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ethod of shoes production with textile top and internal watertight coating // 2626985
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the method of shoes production with the textile top, containing: top putting on the mould core, wherein the core has the shape of leg, and the top, made of textile has the shape of toe and contains the inner surface, facing the core; core fixing with the top inside the mould, performed with the ability to surround the core. There is the gap between the core and the mould; injecting of liquid plastics material into the mould gap through at least one nozzle for injection to obtain the coating layer on the top. Before injection step, the step of top punching through the tapered head of the mentioned at least one nozzle for injecting liquid plastics material into the intermediate space between the top and the core to cover the inner surface of the top.EFFECT: provision of durability and water resistance.13 cl, 10 dwg

Inflatable support device, support system, device and system for crossing heavy-going places, containing inflatable support devices // 2624487
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: inflatable support device contains the main balloon from elastic material, the support structure, the system of interconnected inflatable tools, the end and side joining means. The system of interconnected inflatable tools contains a plurality of elastic spheres with possibility of internal pressure independent control in each sphere and the plurality of guides, mounted on the upper side of the main balloon along its longitudinal axis. The end joining means at the ends of the main balloon and side joining means from one or both sides of the main balloon provide the possibility to connect with other supporting devices. At that the device and system for crossing heavy-going places contains at least a pair of inflatable support devices and connecting struts, and two devices, and the support system contains a plurality of inflatable support devices and connecting struts.EFFECT: improved reliability, portability and activation speed.15 cl, 3 dwg

Shoes with improved soles // 2624190
FIELD: personal care items.SUBSTANCE: invention is a shoe with the outer sole and the ankle; the outer sole extends in length from the heel to the toe, the widthway between the outer edge and the inner edge and between the surface and the area attached to the ankle, and contains the first sole reinforcement layer which extends in length from the trailing edge to the leading edge, the width from the outer edge to inside edge and the height between the bottom surface and the top surface the first reinforcement layer. The layer was designed with lateral slits and the sole contains the wearing layer and the first shock-absorbing layer. The wearing layer is limited by the contact surface, and the first shock-absorbing layer is located between wearing layer and the first reinforcement layer.EFFECT: better mobility and turning of the leg with transverse support.15 cl, 8 dwg

An insole for sports shoes // 2623926
FIELD: personal care items.SUBSTANCE: invention consists of an insole for sports shoes with a front portion corresponding to the front part of the foot, with an inclined portion to tilt the user's foot towards the outer edge of the insole; The middle part corresponding to the middle part of the foot and having a bend in the form of an arch that extends from the underside of the insole and forms in the lower side a recess, with an extension from the inner edge to the part located between the inner and outer edges of the insole; and a rear portion with an inclined section for creating a tilt of the user's foot towards the outer edge of the insole. This insole can be effective for supporting the linear movement of the human knee, when worn in athletic footwear with an insole. The invention can also be effective for holding the foot laterally inclined.EFFECT: weight of the human body can be shifted outwards, improving the balance.57 cl 9 dwg
Ski binding and ski boot sole // 2622836
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a fiber sole (12) of the ski boot (30). The fibrous sole (12) of the ski boot, which has a longitudinal direction and a transverse direction, and the front end (F) and the rear end (R) in a longitudinal direction and comprising a toe portion (TP), the front part (FP), extending from the toe portion (TP) longitudinally to the front end (F) of the fiber of the sole (12), a metatarsal portion (MP), adjacent to the toe portion, a rear portion (RP), extending from the metatarsal part (MP) to the rear end (R) fiber soles (12). Metatarsal part (MP) is pliable to bend in the longitudinal direction and has a rigidity to bending in the transverse direction and rigidity to twisting about the axis in the longitudinal direction of the finger portions (FP) is pliable to bend in the longitudinal direction and has a rigidity to bending in the transverse direction and torsional rigidity around an axis in the longitudinal direction and the front part (FP) is pliable to bend in the longitudinal direction and has a bending stiffness in transverse direction and a torsional rigidity around an axis in the longitudinal direction. The front part (FP) forms a front end portion (21) of the sole, made in the form of a plate, with a transverse extension (15), the front end portion (21) has a configuration mating with respect to the guide sector (22) in the ski mounting (30).EFFECT: provided moving forward at a predetermined speed, but with less energy, without losing stability and the ability to reliably control the skis.17 cl, 28 dwg

Footwear sole element // 2621650
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: shoe sole consists of: a base plate (1), a coating (2), a plurality of ribs (3) and a fluid (4). The ribs (3) are formed so as to protrude upward inside the first area (11) of the base plate (1). Each rib (3) consists of a plurality of rib flat elements (32, 33), each separated by the slits (31), and ribs are inclined to the toe or heel side. The flat rib elements (32, 33) are positioned in such a way that they diverge toward the toe side or to the heel side. The main plate (1) and the cover (2) are connected with each other and thereby form the closed space (5), and the liquid (4) is tightly sealed in the closed space.EFFECT: convenience increase.9 cl, 17 dwg

