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A45            Hand or travelling articles(1016)

Nail care device and a nail file dispensing device // 2612850
FIELD: medical equipment.SUBSTANCE: nail care device comprises a body provided with a reservoir for fluid medium intended for nail care, an applicator for applying the nail care fluid to a nail region, chamber in the body and a plurality of nail files, located in the chamber and removable one at a time therefrom through an outlet opening. Besides, nail file dispensing device comprises a body, chamber in the case, receiving a plurality of nail files and having an outlet opening, and dispensing mechanism operable to dispense the nail files one at a time through the outlet opening.EFFECT: devices can be used for the treatment of fungal nail.12 cl, 13 dwg

Handle // 2611321
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: handle is proposed, which is made of two swinging parts: wood and metal.EFFECT: grip is comfortable for hands when carrying things in cold or hot weather.2 dwg
ethod to create hair root volume "volume on" (versions) // 2611307
FIELD: cosmetology.SUBSTANCE: method of creating long-term root hair volume includes arranging the hair into individual strands, placing the formative elements in the hair root zone, winding the hair around the formative elements, their fixation and treatment of the hair with the thioglycolate-free composition for hair curling: the hair winding around the forming elements is performed without hair backcombing. Wherein the hair winding is performed with pulling them rearwardly from the face on the crown and the upper occipital areas, and on the temporal side areas the hair winding is made horizontally with pulling the hair downwards, the composition for curling being shed only in the root zone, without affecting the hair length.EFFECT: development and practical implementation of a new and unique method of creating long-term root hair volume, in which the hair structure is preserved and the hair is not injured, less time is spent on the procedure itself, and the effect of the procedure considerably surpasses the known analogues and at average lasts 8 to 12 weeks.2 cl, 2 dwg

Improved dome-shaped shaving head with possibility of adjusting // 2610982
FIELD: personal use items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rotary electric razors, in particular, to electric razors cutting units. Cutting unit is formed by an external cutting element or a cover interacting with a rotary internal element or a blade for gripping and cutting hair. Cover has an annular shaving track with a dome-shaped cross-section with slots for hair passage. Blade has a convex top surface interacting with the shaving track and a concave front surface.EFFECT: invention improves operational characteristics of the device.14 cl, 7 dwg

Container containing mascara with dosing function // 2609393
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: container containing mascara with the dosing function has dosing cylinder 3 which is movable along its axis from an area filled with mascara into transition area with the applicator 4 while rotating the inner housing 2 relative to the outer housing 1 coaxially arranged with the inner housing 2 and the dosing cylinder. Excess mascara is removable by disk scraper 5. Mating surfaces are made conical for simultaneous applicator contact across the outer surface with the inner surface of the dosing cylinder 3. The container is sealed by a cover 9 with a threaded connection with the housing 1. The applicator 4 is connected to the handle 8 with the rod 10. Dosing cylinder 3 movement is possible due to the displacement of spikes 13 and 14 inserted into the helical slots 6, while rotating the housing 2. It provides the ability to dose mascara on the applicator.EFFECT: invention relates to the cosmetology field and allows dosing of mascara.1 cl, 5 dwgl

Bearing stick for disabled individuals // 2609293
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medicine, in particular to physiotherapy, and can be applied for training and/or rehabilitation of patients with infantile cerebral palsy. Bearing stick for disabled individuals contains case with extended lower part, which has round semi-spherical shape and external edge projecting downward in its butt end. Round semi-sphere is made elastic and has in the middle of height inside hermetically fastened horizontal elastic membrane, connected with traction, which passes inside hollow stick case, hingedly connected with lever, which is fastened on the stick case under the stick handle.EFFECT: invention ensures increase of bearing reliability.1 dwg

Plastic container for deodorant roller // 2608293
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: described is plastic container (1) for a deodorant roller, which has receptacle (2) and roll cage (3) for captive, rotatable mounting of roll-on ball (13). Roll cage (3) and receptacle (2) are designed as one piece.EFFECT: plastic container (1) is produced in an extrusion blow-molding process from a preferably continuously extruded tube.16 cl, 3 dwg

Dispenser cap // 2608281
FIELD: cosmetology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cap for commercial container with composition for hair removal. Cap comprises surface for product dispensing for application of composition on user's skin and edge for removal of product for scraping cream from user's skin, wherein edge for removal of product is made of other material than cap, so that cap can operate both as product applicator and as product residues collector. Edge for removal of product from user's skin is made of more flexible material containing thermoplastic polymer.EFFECT: cap under invention allows safe removal of product from skin with its edge without reducing stiffness of cap.11 cl, 4 dwg

