design of the head restraint includes the casing and two supporting rods. The casing comprises a covering cushion and an automatic external defibrillator enclosed by the covering cushion and located in opposite of a casing support surface adapted to support the head. Each of the support rods comprises the connecting end and combining end, each of the supporting rods is attached to the casing by means of connecting end so as to support the casing.EFFECT: design with the defibrillator mobility, immediate first aid related to the user's heart disease.13 cl, 10 dwg

Device and method for cooking starch-containing food // 2609244
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to food industry, particularly, to a food cooker and a method of cooking starch-containing food. Device includes a container, configured to receive starch-containing food and a first portion of water; a heating unit coupled with container, and a controller electrically coupled to heating unit and configured to control heating unit, to heat a mixture of starch-containing food and first portion of water in container to a first temperature to generate a heated mixture. First temperature being higher than 110 °C. Obtained heated mixture is cooled in container to a second temperature. Controller controls repetition of stages of heating and cooling for a specified number of cycles.EFFECT: use of group of inventions enables to cook starch-containing food.13 cl, 2 dwg

Beverage preparation device // 2609212
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: beverage preparation device comprises a potable water tank connected to a cooled water preparation tank equipped by a water cooling unit, a hydraulic pump to supply potable water through a component dosing unit from a tank with beverage concentrate having a slot for a replaceable tank with beverage concentrate to be installed, and being able of releasing the contents of the tank into the potable water supply pipe to be transported to the beverage receiving tank. Electronic control system for a valve to open and block the pipe for cooled water which is set in a connection hose, is used. The control system for the solenoid valve of the cooled water pipe can block the pipe and form vacuum in it to drain the contents of the replaceable tank with beverage concentrate.EFFECT: product is completely removed from not only pipes and machine units but from the tank as well.4 cl, 3 dwg

Drinks dispenser drip tray // 2608714
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to dispenser for beverages, containing beverage module, having at least one beverage outlet hole, drip tray, which includes: collecting tray, filtrating element, located, at least, above tray front part, wherein drip tray comprises cover to close tray back part and partition, located under cover front edge, containing one slot, wherein cover rests on partition upper part.EFFECT: thus, enabling possibility to avoid liquid spillage at tray extraction by operator.5 cl, 4 dwg

Wiping device // 2608697
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wiping device comprising wiping textile (6) and having substantially rectangular base (1) with longitudinal axis (71) and two longitudinal sides (2, 3) and transverse axis (72) and two lateral sides (4, 5), intended for wiping textile (6) detachable attachment. On base (1) in transverse direction fastening clamp (7, 8) is arranged on, at least, one side, made with possibility of turning about hinge (11, 12). At least, one fastening clamp (7, 8) is located with possibility of movement in plane (73, 74) of rotation, which is, substantially, located perpendicular to base (1) longitudinal axis (71). In transverse direction wiping textile (6) has, at least, on one side fastening plate (13, 14) for fixation on corresponding fastening clamp (7, 8).EFFECT: invention is based on task of known type wiping device further improvement so, that possibility of differently wide fastening plates on base especially strong and reliable fixation is provided.17 cl, 11 dwg

Furniture joint // 2608696
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: invention concerns a joint for assemble two furniture parts to each other and is aimed at improving reliability of assembling furniture parts. Joint of a first furniture part and a second furniture part for assembly of said furniture parts to each other, whereby first furniture part has one or more male parts co-operating with one or more female parts of second furniture part, whereby male and female parts each has a number of grooves, whereby male parts are moved along female parts during assembly by means of co-operation between grooves of male and female parts, and whereby co-operating male and female parts have an insertion position and an end position, in which furniture parts are assembled to each other. In plan view, female part has a triangular shape which tapers from insertion position towards end position, wherein there is compression of grooves of one of female and male parts during movement from insertion position to end position.EFFECT: higher reliability of assembling furniture parts.15 cl, 13 dwg