Elastic fastener for shoes // 2620954
FIELD: personal care items.SUBSTANCE: elastic fastener consists of one, two or more loops made of highly elastic material, the number of which is determined depending on the width of the tightened surface, fixed by both ends on one of the tightened surfaces, and hooks corresponding to the number of loops made mainly of metal alloys with one, two or more heads and arranged parallel to the loops on the opposite side of the tightened surfaces.EFFECT: preservation of visual similarity to the lace fastening, while excluding the lace itself and its dangling ends and lace knot; simplification and acceleration of the process of shoes fastening and unfastening; preservation of the advantage over other shoe fasteners in regulating the leg tightening degree; elimination of spontaneous unfastening of shoes during use; cheaper cost of shoes production with elastic fastener.4 dwg

Studded footwear fixation method due to inertia effect // 2620745
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: method is proposed for fixation of studded footwear due to inertia effect. Studded footwear comprise a structure of a stud and a saddle, and the stud is characterized by having a part for engaging the surface. A stud and a saddle are adapted for mutual engagement by a threaded connection comprising a screw (6, 8) on one of the components of the stud and a threaded socket (5, 7) in the saddle. Both are designed in such way that the said screw (6, 8) can be screwed into the said threaded socket (5, 7). Means for fixation of components adapted to create interlocking, at least when the screw (6, 8) is fully screwed into the threaded socket (5, 7), and it provides protection from loosening of components. Means for fixation comprise at least one locking element which is tightened in the counterclockwise direction so that the direction of torque acting in the direction of inertia of a user footwear sole and relative to threaded joint center, and the relative number and/or position of the threaded connection coils detects the position and the direction of the stud lock relative to the socket.EFFECT: enhanced reliability of fixing.10 cl, 6 dwg

Split-sole shoes // 2619727
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: proposed shoe, comprising the top, forming the inner part of the foot, heel, and sock containing a cavity. The shoe also includes a midsole, which has the toe and heel ends and inner and outer side. The midsole is sewn to the upper portion, thus forming the inner bottom portion. Heel and toe portions of the outer sole, respectively sewn on the midsole. The insole is attached to the bottom inside. The space between the heel and toe areas of the outer sole extends from the inner to the outer side and occupies an intermediate position between the toe and heel ends, thus providing the possibility of folding shoes at the specified interval. The shoe is formed between the extended position, in which the shoe is used and a folded position in which the top part containing the sock cavity embedded in the heel cavity.EFFECT: increase convenience, longer life.75 cl, 3 tbl, 17 dwg
Hardened felt boot with waterproof cover // 2619558
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a hardened felt boot with a waterproof cover, which includes a hardened felt boot hemmed with a rubber sole, the outside of the boot is covered with a waterproof cover made of waterproof or rubberized cloth, and in this case the hardened felt boot firstly is placed in a waterproof cover and then the rubber sole is hemmed.EFFECT: ensuring reliable moisture protection of the product and extension of the wearing period of the product.

Shoe cushion insole // 2616582
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: cushion insole (1; 51) for placement over the inner shoe sole and covering only the part of the inner sole which is substantially smaller than a human footprint. Cushion insole (1; 51) comprises relatively thin plate body with a top surface (33) and a bottom surface (41), and an outer periphery (25). The bottom surface (41) has adhesive properties, and it is interrupted with areas recessed and arranged in a pattern (5; 55). Figure (5; 55) is formed comprising a plurality of channels combined to be at least an intersection or a compound to form a plurality of not recessed areas of different sizes on the bottom surface. At least a part of channels varies in width, with a variable density of image for this purpose.EFFECT: high and low values of depreciation in specified areas.26 cl, 6 dwg
ethod of manufacturing polyurethane soles with an overlay of noncellular rubber, polyurethane outsole with non-porous rubber lining of non-porous rubber for soles of polyurethane and a method of its manufacture // 2616576
FIELD: personal care items.SUBSTANCE: method of manufacturing soles of polyurethane compositions includes placing of the rubber lining into the mould injection unit and aligning the pad with the upper part on top; after which the half-matrices of the mould are closed and a polyurethane composition is injected, fixing the sole to the top of the shoe and simultaneously fastening it to the lining; a layer of fleece is placed on the upper surface of the rubber lining in advance and in the process of adding the polyurethane composition the fleece heats until it melts.EFFECT: increased durability of the lining attachment.4 cl 3 dwg