Hair roller winder // 2606333
FIELD: household appliances.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hairdressing devices. Motorized hair roller winder (1) comprises handgrip (4) and rotary drum (2) driven by a motor making it possible, in use, to wind a lock of hair around said hair roller. Hair roller is fixed beforehand to winder (1). Winder (1) comprises in-built heating means (19) allowing said hair roller (9) to be heated until such a time as said hair roller (9) is removed from rotary drum (2). Invention also relates to hair winding around the hair roller using the above device and hair set containing this device.EFFECT: easy hair winding and heating of various detachable rollers, which can remain on the head of the user after heating and be kept in a heated condition.12 cl, 16 dwg
Epilator with two heads // 2606329
FIELD: personal use items.SUBSTANCE: proposed is an epilator having a housing and two parallel independent epilation heads. Each head is equipped with an independent suspension means, herewith the epilator additionally contains a separate driving mechanism for each head. Testing the heads with the proposed epilator demonstrated, that the user receives as the result an unknown previously flexibility of adjustment of working settings, since it is possible to select directions and speeds of the two heads rotation independently from each other.EFFECT: such independent adjustment of settings allows each user to select the most convenient operating mode depending mainly on the user skin type and hair coat abundance, as well as on specific body areas to be epilated and individual tolerance to pain.8 cl, 6 dwg

Hair styling device // 2606217
FIELD: home appliances.SUBSTANCE: hair styling device has a body defining a chamber adapted to accommodate a length of hair. Length of hair is styled whilst it is located within chamber. Chamber has first opening (24) through which length of hair may pass into chamber. Rotatable element is provided, which is adapted to engage length of hair adjacent to first opening. Elongate member is located within chamber, length of hair being wound around elongate member by rotatable element. Device has a handle which may be gripped by a user, handle comprising first handle part (62) and second handle part (60), first handle part (62) being connected to body (12) and second handle part (60) being movable relative to first handle part (62). Second handle part can carry panel (56) which is adapted to close first opening (24).EFFECT: preventing tangling of hair during curling, possibility of operation with one hand.18 cl, 5 dwg

System for packaging and applying product, in particular cosmetic product // 2606043
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a system for packaging and applying a product, including a container (1) intended for containing said product and having neck (10) and bottom (11), neck (10) extending along longitudinal axis (X); product application assembly (2) including closing element(20), suitable for closing container (1), and product application (21) secured to said closing element (20) and intended for being inserted in said container (1) in order to be loaded with product to be applied; retaining device (15, 25) suitable for retaining said application assembly (2) on said container (1) and movably mounted between a working position in which application assembly (2) is retained on container (1), and an non-operating position in which application assembly (2) can be removed from container (1); resilient element (3) provided so as to adopt a stressed configuration when retaining device is in working position, wherein transition of retaining device in non-operating position causes expansion of said resilient element (3); and in which application assembly (2) can move along longitudinal axis (X) between closed position, wherein closing element (20) tightly closes container (1), and removal position, wherein said element is separated from said container (1) in direction along longitudinal axis (X), and resilient element (3) in stressed state deflects application assembly (2) into removal position, wherein tension of resilient element (3) leads to movement of application assembly in direction of axial travel of pushing along longitudinal axis (X).EFFECT: packaging product.13 cl, 16 dwg

Personal appliance with sensor // 2605064
FIELD: cosmetology; personal use appliances.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hairdressing equipment, in particular, to hair straighteners. Hair straightener comprises a grooming element which is provided with a grooming surface, as well as and a first sensor and a second sensor. Said first and second sensors are each provided with a sensor housing. Each of said sensor housings is provided with a sensor contact surface, sensor contact surface is adjacent to and at level with and/or with step free transition with the grooming surface, wherein each of said sensor housings are both integral with the grooming surface. Said housings are situated at two opposing sides of the grooming surface, sensor contact surface and the grooming surface are integral, both surfaces are made from one piece of material and form part of one larger surface of that piece of material. Sensor housing comprises a contact plate comprising a front surface and a rear surface, and the front surface provides the sensor contact surface.EFFECT: providing optimal mode of usage for different users and for different usage situations.12 cl, 6 dwg

Personal appliance with different modes of operation // 2605062
FIELD: cosmetology; personal use appliances.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hairdressing equipment, in particular, to hair straighteners. Hair straightener is configured for performing a grooming task on a user in at least a first mode or in a second mode, which is different to the first mode. Hair straightener comprises at least a first and a second sensor for measuring user data relevant to the grooming task, user interface enabling the user to enter further user related data. Straightener comprises a data processing unit, which generates a selection signal for selecting at least either the first or the second mode depending on the data measured by the at least first and second sensors and depending on the user related data. First and second sensors are provided to measure temperature and/or hair wetness. Hair straightener comprises a data storage unit which generates a selection signal depending on the data stored in the data storage unit. Data entered via the user interface relates to at least one of hair length, hair density and/or hair color, and the sensors is provided to measure a different physical property than that of the data entered via the user interface. Data measured by the at least one sensor form a first data set comprising a data representing a first physical property, and a second data set comprising a data representing a second physical property, different from the first physical property, generated using data from the first data set in a process using data provided by the data storage unit.EFFECT: providing optimal mode of usage for different users and for different usage situations.12 cl, 6 dwg

Compact container for fluid // 2604859
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: this invention is related to system of containers for liquids, such as perfume-spray. Self-contained dispenser for fluids comprises rigid container in form of bowl or tray with open surface having hole for filling, that remains closed by valve until dispenser is not connected to feed container, and dispensing hole for spraying. Said holes are spaced from each other. Open surface of bowl is coated with deformable elastic membrane to form closed dosing cavity adjacent to hole for filling. Volume of this cavity decreases when membrane deforms inward in order to empty cavity. Holes for filling and dispensing are such that, If communicated with feed container via opening for filling initially empty cavity, when membrane subsequently returns to position in previous form, it surpasses liquid from feeding container into cavity. Elasticity of membrane at deformation creates negative pressure sufficient to suck fluid from feeding container when fluid inside feeding container is not sealed. Dispenser is configured to be repeatedly filled or emptied simply by connection of dispensing unit to feed container. Dispenser is made with possibility of detachment from feed container for use.EFFECT: expanded operating performances of device, self-sufficiency, and possibility of automatic filling.14 cl, 11 dwg