Desktop computer mobile ergonomic carrier // 2608687
FIELD: computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to desktop computer mobile ergonomic carrier. Carrier contains rectangular base, which consists of units, which outer lateral surfaces have places for attachment of weight, and L-shaped profiles and units have retracted into them units, to ends of which rollers bearing parts are welded, to which rollers are secured, which provide adjustment of distance between rollers and units ends, in base upper part of each of corners there are perpendicularly welded links to which tubes are inserted, which upper ends are inserted into rectangular frame links, where they are fixed by fastening elements passing only through one of sides so, that crossbar is also fixed by fastening element, inserted into tube, which includes bushing, followed by crossbar, tube, hinge, tube, crossbar and bracket, and fixation element also fixes inserted into tube crossbar, which includes hinge, followed by tube, hinge, tube, hinge, as well as tube, which provides for keyboard holders and mouse support.EFFECT: invention is aimed at improving of computer using versatility.1 cl, 3 dwg

Filter and tank for hot beverage preparation machine // 2608514
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: tank for hot beverage preparation machine comprises a reservoir containing water, to be fed into machine for preparation of hot beverages, connecting element, which connects said reservoir with a circuit for feeding said machine, and means for removable placement of cartridge filter. Said tank additionally comprises mounts for removable attachment of a transportation element to said reservoir, wherein said transportation element is suitable for closing said filter in inlet part for water passage into filter, leaving water passage formed between reservoir and transportation element, wherein supply channel is formed between transportation element and filter so as to allow water flow from reservoir to input part.EFFECT: preparation of hot beverages.17 cl, 6 dwg

Beverage production machine and method // 2608299
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a device for preparing and dispensing products, such as ice cream, frozen beverages or granita, using a packet with a composition for preparation associated with said device to obtain a product, wherein device contains a reservoir for storage of product, which is equipped with a tap for dispensing product and which comprises an element for cooling product and a mixer element with a drive for mixing product. Device also includes a control unit equipped with means for obtaining information, relating to product shelf life, when latter was received during preparation from information storage means, which is associated with composition for preparation, wherein control unit controls operation of device in accordance with said information. Invention is aimed improving hygiene during preparation of beverages. By means of wireless reading of identification information and information on shelf life from a RFID tag in container using a RFID reader beverage preparation device can ensure beverages are prepared using only known products and only products which have not expired.EFFECT: invention further shifts control of storage life of product to beverage preparation device, making its operation more convenient, in particular, loading product.28 cl, 11 dwg

Beverage dispenser with outlet tubes // 2608297
FIELD: food industry; production technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a beverage dispensers, which comprises: at least, one beverage ingredient processing assembly having one outlet for evacuating a beverage, at least one conduit removably connected to outlet of at least one beverage ingredient processing assembly for dispensing beverage in a container, wherein: dispenser comprises a drawer assembly comprising a drawer composed of an upper part and a lower part, said both parts being at least partly removable one from other, one of said parts having one groove on its internal surface so that when two parts are connected together, groove forms part of one conduit for dispensing beverage from beverage ingredient processing assembly outlet to container.EFFECT: due to said design of beverage dispenser, it is easy to clean most important components, while reducing duration of said cleaning procedure, which leads more frequent performance thereof, depending on the nature of beverage ingredients.18 cl, 13 dwg
Set of parts for assembly of a swinging cot with possibility of extension and a cot made from this set // 2608294
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to furniture industry, namely to a set of parts for assembly of a swinging cot with possibility of extension, which includes: set of parts for installation of pendulum part of the cot, involving: set of parts for making a bed-head part of the cot, set of parts for making a footboard part of the cot, set of parts for making an extension part of the cot, set of parts for making a bearing part of the cot, involving: set of parts for making a support of the bed-head part of the cot, set of parts for making a support of the footboard part of the cot, set of parts for making an extension part of the support of the cot, at least, one suspension for the bed-head part of the cot, at least, one suspension for the footboard part of the cot, fastening fittings for attachment of parts, characterized by the fact that the parts of the bed-head and footboard parts of the cot are made with possibility of hinged attachment to the lower part of suspensions, each of the sets includes: one or several optional elements for mounting a mattress stand and one or more side elements for mounting sides along the whole perimeter of the mattress stand, each of the sets includes: horizontal support parts, ends of which are equipped with connecting elements so, that the ends of these parts can be connected to each other when assembling the cot without extension part of the base, posts made with possibility of hinge fastening to the upper part of the suspensions.EFFECT: due to the fact that base supports and a couch are assembled and consisting of footboard, bed-head and extension parts, invention provides the possibility of swinging of shortened and extended version of the cot.16 cl, 4 dwg