Footwear article with air-permeable layer and air-permeable section in top lower peripheral area // 2615056
FIELD: footwear.SUBSTANCE: footwear article (10) contains top (20) and sole (30), wherein said top (20) contains top material (12) in lower peripheral area containing, at least, one air-permeable section (14), air-permeable layer (16) located at top (20) lower area on sole side above sole (30), wherein said air-permeable layer (16) is vapor permeable and has three-dimensional structure, which provides air passage in, at least, horizontal direction; and, at least, one vapor-permeable functional layer (18), arranged on top material (12) inner side and above air-permeable layer (16). Said, at least, one air-permeable section (14) provides such communication of air-permeable layer (16) with ambient environment, that air exchange between ambient environment and air-permeable layer (16) is carried out, wherein said air-permeable section (14) is additionally provides such communication of vapor-permeable functional layer (18) with ambient environment, that water vapors are moved from functional layer (18) inner side into ambient environment.EFFECT: vapor-permeable first protective layer (22) is located between air-permeable section (14) and functional layer (18) in, at least, one of air-permeable section (14) area above air-permeable layer (16), wherein said first protective layer (22) is made with possibility of functional layer (18) protection against particles, penetrating through air-permeable section (14).21 cl, 7 dwg

ethod for producing flexible three-dimensional articles // 2613432
FIELD: footwear.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method for producing flexible three-dimensional articles, for example shoes, clothes, bags. Method involves making a top from an outer material, cutting parts (4) forming the outer material of the produced article. Then prepared are form (1) and counterform (3) with smooth opposite surfaces, onto which parts pieces (4) are placed, which will form the material outer top. These pieces, along with the form and the counterform without ribs on the section occupied by the pieces, define network of channels (6), through which a fused plastic is pumped in. Pieces are fixed on a flexible sheet pattern in their specified positions in the outer material of the article.EFFECT: technical result achieved when using the method according to the invention is to allow using one form for several different articles made from a flexible cutoff blank, especially when using non-stretched, leather-like materials as the outer material.12 cl, 31 dwg

Boot with improved top // 2612996
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: boot (1) contains a multilayer sole (2) and a top (3) of the boot. This top (3) of the boot includes a flexible sheath (4), and the boot (1) extends in length from its rear end (5) to its front end (6), extends in width between its lateral side (7) and its medial side (8), and extends in height from the multilayer sole (2) to its upper end (9), wherein the boot (1) comprises a heel (15) located at its rear end (5) level.This boot includes a reinforcing element (33), which is superimposed, at least partially, on the heel (15).EFFECT: increased convenience of wearing.7 dwg

System for fixation of shoes // 2611284
FIELD: footwear.SUBSTANCE: described is a system for fixation of shoes, which can comprise opposite locking elements and tensioned device, designed to press opposite locking elements to each other in response to stretching force applied to tensioned device. Holder can have opposite first and second connectors. First connector of holder can efficiently engage with first retainer, and second connector of holder can efficiently engage with second retainer, as a result of which, under action of tensile load, applied to one or both first and second connectors of holder, holder is pressed to one or both first and second retainers. Each of connectors can efficiently engage with tensioning device, as a result of which, under action of tensile load, applied to tensioning device, first connector of holder and second connector of holder are tensioned, and holder is pressed to one or both retainers.EFFECT: opposite first and second retainers may be spaced from tensioning device.16 cl, 11 dwg

Ski boot // 2611031
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ski boot, which contains sole, whereto one or more sole separate elements are attached for their arrangement between foot and ski fixture, wherein at least one of sole elements is installed with possibility of adjustment on foot until final fixation of said one or more sole elements to foot using at least one fastener so, that to ensure adjustment in front, rear, lateral and central directions relative to foot, and so, that to ensure possibility of clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation relative to ski boot middle line.EFFECT: technical result consists in providing possibility to adjust boot alignment relative to ski.18 cl, 3 dwg

Shoe sole containing composition based on nitrile rubber, oil and resin // 2609396
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to shoe soles, comprising a rubber composition containing nitrile rubber at least from 60 to 100 RFE, reinforcing filler between 10 and 50 RFE, plasticizing system containing hydrocarbon resin where the Tg is above 20°C, a plasticizer which is liquid at 20°C, its Tg is below -20°C, the crosslinking system.EFFECT: invention enhances the adhesion to surfaces of different quality, increased resistance to abrasion, punctures and cuts and reduced absorption capacity with respect to synthetic or natural hydrocarbons.16 cl, 3dwg, 3 tbl