Container with mascara with dosing cylinder // 2604308
FIELD: cosmetology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means for face paining. Container with a mascara with dosing cylinder comprises an outer housing tightly closed with plug, an applicator for applying mascara onto eyelashes. Container has a dosing cylinder, made with ability to displace from zone filled with ink to the zone of contact between its inner surface with external part of the applicator at rotation of the applicator about its axis.EFFECT: possibility of rationing of amount of mascara on an applicator is provided.1 cl, 5 dwg

Container with mascara with dispensing brush ring // 2604306
FIELD: cosmetology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means for face paining. Container with mascara with dispensing brush ring comprises external housing, tightly closed with plug, an applicator for applying mascara onto eyelashes. Container has a dispensing brush ring, which can move from the zone, filled with ink, to the zone of contact between its inner surface with external part of the applicator at rotation of the applicator about its axis.EFFECT: possibility of rationing of amount of mascara on an applicator is provided.1 cl, 6 dwg

Automatic opening/closing hood // 2603572
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: device for opening/closing of automatic hood comprises: assembly of the rod, frame, seating, first slider, second slider drive mechanism and a handle. There is a pusher driven part and inner threaded element in a pusher; pusher is connected to the first pipe by means of connecting member, which is inserted into the second tube and in the second tube there is a slot made along its outer wall so that connecting member moves up and down along the slot, There is a pusher driven part, connecting part and deformable part, thus the deformable part is rigid in axial direction and holds the cylindrical shape, but is deformed and restores its initial shape in the direction of torque.EFFECT: rod assembly comprises the first tube and the second tube; frame is connected with seating and the second slider; drive mechanism includes a screw rod and a pusher.8 cl, 7 dwg

Applicator device of handle-pressing type and method for its use // 2603426
FIELD: medical equipment.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions refers to medical equipment, and concerns applicator device of handle-pressing (clicking) type for dispensing composition, and method for using applicator device of handle pressing type. Disclosed device comprises central area, applicator section, located at distal end of central area; and also multistage section of actuator located at proximal end of central area. Central area has proximal end and distal end, and forms storage section, wherein composition is located. Disclosed multistage section of actuator is made with possibility of filling by means of pressure upon dispensing mechanism having piston seat with two sets of external threads on axis, between which non-threaded segment is located. Method for filling and dosing composition by means of dispenser of handle-pressing type comprises steps whereat: composition is poured at filling rate, using actuator having seat of piston with two sets of external threads on axis, between which non-threaded section is located; and dosed composition at rate of dosing, different from rate of filling, using pressure actuator. Method for dispensing composition using said device comprises steps whereat device is poured by filling starts of actuator multistage section, filling step therein contains start of general filling, displacement of volume, exceeding volume of specified dose; output specified dose of composition by applicator section, via subsequent operation of output from actuator multistage section; and specified dose is applied via applicator section.EFFECT: inventions allows improving tightness of storage of composition for reducing evaporation and/or weight loss, providing specified dosing of composition for accurate application, as well as fast filling composition for preparation of applicator to immediate use.20 cl, 18 dwg

Insulating article for optical devices // 2602479
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: some systems may include an article configured to receive an optical device into a main body of article. Main body may also include an access opening configured to receive a hand of user to allow user to operate optical device t while device is received within main body. Main body may include an optical aperture to allow optical device to capture one or more spectra of light from within main body. Main body may also include a viewing aperture to allow a user to view a display of optical device from outside of main body. Some systems include an alignment apparatus configured to maintain an orientation of optical device within main body such that optical device remains in alignment with both optical and viewing apertures. Some systems include a viewing visor configured to facilitate viewing of display of optical device from outside of main body through viewing aperture.EFFECT: invention discloses systems and methods for sing an article in connection with an optical device.32 cl, 9 dwg

Shaper for ice // 2602031
FIELD: cosmetology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for cosmetic care, namely to devices for producing ice of the cosmetic compositions at home. Shaper (1) for ice consists of a container (2) and cover (3). Cover (3) consists of handle (6) and cylindrical base (5), while cylindrical base (5) has at least one through hole (10) and outer peripheral edge (7), fades into downward edge (8). On the inner surface of container (2) there is ledge (4) for supporting the edge of cover (3), diameter of the edge cover at the connection with container diameter less than the diameter of the inner surface of container (2) so, that edge of cover (3) enters into inner surface of container (2) to ledge (4).EFFECT: this device allows to simplify the design due to the lack of central elements for the freezing of ice as well as to improve its reliability and to exclude spontaneous opening through the through-holes in the cover for release of excess volume of air.3 cl, 2 dwg