Assembly worker table for operation with flexible printed cables // 2608291
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering, radioelectronic equipment production, in particular to devices assembly technique using flexible printed cables (FPC). Design of table, having framework from powder paint coated steel sections and consisting of two parts, framework upper part shall be made in form of rectangular frame, at corners of which there are vertical posts, directed downwards, framework lower part also has rectangular frame, at its corners there are vertical hollow posts, to which framework upper part posts are inserted, tabletop, which is attached to framework in upper part, in framework posts adjusting bolts are installed for tabletop fixation by height, wherein framework is installed on wheels, two of which are equipped with locking mechanism, table tabletop is made of abrasion resistant material with antistatic coating. Taking into account features of FPC handling, at tabletop along table transverse sides marking table attachment place must be allocated, on both sides along longitudinal sides cables lengths measurement scale is applied, on tabletop reverse side also on two sides along lengthwise sides bars are secured. On them movable retainers are installed, pressing FPC and having ring on two sides, for travel along bars, connected by rubber band, passed into polyvinyl-chloride tube.EFFECT: technical result is elimination of mechanical damage: FPC longitudinal delamination, electric circuits soldering contact pads damage and breaking off.1 cl, 2 dwg

Rubbing cloth and method of its making // 2608283
FIELD: textile.SUBSTANCE: proposed is rubbing cloth (1) containing complex (11) of hydrophilic fibers and complex (12) of hydrophobic fibers arranged on both sides of complex (11) of hydrophilic fibers. Complex (12) of hydrophobic fibers comprises fibres (14) entangled with each other, included in complex (11) of hydrophilic fibers and entangled with fibres (13) of complex (11) of hydrophilic fibers. Rubbing cloth (1) is three-dimensionally textured and comprises multiple ledges (2) and multiple recesses (3) on its both sides, from the surface of which pile fibres are elevated. Ledges (2) on one side correspond to recesses (3) on the other side, and recesses (3) on one side correspond to ledges (2) on the other side. Rubbing cloth (1) comprises linear fastening points (15), where complex (11) of hydrophilic fibers and complex (12) of hydrophobic fibers are attached to each other.EFFECT: disclosed is a method of making the cloth.11 cl, 12 dwg, 1 tbl