Orthopaedic sandals for prevention of foot, ankle and spine diseases // 2608516
FIELD: footwear.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to orthopaedic sandals for prevention of foot, ankle and spine diseases, which contain a sole with fixed straps, fixing the sole on the user’s foot; sandals comprise six said straps, four of which retain a front part of the foot, ant two other straps retain the ankle joint; said straps pass through the edge of the sole and form twelve elongations under the sole; length of the elongations are from 1 to 3 cm; said straps are made of rubber with high friction coefficient; said sole consists of two layers - outer layer and inner layer; said outer layer is made of a mixture of rubber and nylon fibre; said outer layer has inner cavity, which starts in the front part of the outer layer under user’s toes, and ends in the rear part of the outer layer under user’s heel; said inner cavity is divided across into four separations by means of three separating partitions; in each of the said compartments there is a thin rubber partition, dividing this compartment into two parts along horizontal line; said inner layer is a chamber made of soft rubber, that is in contact with user’s foot; said chamber is filled with special soft gel, preserving its physical properties, including viscosity, when measuring temperature and pressure; said inner layer has an ergonomic shape and tightly adjoins user’s foot; said inner layer is capable of changing its shape under gravity of user's body.EFFECT: technical result is support of the foot, ankle and spine, prevention of foot pronation, foot supination ankle fracture, disk herniation, lordosis and kyphosis.1 cl, 8 dwg

Automated tightening shoe (versions) // 2607779
FIELD: footwear.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an automated tightening shoe with a single crisscrossed lace connected to top outer surface, wherein tightening mechanism includes a cylindrical side surface and continuous passage through axle with two outlet holes along side surface, drive wheel, rigidly connected with axle and protruding from shoe; a string passing through said passage, and two outlet holes made in axle passing along outer surface of parts of shoe top parts, with free ends of string, connected together and attached to an external point on shoe so that string forms a continuous loop; wherein a ratchet wheel is functionally connected with axle, engaged with dog of release lever, preventing rotation of axle in opposite direction, to prevent loosening of string; release means, functionally connected with protective means for selective disconnection of protective means, in order to allow rotation of axle in opposite direction to loosen middle and lateral parts of shoe top.EFFECT: technical result consists in automatic tightening of shoes.41 cl, 36 dwg

Shoes intended for winter sports or walking // 2607765
FIELD: personal usage items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to shoe (1) intended for going in for winter sports or for walking, comprising outer shell (2, 2', 20, 26, 26', 34, 42) of rigid material and inner boot (20), the shell (2, 2', 20, 26, 26', 34, 42) includes the heel part (22, 28, 28', 39, 44) intended for user’s heel, and the heel part (22, 28, 28', 39, 44) is extended forward with part (6) in the form of a blade which limits bending zone, and the heel part (22, 28, 28', 39, 44) comprises a side wall (5, 31) and bottom, the bottom of the heel part and the part in the form of blade partially outline the shoe sole.EFFECT: technical result consists in providing torsional stiffness, good flexibility in bending and reduced weight.30 cl, 24 dwg

Boot with improved bootleg // 2606708
FIELD: personal usage items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to shoe, which comprises external sole and a bootleg, is extended in length from heel to toe, in width between outer part and inner part and in height from external sole to upper edge of bootleg, wherein bootleg comprises outer part and inner part, and boot comprises a first tightening device which includes a string and quick blocking mechanism, as well as a closing valve, is characterised by that valve limits accommodating space intended to receive quick blocking mechanism.EFFECT: technical result is preventing tightness caused by boot valve.16 cl, 4 dwg

Cobbler's awl // 2603599
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to domestic articles, to articles for repair, for example, shoes. Cobbler's awl has a handle and pointed rod. Awl has not an acute, but a blunt pointed rod, wherein the point of the rod is not just blunt, but has a hole so that the point of the needle used for stitching can comfortably rest in that hole.EFFECT: invention objective consists in facilitating the movement of the needle through a selected hole from the "invisible" side of the sewn parts.1 cl, 4 dwg
Insole // 2603444
FIELD: footwear.SUBSTANCE: proposed is a design of an insole preventing accumulation of moisture in the inner space of shoes. Offered insole consists of one, or two or three layers, herewith each layer has a woven structure and is made of hydrophobic fibers of a circular section from a polymer or rubber. In the insole there is air ventilation due to its woven structure. To fix the insole relative to the sole in one of the layers there can be made from one to four ledges, which at installation of the insole into the shoes are bent and adjacent to the surfaces adjacent to the sole.EFFECT: preventing accumulation of moisture in the inner space of shoes.1 cl

Boot with improved bottom part // 2602047
FIELD: footwear.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to boot (1), which comprises lower bottom part (2) and bootleg (9), wherein lower bottom part (2) extends in length from back end (3) to front end (4) and in width between outer edge (5) and inner edge (6), wherein lower bottom part (2) has contact surface (20) with ground, and lower bottom part (2) comprises wearable layer (21) for support on ground, made with at least one transverse hole (31-37), and lower bottom part (2) comprises at least reinforcing layer (41, 121, 122), placed between wearable layer (21) and bootleg (9), wherein reinforcing layer (41, 121, 122) extends at least partially on level of hole (31-37), wherein between wearable layer (21) and reinforcing layer (41) there is damping layer (45).EFFECT: technical result is ensuring adhesion on wet and dirty areas.16 cl, 5 dwg

