Adjustable in size (A42B1/22)

A   Human necessities(313133)
A42   Headwear(322)
A42B1        Hats; caps; hoods(68)
A42B1/22                     Adjustable in size(1)

Dynamic materials integrated into articles for physical permeability controlled characteristics obtainment // 2621178
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: shape change material may change shape, that affects the geometric structure of an article as a whole (for example, protrusions, hollows, vents, etc.).EFFECT: achievement of controlled physical characteristics, dynamic material can change shape in response to the heat of human body to provide additional penetration in a clothing article, a clothing article may close the vent in response to the presence of moisture, preventing the penetration of rain into the interior of this article Shape change material may change shape affecting only some constructive element made of shape change material.13 cl, 50 dwg