Seat fixed on the human body // 2600074
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for protection from hypothermia, bruises in case of falling and can be used by sportsmen, fishermen, children, etc. Personal sitting device is used by fixing it on the body and consists of a flexible heat insulating material. Base (1) has vertical elongated shape and acquires physiologically curved shape when put on. Paired holes (3, 4, 5) are located in the three areas of base - in top left corner, in the upper right angle and in the lower part in the center. Said holes are fringed with metal eyelets (8), and one elastic belt (2) goes sequentially through them; belt secures the device on the body, it follows a triangular path along the body, through the groin to side points on the belt, and is buckled in the center of the belt. Silicone gel pad (6) can be made in the base, at its inner side, in the area of the user's coccyx; and the outer side of base (1) is covered with material with low friction coefficient.EFFECT: reliable fixation on the human body during active actions, reliable protection at falling, elimination of hindering movements, avoiding disturbed blood circulation, reliable protection against hypothermia of urogenital system organs of user while sitting on cold surfaces.3 cl, 6 dwg

Device for providing a vacuum for the vacuum treatment of wounds, comprising a holding or carrying device // 2599871
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to medicine. Portable device for providing vacuum to medical vacuum treatment of wounds on the human or animal body comprises a vacuum producing suction pump, creating a vacuum and located in a housing part of the device. Connector is provided to connect it with a suction line that leads to the body, in order to establish vacuum communication possibility between the suction pump and the suction line. Holding or carrying device with two connecting sections is provided, which are located on the housing part and serve for connection with two connecting sections, placed on the strap, allowing to perform the holding or the carrying of the device. Said strap has a third strap-side connecting section, which is spaced apart from the opposing ends of a first and a second connecting section, arranged on the said ends, and it is located between said ends to be connected to one of the connecting sections on the housing and/or to the connection section of the strap, located at its end.EFFECT: portable device additionally comprises a connector for connection of the strap to an external object, in particular to the carrier frame, wherein the connector has a loop, made with a possibility of closing and opening at its periphery side.12 cl, 8 dwg

Improved hair styling device // 2598566
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an improved hair styling device. Device comprises tube (110) having a longitudinal axis, tube being open on at least one of its longitudinal ends whereby tress of hair can be introduced into tube. Tube is longitudinally extendable between a non-extended condition and an extended condition. Inside of tube has at least one barrier (120) which can engage tress of hair as tube moves towards its non-extended condition, said barrier controlling deformation of tress of hair and thereby controlling form of wave produced in tress of hair.EFFECT: hair styling device which gives tress of hair waviness.13 cl, 15 dwg

Hand held appliance // 2592343
FIELD: machine building. SUBSTANCE: appliance includes a body having a first annular wall and a second annular wall extending about first annular wall, first annular wall at least partially defining a bore extending through body, fluid flow path extending through bore from a first fluid inlet through which a first fluid flow enters appliance to a first fluid outlet for discharging first fluid flow from appliance, primary fluid flow path extending at least partially through body and from a second fluid inlet through which a primary fluid flow enters appliance to a second fluid outlet, primary fluid flow path comprises, within body, a first section and a second section, and a heater located in second section of primary fluid flow path, wherein first section of primary fluid flow path is arranged to direct fluid over an internal surface of at least one of annular walls, and wherein first section of primary fluid flow path is arranged upstream of, or in parallel with, second section of primary fluid flow path. First section may be upstream of second section. First section may be arranged to direct fluid over internal surface of second annular wall. First section may be arranged to direct fluid over internal surface of first annular wall. EFFECT: fan unit may be located in fluid flow path downstream of first section and upstream of second section. 24 cl, 33 dwg

Portable defibrillator bag and accessories with improved access // 2589618
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hinged portable bags for portable defibrillator. Bag has open position and closed position and comprises: a rigid base with inner area of base confined by four side walls of base and lower surface; rigid cover with inner cover area limited by four side walls of cover and top surface; hinge located on one side wall of base, which connects base with cover; locking assembly located on side of portable bags, opposite side wall with hinge for retention of cover with a base in closed position; arched handle with two ends, handle is located on second side portable bags, adjoining both hinge and an isolating unit; bracket for storing meter CPR located in inner area of base; cell for storage of electrodes arranged in inner area of base; and multiple inner compartments arranged in inner area of base and in inner area of cover, portable defibrillator is located in inner area of base, each of portable defibrillator, bracket for storing meter CPR, cells for storage of electrodes is visible and accessible when portable defibrillator is open.EFFECT: using invention provides easy removal and unfolding content from mobile place of storage to patient with cardiac arrest.13 cl, 10 dwg

Case for carrying defibrillator with built-in tester button // 2588489
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cases with loop to carry portable defibrillator. Said case has open position and closed position and comprises: a rigid base, having a region of inner part of base confined by four side walls of he base and bottom surface; rigid cover, having a cover inner part confined by four side walls of cover and top surface; loop located on one side wall of base, connecting base with cover; lock unit located on side of case to carry opposite side wall with a loop for holding the cover in closed position; a handle with two ends, handle is located on second side carrying case adjacent to loop and lock unit; tester of pushbutton of defibrillator having actuator button of defibrillator; and multiple inner compartments arranged in area of inner part of base and inner part of cover, where portable defibrillator is located in area of internal part of base, and test pushbutton of defibrillator is located in area of internal part of cover above and near portable defibrillator when carrying case is closed.EFFECT: use of invention provides easy removal and deployment of content.7 cl, 10 dwg

