Collapsible hats and hats made of separable parts (A42B1/20)

A   Human necessities(312810)
A42   Headwear(322)
A42B1        Hats; caps; hoods(68)
A42B1/20                     Collapsible hats; hats made of separable parts(2)

Transformable cap // 2275159
FIELD: light industry, in particular, construction of cap, baseball cap, casket type headwear transformable to other kinds of articles.SUBSTANCE: transformable cap has crown and peak separable from one another by means of zipper-fastener. Ornamental cord is positioned onto zipper fastener at site where crown is joined to peak, said ornamental cord being attached with its ends to peak and used to serve as handle for bag, which is produced from peak separated from crown, or as means for attachment of peak to user's head when peak is used as headwear. Cap may be transformed to four articles: cap, bag, purse, and headwear formed as peak of cap.EFFECT: wider range of transformation, convenient usage and comfort for user.8 cl, 5 dwg