Facilitates insole for footwear on heel // 2601252
FIELD: footwear.SUBSTANCE: facilitates insole for footwear on heel has a reduced friction in the direction of contact force from nose to toe and increased friction in the direction of contact force from toe to heel. Insole is made from flexible material, where multiple protruding elements inclined from toe to heel.EFFECT: protruding elements can be made in the form of: threads, bristles, studs, flakes, cloves, little scars.3 cl, 6 dwg

Insoles with heating // 2600439
FIELD: shoes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to charged insole system, which contains insole, designed for location in shoes; internal battery, positioned inside said insole; socket, electrically connected with internal battery; outer intellectual circuit, located outside of insole, which monitors charge of internal battery and direct current and voltage supply to internal battery; wherein outer intelligent circuit includes input for reception of input DC voltage; and electric conductor, which comes into contact with socket and supplies current and voltage to internal battery.EFFECT: technical result consists in extension of service life of intellectual circuit and reduced probability of its failure, as well as possibility of replacement of battery without replacement of whole intellectual circuit assembly, accumulator battery.15 cl, 6 dwg

ono fibre shoe lining // 2599713
FIELD: personal usage items.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to upper part (12) waterproof and permeable for water vapor footwear product (10), wherein top part comprises multilayer material (16) including waterproof and permeable for water vapor functional layer (22) and inner lining layer (24), attached to functional layer (22) on inner side of functional layer (22), wherein inner lining layer (24) is knitted or woven fabric made of mono-fibres.EFFECT: invention allows to preserve high degree of durability and air permeability in process of wearing.19 cl, 4 dwg

Waterproof shoes (versions), soft insert for footwear and method of waterproof shoes producing // 2598577
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: sealing spacer includes one or several layers, containing fluid polymer intended for flow after application of energy in order to obtain water-impermeable seal.EFFECT: disclosed is waterproof shoes with lining material, insole and sealing spacer.25 cl, 6 dwg, 3 ex

Remote control systems of shoe insole with heating // 2597584
FIELD: footwear.SUBSTANCE: remote control system of insole with heating, in which there are presented address data to define specific insole for heating.EFFECT: from beginning of process of heating generated periodically repeated control signals for heating soles.14 cl, 4 dwg

Rotary lock for shoes // 2597539
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a rotary lock (1) for shoes, in particular for sport shoes, comprising a body (2) that is attachable to shoes, a tension roller (3) that is installed in the body (2) and can rotate around its axis (a), a tightening element (4) which is wound on the tension roller when tieing up shoes, and a rotary handle (5), which is located on the body (2) and can rotate around its axis (a) in order to rotate the tension roller (3). To make a rotary lock that enables easy tightening and loosening, with a simple, efficient and easy design, the invention implies that the rotary lock (1) additionally contains: a intermediate holder (6), wherein the intermediate holder (6) has at least one locking latch (7), that engages the first ratchet gear rim (8) of the body, and at least one locking lever (9) located in the intermediate holder (6) or on it, wherein there are first and second control elements (12, 13) on a rotary handle (5), those interact with first and second sections (14, 15) of the wing of the locking lever (9).EFFECT: to improve shoes.19 cl, 3 dwg

Configuration of special anatomic stock for ankle digital measurement // 2596517
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: anatomical stock is proposed. It has a spring for placing a heel seat part and a support upper horizontal surface for installation of waist and ball and toe part. At that, doubled stock structure is symmetrically located to support another foot, located in the measuring device with a 3D-scanner, in which a scanning device is mounted along the perimeter of the anatomical stock.EFFECT: upper surface of the anatomic stock has the shape of plantar part of the foot loaded by power of body weight, lower surface is a horizontal projection of the upper surface of the anatomic stock, side surfaces are formed between upper and lower surfaces.4 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of making individual orthopaedic shoes with in-innersole layer // 2596107
FIELD: footwear.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to shoe industry. At the same time in addition is conducted instrumental examination of the object foot for receiving a plantogram and recording of measurements of foot of real object. Simulation of three-dimensional computer model of the foot of the object is carried out taking into account plantograms and measurements, taken at the foot of the real object, then, on the three-dimensional computer model place central supports, and file with digital data of three-dimensional computer model of the foot of the object with center supports is transmitted to the milling for production from a polyethylene bar blank an individual orthopedic shoe, which sizes verify taking into account a plantogram and measurements, taken from the foot of the real object for correction of fragments of the blank of orthopedic shoe to their compliance to a form of the sections of the foot of actual object corresponding to them. Then scanned custom-made orthopedic block to obtain scanning image in the form of a 3D image, on which simulate individual interinnersole layer and transfer data in a digital form in the machine for milling from block of insole, and the obtained insole which is an intterinnersole layer, is attached in heel and toe parts to a shoe with coincidence of a relief of the top of an interinnersole layer and boot tree to each other.EFFECT: method of making individual orthopaedic boot tree with interinnersole layer consists in transfer of physical shape of foot of the real object to digital form by 3D method of scanning to obtain a mathematical model of the surface of model of the foot of object and simulation of three-dimensional computer model of the foot of the object in the form of polygonal model, production of polyethylene bar block an individual orthopedic boot tree by a milling method according to mathematical model of surface of the foot of object model.1 cl, 8 dwg