Disposable soft contact lens packaging // 2587793
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to package with disposable contact lens. Package comprises flat base, having first and second side and through hole passing from first to second side of base, first sheet tightly attached to first side of base, and second sheet tightly closing through hole. Base and first and second sheets form sterile chamber made as capable of storing disposable contact lens and hydrating medium, wherein contact lens is placed in through hole and inner package depth is less than sagittal depth contact lens. Disclosed is method of making said package.EFFECT: package made according to invention is thinner and has smaller dimensions.8 cl, 172 dwg

Belt elevator for use between two people // 2587792
FIELD: personal hygiene items.SUBSTANCE: connections can comprise two shoulder belt, which support central front buckle for approximately in lower central part of aponeurosis of user. In whole, horizontal belt with buckle comprises fixed rigid lower bracket under movable flexible upper bracket attached to front part of belt under buckle. Lower and upper brackets as whole are parallel and are located close to each other. As a rule, distance between two brackets slightly exceeds that of lifting belt to fit between two brackets. Preferably, set of two binders used two people, standing face to face, with one lifting belt between them, pulled through both buckles.EFFECT: what is shown and described is belt elevator for use with harness.15 cl, 12 dwg

ethod for connection of column lipstick to dispenser of lipstick and corresponding machine // 2587558
FIELD: cosmetics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of attachment a lipstick column to lipstick dispenser and a corresponding machine. Method of attaching lipstick column (2) to dispenser (3), where the lipstick column comprises a far end for contact with lips, and the dispenser comprises receiver (19) with hole (29) for inserting, mating the near end of column (2). Method involves a motion stage, during which hole (29) for insertion and near end (2A) of column (2) are brought close to each other so that hole (29) for inserting becomes basically corked up. Method comprises an installation stage, during which the column is installed in receiver (19) by creating negative pressure inside receiver (19) with the help of vacuum pump (31).EFFECT: there is avoided deformation of the lipstick column.12 cl, 4 dwg

Bag for sports inventory with built-in drying system // 2587055
FIELD: sport.SUBSTANCE: bag for sports inventory with built-in into the drying system has a flexible shell making its inner space with controlled ambient conditions, with bottom part, sidewall and top part. Sealed hole in upper part is intended to ensure placement of sports inventory in inner space and removal of sports inventory from inner space. Hole in one part of the side wall is designed to ensure placement of controlled air environment in the inner space and air removal of the controlled environment from inner space. Cover holes attached near the hole of the side wall and is designed for closing and sealing a hole of the side wall when not in use. Grate covering element is connected to at least one of side walls and hung above the lower part, forming a gap between them, at that it contains several holes; and at least one support element designed for placement in one of the holes of grate covering element and designed for arrangement between the lower part and the upper part, holding the upper part in such a way.EFFECT: drying of equipment.16 cl, 4 dwg

Folding stick, particularly for nordic walking // 2586827
FIELD: personal hygiene items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to folding stick (1) comprising, in main embodiment, four tubular sections (7-9) joined to one another by means of plug connections during installation sections along axis (32) of stick. In an exemplary embodiment, only three tubular sections (8, 8′, 9) in folded state of stick remain connected to one another by tightening movable element (16). Handle (2) of stick is mounted on top tubular section (7) and tip (23) of stick - on lower tubular section (9). According to invention at least one of plug connections made using outer gripping mechanism (10) attached to first tubular section (7) and second tubular section (8), outer diameter of which is less than or approximately equal to inner diameter of first tubular section (7) and which is supported movably by first tubular section (7) is configured for fixation through outer gripping mechanism (10) at an arbitrary position along axis. Other plug connections are configured as only plug connections by means of which tubular sections (8, 8′, 9) are fastened in axial direction only in assembled state. Tubular sections (7-9) are connected with one another by means of at least one tightening cable (16) attached to upper and lower tubular sections (9; 7) and conducted through interior space (31) at least two intermediate pipe sections (8, 8′).EFFECT: folding stick (1) is configured to be transferred from a folded state into assembled insert by means of connections; pulling in open (release) of outer gripping mechanism (10) or snap-on device (50) for positive locking of second tubular section (8) of first tubular section (7) before arrival of tightening rope (16) taut and locking outer gripping mechanism (10).16 cl, 8 dwg

anual device // 2586471
FIELD: instrumentation; heating.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hand device containing housing, fluid flow path passing through housing from inlet for fluid medium, through which fluid flow is supplied into device, to fluid outlet for fluid emission from device, fluid primary flow path extending, at least partially through housing from second inlet for fluid medium through which primary fluid flow is fed into device to second output for fluid medium, and heater located in housing and intended for heating fluid medium passing along path of primary fluid medium flow, wherein heater is not available from inlet for fluid medium. Heater can not be available from second inlet for fluid medium. Second input of fluid can be located in housing. Fluid inlet can be located at distance from second inlet for fluid medium. Invention also relates to device which includes housing, limiting channel extending through housing, wherein channel restricts fluid flow path extending from inlet for fluid medium, through which fluid flow is supplied into device, to fluid outlet for fluid emission from device, fluid primary flow path extending, at least partially through housing from second fluid inlet to second output for fluid medium, and heater located in housing and intended for heating fluid medium passing along path of primary fluid medium flow, wherein fluid inlet and second fluid inlet are located on outer surface of housing, wherein fluid inlet is located at distance from second inlet for fluid medium.EFFECT: proposed is manual device.25 cl, 41 dwg

