Bathing caps (A42B1/12)

A   Human necessities(309271)
A42   Headwear(322)
A42B1        Hats; caps; hoods(68)
A42B1/12                     Bathing caps(1)

Swimming cap // 2289291
FIELD: swimming facilities, in particular, caps used, for example, in swimming competitions.SUBSTANCE: swimming cap 1 is made from flexible material 2 and is equipped with two lateral openings positioned in opposite lateral regions of cap 1 and adapted for accommodation therein of respective means 4 for protecting of hearing organs, said means being equipped with selectively formed perforations 6. Flexible material 2 has plurality of small-sized apertures 3 for discharge of water penetrating into cap 1 to the outside. Cap 1 is provided with two fastening binders 5.EFFECT: simplified discharge of water penetrated into cap and improved fastening of cap on swimmer's head to thereby prevent formation of water pockets in the region between cap and head.4 cl, 1 dwg