Sport shoes // 2592347
FIELD: footwear industry. SUBSTANCE: shoes (1), intended for reversible retaining of sports projectile (2), shoes (1) comprise external sole (12), bootleg (13) and engaging element (25), wherein latter (25) serves to interact with locking mechanism (5), secured on projectile (2). EFFECT: shoes (1) include communication means, controlling position which connects in controlled manner engagement (25) and external sole (12). 21 cl, 15 dwg

Antislip shoe accessory for sports games on fields // 2591766
FIELD: sport.SUBSTANCE: cleaning kit comprises a gellified shoe cleaning fluid (3), and a shoe-attachable cleaning and drying device (1) comprising a gel-absorbent cleaning/drying cartridge (2) removably secured by hook-and-loop to a carrier platform (4). Fastener is secured along forefoot of sneaker by its laces. Cartridge (2) includes an encapsulated viscose rayon microfibre panel (20) backed by a moisture-impermeable layer (30), and held captive in a plastic frame (10). Frame (10) includes a raised wiping lip (114) surrounding panel (20). In use, player need only swipe one foot over top of cleaning and drying device (1) attached to other foot, brushing sole. One swipe wets and squeegees dry, and process is repeated for other foot.EFFECT: disclosed is a traction-enhancing cleaning kit for allowing sports players to clean and dry soles of their court shoes while in-play.11 cl, 7 dwg

Antiskid device for winter shoes, preventing fall of pedestrians in case of sleet // 2586204
FIELD: personal and household goods.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to shoe industry, in particular as an additional accessory to child, female and male winter shoes on flat bottom with low heel. Proposed device flange is made from rubber cloth, between device and sole of shoes arranged thin flexible metal plate capable, during use, of taking shape of shoe sole as rubberised fabric, which enables to prevent possible mechanical damage by studs of shoe sole and foot, promoting energy saving during walking.EFFECT: simple design, easy operation, preventing possibility of mechanical damage of shoe sole and foot injury.1 cl, 4 dwg

Device for determining deformation and pain threshold of compression of side surface of foot // 2584115
FIELD: footwear industry.SUBSTANCE: device can be used in shoe industry, particularly when determining deformation and pain threshold of compression side surface of foot. Said data are necessary for correct designing of shoe upper stock, selection of material, particularly for local zones of contact shoe top stocks with foot to prevent painful effect in said zones on tissue of side surface of foot. Device for measurement of compression force and deformation of foot in accordance with sensations of test subject involves measuring compression and deformation of tissues of foot, a processor, a monitor, a printer. Measuring unit consists of a step motor, screw-nut transmission and strain gage sensor actuated by remote control device, there is a magnetic plate for fixation and release of measurement unit installed on it by switching on and off power field. EFFECT: measurement results are accurate measurements of forces of compression and deformation of side surfaces of foot, where person being tested senses allowable and critical level of tactile effects.4 cl, 1 dwg

Waterproof footwear (versions) // 2583363
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: waterproof, air permeable footwear comprises an upper assembly and a sole assembly or, alternatively, an upper assembly, a midsole and an outer sole. Each configuration comprises the means promoting the flow of the polymer. The means can be an insole, a separating material or the composition of the separating material/insole.EFFECT: increased comfort.14 cl, 7 dwg
ethod for production of shoes // 2582707
FIELD: footwear industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method for production of shoes. It includes casting mold (1 and 2) and casting metal block (3), between which there are parts (4 and 5), which will form top of shoes. At that, said parts define interconnected channels (9) between them, which together with cavities (10 and 11), separated between casting mold and casting metal blocks (3), determined network of channels (9) and cavities (10, 11). In latter thermoplastic material in molten state is filled under pressure. Sections separated by ribs (6), height of which is less than thickness of parts forming front of top blank.EFFECT: technical result achieved when using method according to invention is reducing production costs.1 cl, 6 dwg