Liquid product output device // 2584521
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device (1) for dispensing of liquid product, which includes cylinder (8), discharge head (9) installed on one end (8b) of the vessel. Said discharge head comprises outlet nozzle (3) and outer shell (4) containing cylinder (8). Device (1) comprises drive part (13), capable of axial movement of cylinder (8), which is installed with possibility of rotation between a storage position and a position of use. Outlet nozzle (3) has outlet channel (3a), oriented in longitudinal direction, and is suitable for engagement along the axis, with section (17c), which is rigidly connected with the outer shell during activation of the discharge head in the position of using the dispensing device. First end (8a) of the cylinder is connected with pusher (2) by drive mechanism (12), suitable for selective back retraction of pusher (2) and outlet nozzle (3) into outer shell (4), and axial extension of the same from the outer shell into the position of use.EFFECT: there is ensured accuracy of product dose distribution and low bacterial contamination of the product.4 cl, 15 dwg

Epilation device // 2583913
FIELD: personal hygiene items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device for hair epilation and its use in epilation of hair. Said device comprises flat elongated body having adhesive paste-like substance applied on first side of the housing, and additionally comprises grip element, having at least one hole in it, arranged so that finger of user may be inserted into hole when in use for assistance in removing device from part of the user's body together with epilated hair.EFFECT: adhesive paste-like substance on first epilation strip is attached to epilation adhesive paste-like substance on second strip for hair epilation, which provides more compact device design and efficiency.10 cl, 4 dwg

Applicator to apply cosmetics onto eyelashes containing bases attached to rod // 2583356
FIELD: cosmetology.SUBSTANCE: applicator to apply cosmetics onto eyelashes, including rod and brush includes at least two independent bases installed on support rod and located one after another along rod axis, besides, on each of bases there are protruding elements having corresponding base, and at least one group of four successive bases of each of bases forms correct sequence around the axis, wherein two bases in such a group form two end completing sequence, wherein support and each of bases are located so that to enable fixation on support base in position selected from at least two specified various angular positions around axis, and number of protruding elements of base is not multiple number of different positions.EFFECT: invention is aimed at increasing number of versions of the application of cosmetic agent onto eyelashes.16 cl, 13 dwg

Semirigid concave applicator of encapsulated liquids // 2581116
FIELD: medicine; cosmetology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hand-held applicators encapsulated liquids for cosmetic, hygienic or medical purposes. Manual applicator of encapsulated liquids for their uniform distribution over surfaces comprises top side (impermeable membrane), capsule with fluid uniformly perforated dissector and working side (absorber) and is characterised by that dissector is made semi-rigid concave and contains capsule. Upper side may include semirigid and outer membrane and is flat and non-folding. Dissector can have inside ledges. Impermeable membrane and capsule may be permanently fixed or have common wall. Capsule may be easily delaminated highly barrier blister and comprise device for opening in predefined place. Upper side, dissector and working side can be welded together along edge of applicator by rounded weld seam, repeating spherical outline of dissector.EFFECT: semi-rigid membrane can have hole on top of capsule and slotted handle with base in bend and stiffness ribs.20 cl, 10 dwg

Disposable cutting tool for manicure operations // 2579609
FIELD: cosmetology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to equipment for cosmetic treatment of arms, particularly to manicure accessories. Tool comprises two parabolic relative to connecting their axis plastic levers with cutting plates and elastic element installed, at least, between arms of levers, adjacent to each other in open state of tool. Elastic member has rod and anchor formed in form of bulges or loops on it, made with possibility of fixing clamp fasteners, formed by crossing or through holes in side and/or outer surfaces of adjacent to each other arms. Length of rod part of elastic element of round or rectangular cross section in its free state does not exceed distance between adjacent levers along axis of said rod part in position of maximum opening of tool. Anchor of anchor assembly can be made in form of spherical or cylindrical bulges to lock gripper fasteners formed by opening on side or outside adjacent arms of levers, interconnected with slot along its axis, having smooth surface chamfer for elastic element. Anchor of anchor assembly can be made in form of cylinder which is interfaced with said grip, formed by cylindrical hole connected with longitudinal axial through channel for belt, said cylindrical hole is made on side or outside of corresponding arm. Anchor fastening means can be made up of two loops, ring. Flexible element can be made from rubber or of elastomeric materials: polyisoprene, or polybutadiene, or polyisobutylene, or polyurethanes. Cutting pad can be made from metal, from ceramic materials or from composite materials. Said axle can be made from metal or plastic.EFFECT: simplified design, reduced metal consumption.14 cl, 19 dwg