Kitchenware, including cover with handle with support for kitchen item // 2608275
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: kitchenware comprises cover with handle with support for kitchen item, which is less contaminated than existing devices. Support for kitchen item comprises kitchen item handle fastener, which holds handle of kitchen item, wherein support for kitchen item similarly comprises support section for kitchen item, on which handle and working end of kitchen item can be placed in initial state. Kitchen item handle fastener can comprise groove, which can pass along length of cover handle. Cover handle can include extending upward and passing inside section, which passes to center of cover. Support section for kitchen item can include support element for kitchen item handle at free end extending inside section and support element of working end of kitchen item, as well as fastening element for kitchen item handle at kitchen item handle section, passing upwards. Support for kitchen item can be used for placing of spoons, forks and knives of various forms.EFFECT: kitchen utensils is disclosed.6 cl, 8 dwg
Device for beverage preparation from sprouts of cereal, non-cereal crops // 2608270
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to household equipment, in particular, to devices for processing products in production of beverages and juices from greens. Device for preparing a beverage from sprouts of grain, non-cereal crops includes a grinding device – cutting-grating mechanism, squeezing device, filter element, juice collector for juice output, and also includes following elements, which provide preparation of a beverage at request of consumer: loading hopper for one or more trays with uncut sprouts; feed mechanism from loading hopper and receiving trays with uncut sprouts in module for cutting sprouts; module for cutting sprouts; grinding device to accommodate sprouts, cut in cutting module, one of which should squeeze juice, in which there is a pusher, as a result sprouts can be pushed through loading hopper and in rigid contact with cutting plate; squeezing device, which mainly consists of one or more screws and clamping mechanism; filter element, walls of which contain small holes or narrow slits, thus, being sufficiently permeable for juice; juice collector and dispensing group which includes one or more batching devices, as well as one or more vessels for collection of ready beverage; system for washing device; container for collection of wastes; electromechanical control system, which makes it possible to fix in memory of device cost of a portion of beverage, number of trays squeezed per portion of beverage, as well as setting concentration of beverage.EFFECT: technical result of proposed invention consists in automation of complete cycle of beverage preparation in a device.1 cl

Shashlik preparation device // 2608040
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to household items, namely to preparation of shashlik from meat or fish products, arranged between two parallel toothed plates, performing volume compression and multiple cutting of rectangular portions of meat product by projections of cutting plates. Shashlik preparation device comprises two perforated rectangular bases, facing each other with tops of cutting blades for complete cutting of tendons throughout the height of meat or fish product, according to this the practicability of tall parameter of cutting plates is determined, first row of cutting plates is made by bending along the normal of profiles of cutting plates, coming from the perforated bases, and each even row of cutting plates are made with displacement of tops of cutting plates by half of the determined pitch, at that, the cutting plates are made of steel or ceramic material with anti-corrosion coating with a triangular or round shape, number of rows of cutting plates is selected even.EFFECT: technical result of the invention is higher quality of product preparation due to uniform distribution of temperature mode.1 cl, 3 dwg

Lifting mechanism // 2607973
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lifting mechanism for spring frame or bearing surface for the mattress. Described is a mechanism for lifting of the base, for example, for mattress relative to fixed frame of a bit of furniture, comprising the first and the second levers hinged on one of its ends with the base, and with frame on the other end, so that the levers, the frame and the base form four sides of parallel link mechanism able to direct the base lifting it vertically; and locking devices designed to lock the base in lifted position. To simplify the design, the locking devices are permanently connected to the first lever and designed with a possibility of selective connection with at least one fixed point located at least on one of the remaining sides of parallel link mechanism.EFFECT: invention is aimed at simplification of the lever locking.17 cl, 9 dwg
Bedding (versions) // 2607968
FIELD: consumer goods industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to light industry. Bedding is cover (1), sewed from flexible material, inner space of which is divided by longitudinal partition (3) of flexible material into two arranged one above the other cavities (4) and (5), filled with fillers of different material and structure. Cover has an elongated tubular shape and constant or variable width on at least one section of length. Said partition (3) is connected with cover (1) along the suture line connecting the upper and lower parts, cover is placed into detachable cloth shell (2). In one cavity there are polystyrene foam granules or balls, or buckwheat husks (6) used as a as filler in amount of no more than 80 % of the volume of cavity, and in the other cavity there is a natural or synthetic down (7), used as a filler. Various versions of bedding are presented.EFFECT: simplified design and improved operational properties of bedding due to simultaneous use of at least two fillers in contact with different zones of the user's body.5 cl, 4 dwg

attress for stress relief from human muscles // 2607884
FIELD: bedclothes.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is mattress for stress relief from human muscles. It includes working surface of mattress, coated with at least on one side of elastic material. At that, working surface of mattress is made from plurality of separate elements forming relief surface arranged along whole working surface of mattress with possibility of bending and twisting about its axis, wherein each element is attached to elastic material.EFFECT: removal of stress with human muscles.16 cl, 7 dwg