Sport equipment with guide for boot // 2580499
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: sport equipment designed to interact with a boot and having in its composition a sport implement and a side guide to the rear part of the shoe. This sport implement comprises at least one positioning means. The side guide comprises at least one additional positioning means interacting with one or more appropriate means of positioning the sport implement, in order to adjust the position of the side guide on this sport implement. One or more additional positioning means are arranged so as to provide dual longitudinal positioning of the side guide on the sport implement, interacting with the same or several the same relevant positioning means, and the said second longitudinal positioning of the side guide comprises rotation of this side guide by the angle of 180° relative to the axis of rotation perpendicular to the upper surface of the sport implement, with respect to the first longitudinal positioning of this side guide.EFFECT: improvement of the design.10 cl, 7 dwg

Running surface of heeled shoes with anti-slip properties // 2580083
FIELD: personal effects.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the running surface of the heel with anti-slip properties that contains the tabs in groups, groups of protrusions are arranged in cells, which are framed by a border, made in a closed loop heel, surface of the cell walls and the curb, facing the ground, are the bearing surfaces of the heel, and side side of the cell walls and frames have recesses, wherein the protrusions are of circular cross-section and are located in cells in a checkerboard pattern with the distance between the centers of the protrusions, wherein the protrusions are flush with the support surface of the cell walls, and the height of the projections and depth of the cell are equal when bearing surfaces of the cell walls and curbs made microrifled, with the notches on the sides of the cell walls and the sides of the walls of the border are in the form of regular triangular prism ground plane which is parallel to the bearing surfaces of the cell walls and the curb, the rear part of the running surface of the heel is tapered to form a support platform the surface of which is convex, wherein the convex surface of the support pad is formed so that the section planes perpendicular to the running surface of the uncut portion of the heel and parallel to and perpendicular to the axis of symmetry of the heel cross surface of the support pad by the longitudinal and lateral convex lines, wherein the support platform has the shape of a sickle, a shift toward the outer side of the heel loop, and the convex surface of the supporting elements of the anti-skid pads are made.EFFECT: technical result is to increase the anti-slip properties of the heel when treading on the supporting surface in the first phase of the step.6 cl, 12 dwg, 1 tbl

Shoes of lifesaver for operation at low temperatures with additional seismic effects // 2577646
FIELD: individual protection means.SUBSTANCE: felt rescuer footwear for work in low temperatures, which contains a bootleg, foot part and the main flange arranged at the lower side of the footstep part, the protective sole, a lower side of the main shoe is made from material EVA, or from compound EVA with rubber, or from compound EVA PVC, or from compound EVA with polyethylene, it additionally comprises insert insole that is heated from ethylenevinylacetate or other elastic material, and in heel part of insole is glued piezoelectric element from piezo rubber, for example from polydimethylsiloxane having thickness of 2.5÷5 mm and size of 10×10 mm, it is placed in protective cover, and heating thread is connected at least one piezoelectric element located in the area of heel and/or tip.EFFECT: providing more comfortable wearing of felted footwear due to easier weight shoes, creation of clean hygienic atmosphere in the inner cavity of feet part, as well as possibility to operate at low temperatures, for example in far north conditions.3 cl, 3 dwg

Safety boots // 2577208
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: in the absence of load there is no stud, i.e. there is only a shell folded in the form of concentric rings, taking a parabolic shape when filling it with liquid from the surrounding capsule under pressure that occurs when supporting of the boot on the ground. This hydro-stud is strong enough to sink into the soft football pitch, and at the same time, is soft enough for not to damage the feet of the rivals. There are disadvantages in this means: it is impossible to walk on the pavement in these boots, they would not work on hard pitch without grass, the choice of materials is very difficult (flexible plastics, durable elastic technical fabric).EFFECT: reduction of injuries.1 dwg

Tissue cleanser and oral care device // 2573367
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: oral care device comprises a head having first and second sides with a set of first and second cleansing elements, wherein the set of first cleansing element are spaced from each other on the first side, whereas the set of second cleansing elements are bridged on the second side. The set of first cleansing elements are connected to the set of second cleansing elements through a head, and the set of first cleansing element are connected through a bridge coupling the set of second cleansing elements. Besides, the second cleansing elements additionally comprise the set of spaced V-elements radially arranged about a central axis; each V-element has an interior adjoining the central axis, and an exterior spaced from the central axis; the interior is slightly elevated above the exterior.EFFECT: higher performance of the cleanser.9 cl, 16 dwg

Boot // 2566278
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a boot (10) comprising a sole (13) which flexibility is chosen such that it permits rolling of the foot of the user in sole bending (13), a bootleg (12) which covers the lower lecture of the user and which at least in the regions (14b, 14c) adjacent at the side to the tongue cut-out (14) is made substantially of rigid material (26) of the top, the lace (18) which intersects the tongue cut-out (14) and inclines by the hooked and/or steeping elements (20) which are made of the rigid material, and in the region (12c) of the boot (10) relating to the foot front part on each side of the tongue cut-out (14) for placement of at least one hooked and/or steeping element (20) at least one pad (28) is provided, which is made of the material more flexible than the material (26) of the top, and the pad (28) consists of an attached part (28b) which is attached between the material (26) of the top and the tongue pocket (16a), and also the bearing part (28a) on which the hooked and/or steeping element (20) is mounted and to which it is rigidly connected.EFFECT: invention enables to reduce dorsal pressure, despite the use of hooked and/or steeping elements of rigid material.18 cl, 3 dwg

