Fasteners of the touch-and-close type and making such fasteners (A44B18)

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A44B18                 Fasteners of the touch-and-close type; making such fasteners(20)

Disposable diaper // 2409337
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: disposable diaper has a section of engagement, which is arranged so that force of separation of clasp tape is such that it reduces stepwise or smoothly from central part along width of item towards edges at both sides, or section of engagement produced from a layer of stitch elements is arranged so that stitch elements of stitch base layer could be open in holes of perforated protective layer.EFFECT: improved force of diaper engagement.12 cl, 12 dwg

Sanitary towel // 2389462
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to disposable sanitary towels used to protect items, such as chair pillows, bed-clothes or a changing table. A sanitary towel contains a longitudinal symmetry line, the first and second longitudinal edges, and the first and second transverse edges. The sanitary towel also contains a top layer for liquid reception turned to the user, and essentially fluid-tight bottom layer turned from the user. The sanitary towel is provided with a belt to attach the sanitary towel to the user so that to ensure the towel follows the user while moving.EFFECT: application of the invention provides protection of the item to be protected owing to that the towel is fixed concerning the user and the item.37 cl, 7 dwg

Fasteners based on foam material // 2376915
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: item is equipped with mechanical fastener and is intended for wear by user. Item includes the main section for wear by user. The main section includes fastening layer and fibrous fastening layer comprising multiple fibres. The other main section also includes foamed layer, besides foamed layer has the first surface including multiple freely arranged connections suited for fixation of at least part of multiple fibres of fastening layer.EFFECT: invention provides for high resistance to shift and strength in case of exfoliation.25 cl, 67 dwg, 6 tbl, 13 ex

Composite fabrics with discrete elastic polymer areas // 2303531
FIELD: composite materials.SUBSTANCE: invention aims at manufacturing composite fabrics comprising substrate with one or several discrete polymer areas. At least some of them are formed from elastomeric thermoplastic composition transferred onto substrate from recesses formed in transferring roller. Discrete elastomer polymer areas can be utilized to impart elasticity to substrate or to control degree of elasticity of the substrate.EFFECT: achieved flexibility in controlling elasticity of fabrics.10 cl, 27 dwg, 22 ex

Retaining and/or connecting device // 2261032
FIELD: equipment for retaining and/or connecting various members, such as shoe parts, bracelets etc.SUBSTANCE: retaining and/or connecting device comprises two members A, B including teeth 2 and slots 5, respectively, said slots being adapted for receiving of teeth upon connecting of both members. Teeth 2 are manufactured from elastic flexible material and deformed in slots 5 upon connecting of both members so as to provide for holding of both members A and B together. Said teeth recover their shape after disconnecting of members A and B from one another. Said device is also used in bracelet and shoe part.EFFECT: increased wear-resistance, provision for keeping of good fixation even after prolonged operation, and also precise fixing in desirable position.9 cl, 6 dwg

Breathing is not permeable to liquid composite material // 2205757
The invention relates to breathable not permeable to liquid composite material, method of its production and layered material, this material can be preferably used as loopy component of the clasps on the basis of hooks and loops type VELCRO for use in products ranging from fasteners for shoes and gloves to Golf and many other products in which it is desirable non-permanent connection

Laminate used as loopy component fasteners // 2196047
The invention relates to composite materials that can be designed in such a way that they will find use as a breathable barrier and a liquid material, and which may be particularly useful as a component Kruchkova-loopy clasps, which itself is widely known, commercially available, for example from the company VELCRO INTERNATIONAL (VELCRO INTERNATIONAL), and currently produced by a number of manufacturers and used in various embodiments of fasteners for boots to gloves for Golf, and many other areas where non-persistent connection

Fastener for joining parts // 2084192
The invention relates to light industry, particularly to clasps for clothes