Other fastenings specially adapted for shoes (A43C11)

A   Human necessities(312810)
A43   Footwear(2351)
A43C11                 Other fastenings specially adapted for shoes (dress fastenings in general a44b)(12)
Shoe item // 2636883
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a shoe comprising a sole (7) to which the item top (4) is attached and an insole is placed on the upper side. The item top (4) comprises at least one instep resilient insert (411) in the region of the foot instep, which reduces the pressure of the shoe item top (4) onto the foot instep. The upper side of the insole contains at least a groove for the first finger joint and a depression or inclination for the calcaneus.EFFECT: better convenience.8 cl, 18 dwg

Elastic fastener for shoes // 2620954
FIELD: personal care items.SUBSTANCE: elastic fastener consists of one, two or more loops made of highly elastic material, the number of which is determined depending on the width of the tightened surface, fixed by both ends on one of the tightened surfaces, and hooks corresponding to the number of loops made mainly of metal alloys with one, two or more heads and arranged parallel to the loops on the opposite side of the tightened surfaces.EFFECT: preservation of visual similarity to the lace fastening, while excluding the lace itself and its dangling ends and lace knot; simplification and acceleration of the process of shoes fastening and unfastening; preservation of the advantage over other shoe fasteners in regulating the leg tightening degree; elimination of spontaneous unfastening of shoes during use; cheaper cost of shoes production with elastic fastener.4 dwg

System for fixation of shoes // 2611284
FIELD: footwear.SUBSTANCE: described is a system for fixation of shoes, which can comprise opposite locking elements and tensioned device, designed to press opposite locking elements to each other in response to stretching force applied to tensioned device. Holder can have opposite first and second connectors. First connector of holder can efficiently engage with first retainer, and second connector of holder can efficiently engage with second retainer, as a result of which, under action of tensile load, applied to one or both first and second connectors of holder, holder is pressed to one or both first and second retainers. Each of connectors can efficiently engage with tensioning device, as a result of which, under action of tensile load, applied to tensioning device, first connector of holder and second connector of holder are tensioned, and holder is pressed to one or both retainers.EFFECT: opposite first and second retainers may be spaced from tensioning device.16 cl, 11 dwg

Automated tightening shoe (versions) // 2607779
FIELD: footwear.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an automated tightening shoe with a single crisscrossed lace connected to top outer surface, wherein tightening mechanism includes a cylindrical side surface and continuous passage through axle with two outlet holes along side surface, drive wheel, rigidly connected with axle and protruding from shoe; a string passing through said passage, and two outlet holes made in axle passing along outer surface of parts of shoe top parts, with free ends of string, connected together and attached to an external point on shoe so that string forms a continuous loop; wherein a ratchet wheel is functionally connected with axle, engaged with dog of release lever, preventing rotation of axle in opposite direction, to prevent loosening of string; release means, functionally connected with protective means for selective disconnection of protective means, in order to allow rotation of axle in opposite direction to loosen middle and lateral parts of shoe top.EFFECT: technical result consists in automatic tightening of shoes.41 cl, 36 dwg

Rotary lock for shoes // 2597539
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a rotary lock (1) for shoes, in particular for sport shoes, comprising a body (2) that is attachable to shoes, a tension roller (3) that is installed in the body (2) and can rotate around its axis (a), a tightening element (4) which is wound on the tension roller when tieing up shoes, and a rotary handle (5), which is located on the body (2) and can rotate around its axis (a) in order to rotate the tension roller (3). To make a rotary lock that enables easy tightening and loosening, with a simple, efficient and easy design, the invention implies that the rotary lock (1) additionally contains: a intermediate holder (6), wherein the intermediate holder (6) has at least one locking latch (7), that engages the first ratchet gear rim (8) of the body, and at least one locking lever (9) located in the intermediate holder (6) or on it, wherein there are first and second control elements (12, 13) on a rotary handle (5), those interact with first and second sections (14, 15) of the wing of the locking lever (9).EFFECT: to improve shoes.19 cl, 3 dwg

Footwear with side elastic bands // 2549374
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: footwear comprises the upper part with side elastic bands, it is equipped with longitudinal and transverse plates, a casing containing a springy cord with a ring placed on the lateral plate.EFFECT: wearing shoe without backing in any environment, in any place.2 dwg

Retaining and/or connecting device // 2261032
FIELD: equipment for retaining and/or connecting various members, such as shoe parts, bracelets etc.SUBSTANCE: retaining and/or connecting device comprises two members A, B including teeth 2 and slots 5, respectively, said slots being adapted for receiving of teeth upon connecting of both members. Teeth 2 are manufactured from elastic flexible material and deformed in slots 5 upon connecting of both members so as to provide for holding of both members A and B together. Said teeth recover their shape after disconnecting of members A and B from one another. Said device is also used in bracelet and shoe part.EFFECT: increased wear-resistance, provision for keeping of good fixation even after prolonged operation, and also precise fixing in desirable position.9 cl, 6 dwg