Tip cap and shoe with built-in tip cap // 2565576
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention provides a design of the tip cap and the shoe having a built-in tip cap, which does not disturb the leg movement, such as leg movement during walking, but simultaneously protects the shoe tip against side collision with such an object as a trolley wheel. The tip cap which protects the shoe tip (toes) in its fitting into the shoe tip, comprises a housing in the form of a cap having a front end wall, the side walls on both sides, and an upper front wall forming a gently curved surface, at that the side wall elongation is provided on at least one side wall and formed as a rear end edge of the side wall, elongated backwards.EFFECT: shoe having a tip cap built in it, enables to protect sufficiently the shoe tip when the impact is inflicted from the outer side (ie from the small toe side) of the shoe tip, and, in contrast, a shoe with a built-in standard tip cap does not provide such protection.4 cl, 15 dwg

Shoe on split-sole // 2565089
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: shoe comprises an upper part forming the inner part for the foot, the inner part comprises a toe and a heel cavity. The shoe also comprises an intermediate sole having toe and heel ends and the inner and the outer sides. The intermediate sole is sewn to the upper part, thus forming the bottom of the inner part. The heel and the toe parts of the outer sole are sewn respectively on the intermediate sole. The insole is attached to the bottom of the inner part. The spacing between the heel and the toe parts of the outer sole extends from the inner to the outer side, and occupies an intermediate position between the toe and the heel ends, thus providing the possibility of folding the shoe along the axis extending through the specified spacing. The shoe is folded between the unfolded position in which the shoe is used, and a folded position in which the part of the upper part containing the toe cavity is placed in the heel cavity.EFFECT: improved operational reliability.78 cl, 17 dwg, 3 tbl

Orthopaedic device for lower extremity // 2564986
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: orthopaedic device for a lower extremity comprises a spring-elastic element configured as a closed loop of spring wire with two support structures connected together by loop-shaped lateral branches. Each support structure is zigzagged and configured as several loops, branches of which are parallel to each other. The first support structure is embodied in a cuff and placed in front of a shin with the second one fastened within a shank area of sole. Loops of the lateral branches are configured to envelope inner and outer ankle bones.EFFECT: smooth motion of walking feet, reducing patient's efforts when his/her leg separates from a bearing surface.3 cl, 2 dwg

Rescuer footwear for work in conditions of low temperatures with additional seismic activity // 2564982
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: batt footwear of rescuer for operation in low temperature conditions containing the top, the feet part and the main sole located from the lower side of the feet part, while the protective sole located from the lower side of the main sole is made of material , or from EVA compound with rubber, or from EVA compound with PVC, or from EVA compound with polyethylene, in addition it contains the plate which is implemented with heating from an ethylene vinyl acetate or another elastic material, and into heel part of the plate the piezoelement from a piezorubber, for example from polydimethylsiloxane with the thickness 2.5÷5 mm, with the size 10×10 mm is inserted, meanwhile it is placed into the protective shell, and the heating thread is connected minimum to one piezoelement located in the heel zone and/or the sock zone, and the supplementary vibroprotective plate with anatomic shape located between the main sole placed from the lower side of feet part, and the protective sole located from the lower side of the main sole, contains the bearing plane with the bushings fixed on it where elastic elements are located, for example the springs contacting with the damping three-layer unit containing the plates from the rigid vibrodamping material, for example of Agate type between which the layer of the polyurethane is located which damps vibration at medium frequencies, while the elastic elements contacting with the damping unit, are implemented in the form of conic springs, having equifrequent properties, and spring turns are coated with the layer of vibrodamping mastics, for example of VD-17 type, or polyurethane, and the internal cavity of each spring is filled with layers of viscoelastic mesh elements.EFFECT: providing more comfortable wearing of batt footwear due to footwear weight saving, creation of clean hygienic atmosphere in internal cavity of feet part, and possibility to work in conditions of low temperatures, for example in conditions of Far North.2 cl, 3 dwg

Anti-slipper for shoes // 2561326
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: anti-slipper for shoes comprises a cylindrical housing which comprises a movable rod with a spherical head and a hole filled with the core of the anti-slipping elastic material, and in the housing there is a crown with a spherical inner surface which restricts the displacement of the rod head, and a star made of elastic material, which rays are located in grooves in the walls of the housing and the crown.EFFECT: prevention of slipping on the surface without necessity to switch to the operating-inoperative position.4 dwg