Fasteners for straps (A44C5/18)

A   Human necessities(312709)
A44C5/18                     Fasteners for straps (buckles a44b0011000000)(5)

Adjustable bracelet fastener // 2642049
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a fastener (1) of a bracelet having a foldable buckle and comprising first and second strips (2, 4) hingedly connected to each other on the first of their respective ends, with the ability to move between the closed position for wearing the bracelet and at least one open position. The first strip (2) contains a fastening element (20) for the first link bracelet, and a second, lower, strip (4) contains the frame on its second end, forming a recess for the second link bracelet, and contains spike designed for insertion into the corresponding the hole in the link bracelet for the formation of the mounting points of the bracelet to the fastener (1). The frame has plenty of seats aligned along the longitudinal direction of the bracelet, each of which can interact with a thorn to ensure its adherence to the frame and for the formation of predetermined regulations fixing points associated with the predetermined working length of the bracelet. The invention also relates to a wristwatch comprising a bracelet provided with the above-mentioned fastener.EFFECT: simplicity of design and ease and reliability of adjustment of the length of the bracelet.8 cl, 5 dwg

Fastener for jewellery or watches // 2563772
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: fastener (100) for jewellery or a watch comprises a locking structure (1) with a first recess (200). In the first recess (200) there is a first pressure element (6) and a second pressure element (7) with the ability of motion relative to each other on the first bearing surface (300) overcoming the force of elastic return means (40). The pressure elements (6, 7) are retained by at least one closing plate (8, 9) mounted with the ability to hold the closed position in the second recess (400). The fastener comprises at least one resilient locking element (10) for the closing plate (8, 9), comprising a press button (600), retained in the locking structure (1) and providing in the pressed state the movement of the closing plate (8, 9), and in the free state - fixation of the closing plate (8, 9) in the closed position by coupling of the press button (600) to the fourth recess (700). The recess (700) is formed in the closing plate (8, 9).EFFECT: reliability of the fastener operation by eliminating the accidental disconnection and elimination of backlashes between the press buttons.14 cl, 7 dwg

Clasp of watch bracelet, watch bracelet with clasp and watch with bracelet with clasp // 2465793
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: clasp of bracelet of watch comprises articulated at least two wings of bracelet and a means of mutual fixation/disconnection of the bracelet of the bracelet wings at their mutual connection/disconnection. Means of mutual fixation/disconnection of the bracelet wings at their mutual connection/disconnection is made in the form of a lock containing a hook on one of the bracelet wings and a latch on the other of the bracelet wings made with the ability to engage the hook and a latch when connecting of the bracelet wings, their mutual fixation in the connected position and declutching of the latch and the hook when disconnection of the bracelet wings. Means of declutching of the latch and the hook when disconnection the bracelet wings is made in the form of a cam mechanism with the ability to declutching the hook and the latch when rotating the cam located in close proximity to the hook and the clasp. The means of declutching the latch and the hook when disconnection the bracelet wings can be made in the form of a rotary element in the form of a disc, square, rhomb, lever or push button. The bracelet comprises the above-mentioned clasp. The watch contain the said bracelet.EFFECT: increased reliability of fixing elements of bracelet in closed position and ease of fastening/unfastening is provided.19 cl, 14 dwg

Device for fixation of replaceble watch belt to watch // 2380731
FIELD: articles for personal use.SUBSTANCE: device includes locking unit, connected to watch with hinged link and forming socket for bracelet. In addition, according to invention, device includes catch, installed in such way, that it can turn around its axis, and controlling device, made with possibility of setting catch in action in order to move it from stable closed position, in which it holds locking unit closed, into open position, in which locking unit is released and allows access to socket.EFFECT: increase of reliability and convenience of application of device for fixation of replaceable belt to watch.13 cl, 8 dwg

Retaining and/or connecting device // 2261032
FIELD: equipment for retaining and/or connecting various members, such as shoe parts, bracelets etc.SUBSTANCE: retaining and/or connecting device comprises two members A, B including teeth 2 and slots 5, respectively, said slots being adapted for receiving of teeth upon connecting of both members. Teeth 2 are manufactured from elastic flexible material and deformed in slots 5 upon connecting of both members so as to provide for holding of both members A and B together. Said teeth recover their shape after disconnecting of members A and B from one another. Said device is also used in bracelet and shoe part.EFFECT: increased wear-resistance, provision for keeping of good fixation even after prolonged operation, and also precise fixing in desirable position.9 cl, 6 dwg