Applicator for applying fluid agent // 2579333
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: applicator (10) for applying a fluid agent is disclosed, in particular nail varnish. The applicator comprises a reservoir (12) for the applied agent, having on the front side a tip (14) with a central through hole (16) for the applying body (18), and on the rear side - the actuator for the piston rod (20), on the front end of which the applying body (18) is provided, and which is designed for pulling out the applying body (18) from the tip (14) to the position of dispensing of the applied agent for temporarily fixing the applying body (18) in the dispensing position and its displacement by the spring element (48) back into the tip (14). The cap (38) serves for sealing the tip (14). The middle portion of the piston rod (20) is formed with a flange (26). The piston rod (20) is sealed along its perimeter with the sealing element (30).EFFECT: improvement of the design.30 cl, 22 dwg

Container holder with fastening elements // 2578985
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: container holder in accordance with one embodiment of the invention, comprising a connecting plate (44) which is connected to protrusions (31) with lugs for belt in the rigid holder, in which the strap bolts (40) held in place by the heads (41) with an eyelet and nuts (42) retain the fixing straps (35) which are attached to fastening elements (36, 38) by means of releasing buckles (39). The container is made with the ability to attach it to the user or the master device by various easily configurable methods in accordance with the intended use standards including but not limited to, the use of fastening elements (36) with integrated strap regulators or fastening elements made with the ability of attachment of the said holder to the belts or webbings, or the use of fastening elements (38) comprising places of direct attachment to the integrated releasing buckles (39). Through the holder, designed in accordance with this embodiment, ease of attachment, use and deployment of the container in different situations and environmental conditions is provided, including but not limited to, the situation of carrying gas reserves for a diver.EFFECT: improvement of the design.26 cl, 91 dwg

Hair straightener // 2576235
FIELD: household appliances.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an iron (1) for hair, particularly a device for hair straightening, with two rods (2, 3) arranged to turn relative to each other, between which hair is stretched during straightening. According to present invention, at least on one of said rods (2, 3) of iron (1) there is at least three separate and, preferably, adjustable or controlled separately, heating plates (4, 4′, 4A, 4b).EFFECT: designing an iron (1) for hair with various temperature zones, which reduces risk of burning of scalp, while maintaining quality of straightening.3 cl, 3 dwg

Device for storage and superimposing of false eyelashes // 2576010
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: device combining a cosmetic means for improvement of eyes and means for superimposing, to facilitate putting on the cosmetic means for improvement of eyes by holding the means of superimposing with fingertips of the user generally horizontally so that when putting on the cosmetic means for improvement of eyes it is necessary to bend the user's wrist, but no need to compress the means of superimposing with the user's fingertips. A pair of applicator trays is placed with the ability of replacement in the storage container. A pair of false eyelashes is attached with the ability of detachment to the respective working ends of the pair of applicator trays, respectively. The other respective ends of the pair of the applicator trays are retained by fingertips of a user generally horizontally so that when putting on a pair of false eyelashes it is necessary to bend the user's wrist, but no need to compress the other respective ends of a pair of applicator trays with the user's fingertips.EFFECT: improvement of the design.21 cl, 14 dwg

Hair dryer // 2575818
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: hair dryer (1) is proposed, capable of drying hair or fulfil similar functions with simultaneous uniform spraying liquid such as a medicinal preparation, in a simple manner without the formation of droplets. The hair dryer (1) comprises: a hair dryer main housing (3) with an air outlet (4) and a spraying device (2). The spraying device (2) comprises: a liquid container (9) detachably attached to the hair dryer main housing (3), and a device of ultrasonic vibration (7) which is located near the air outlet (4) and serves for spraying liquid, such as a medicinal preparation or similar substance, from the liquid container (9) through the ultrasonic vibrator (30). Around the side of the outlet of the release opening 36 there is liquid absorber (6) equipped with an outlet channel (6A) which is connected to the outlet (36), the outlet (36) is located on the side of the outlet of the ultrasonic vibrator (30) in the device housing (31), comprising the ultrasonic vibration device (7). Further, on the inner wall (36A) of the outlet (36) there are thin grooves (37) directed from the ultrasonic vibrator (30) to the liquid absorber (6). For these reasons, the droplets formed on the inner wall (36A) of the outlet (36) under the influence of capillary effect are directed through the thin grooves (37) before absorption by the liquid absorber (6).EFFECT: improvement of the design.15 cl, 14 dwg

Cargo attachment system // 2575296
FIELD: aircraft engineering.SUBSTANCE: claimed system is meant for paradropping of various cargoes of different shape and sizes with parachutist. The cross-shaped bed face surface secured are two lengthwise and two crosswise cargo fastening tapes in symmetry about the bed lengthwise and crosswise axes. Lengthwise tape top ends are arranged between the flap sides and provided with latch hooks while their bottom ends and crosswise tape ends are provided with semi-rings. The cargo laid on the bed inner side is strapped by length-adjustable lengthwise and crosswise tapes to be locked by semi-rings of said latch hooks. The cargo is released with the help of a handle arranged at latch hook unlocking elements.EFFECT: simplified system, accelerated withdrawal of cargo.3 dwg

Removable protective topcoat for artificial nail coatings and related methods // 2574457
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to polymerisable compositions for nail coating. Described is a multilayer nail coating system, comprising a nail surface adhesive layer of a basic polymer coating, an intermediate decorative layer and a topcoat layer. The topcoat layer is provided by a liquid composition capable of polymerisation when exposed to actinic radiation. The composition includes hydroxypropyl methacrylate (HPMA), reactive urethane methacrylate, about 5 to about 90 wt % of a non-reactive, solvent-soluble polymer, such as cellulose acetate alkylate, and a non-reactive solvent selected from acetone, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol, ethanol, methyl ethyl ketone, toluene, hexane and mixtures thereof.EFFECT: protective topcoat layer has scratch resistance; the system is easily removable from the nail surface in 20 minutes or less upon contact with an organic solvent.18 cl, 2 dwg, 3 tbl, 2 ex

Peroxide solution and set for disinfection of contact lenses // 2574010
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to medicine, namely to disinfecting systems for medical devices. For this purpose hydrogen peroxide solution is used for disinfection of contact lenses. To increase effective time of activity of hydrogen peroxide solution to 6 hours and its residual concentration lower than 100 ppm catalyst is used. Components for disinfection of contact lenses are placed into device, which includes a) container for water solution of hydrogen peroxide, containing effective quantity of vinylpyrrolidone copolymers and b) container, which contains disk, representing substrate with catalytic covering, with disk having to be completely submerged into hydrogen peroxide solution. Catalyst application provides increased concentration of oxygen peroxide by at least 80%.EFFECT: group of inventions make it possible to use one-stage system for cleaning and disinfection of contact lenses, which is convenient for user.10 cl, 12 dwg, 4 tbl, 12 ex

Nordic walking stick with shock absorber // 2573949
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: stick is proposed, in particular Nordic walking stick, having a shaft (1), at the lower end of which a shock absorber (2) is mounted, having a pin (19). The pin (19) and/or the lowermost part (28, 36) of the inner sleeve (3) attached to the shaft (1) is made with the ability to pass through the central hole (18) of the shock absorber (2). The shock absorber (2) is mounted with the ability of displacement in a central hole (18) in the axial direction and with the ability of fixing to the shaft (1) of the stick at least in two positions axially spaced apart with respect to the shaft (1). In a preferred embodiment, the stick is characterized in that the shock absorber (2) comprises an outer sleeve (25) covering the inner sleeve (3) and mounted on it with the ability of displacement on the axis, and on the outer surface of the outer sleeve a hinged clamping lever (4) is mounted. At its lower end (6) directed towards the lower working surface (13) of the shock absorber, the lever (4) is pivotally rotated on the outer sleeve (25), and at its upper end (7) in a fixed position of the shock absorber (2), it at least partially covers the shaft (1) of the stick and/or the inner sleeve (3) ensuring a tight contact on the surface and can be released by rotation from the outer sleeve (25).EFFECT: decision to which the present invention is directed consists in development of improved shock absorber for a stick, especially Nordic walking stick, made with the ability to change simply its position from a state with a protruding pin to the state with a covered pin.12 cl, 4 dwg

Package for device for oral care (versions) // 2571249
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: package for the device for oral care, comprising a front lid and a rear lid. The front lid has a first portion and a second portion. The first portion of the front lid is made of a first material, and the second portion of the front lid is made of a second material. The second material is more rigid than the first material. The first portion, formed of the first material, is located near the head of the device for oral care and has the ability to bend without permanent deformation of the package.EFFECT: ability to determine the rigidity of the bristles of the device for oral care.18 cl, 6 dwg

Skin processing device // 2570488
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: hand-held device for removal of hardened skin from the callus comprises the case (1) to house the flask for fluid, applicator (3) for fluid dispensing arranged at the devoice one end to dispense fluid onto the skin to be processed and cutting head (2) arranged at the device opposite end. Said cutting head comprises the base (8) and several tubular cutting elements (10) to scrape off the hardened skin softened with the help of said fluid.EFFECT: perfected design.20 cl, 1 dwg

Degradable packages-sachets for emerging markets // 2569527
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to a package suitable for placement of liquid consumer product, such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, and detergent. The package comprises a biodegradable sealant having thickness of 12 microns to 100 microns, and a barrier material which covers the biodegradable sealant selected from the group consisting of metals, metal oxide, nanoclay, and their mixture. The barrier material has thickness of from 200 E to 50 microns and a surface having the energy of at least 38 dynes/cm, or processed to the energy of at least 38 dynes/cm. The package may also comprise a layer containing a mixture of a biodegradable sealant and the barrier material selected from the group consisting of polyglycolic acid, polyolefin, filler and their mixture, in an amount of 1 vol % to 40 vol % based on the total volume of the layer, at that the layer has a thickness of from 25 microns to 100 microns, and the surface having the energy of at least 38 dynes/cm, or processed to the energy of at least 38 dynes/cm. The package containing the biodegradable sealant and the barrier material covering the biodegradable sealant or a layer containing a mixture of the biodegradable sealant and the barrier material also comprises a layer of printing ink applied on the barrier material or the layer made of a mixture of the biodegradable sealant and the barrier material, where the printing ink layer has a thickness of from 1 to 20 microns. The package has a moisture vapour transmission rate of less than 10 g/m2/day at 37°C and 90% relative humidity, and is characterised by the storage time which is at least about one year and for two years after the first and continuous exposure to water and microorganisms decomposing the sealant it decomposes into fragments which are small enough to pass through the sieve of one millimetre.EFFECT: improvement of the design.16 cl, 3 dwg