Wearing apparel (A41)

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A41            Wearing apparel(1860)

Immobilization jacket // 2627206
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: double-layered jacket contains a hood; a front with a fastener; a back with an all-cut-out yoke, a detachable zipper stitched into the middle hood seam, passing into the middle hood seam and continuing to the nape level; and an immobilization corrector built-in from the side of the back between the fabric of the top and the jacket lining, equipped with two elastic shoulder straps and an elastic waistband. The spinal plate vertically oriented on the user has a a T-shaped head holder projecting out of it at the shoulder level and emerging from the jacket to the outside through the neck seam on the jacket back, the horizontal plate section of which, located at the nape level, is held on the head by elastic links, the ends of which are fixed in the forehead area, and at least one stiffening rib in the form of a plate inserted into the longitudinal channel.EFFECT: formation of correct posture.13 cl, 4 dwg

Accessories for eruption and making comfort for babies // 2627124
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: dentifrice (3) comprises a shawl (1) and at least one teether, having at least one circumferentially closed through hole (16), the shawl (1) having at least one hole (6) in the form of a slot. In the assembled state, one portion (20) of the shawl (1) is passed through both the through hole (16) in the teether and through the hole (6) in the form of a slot in the shawl (1), so that the teether is connected to the shawl (1) in its looped position. The group of inventions also relates to a method for forming of the said dentifrice.EFFECT: child distraction from eruption and development of child's fingers movement.15 cl 3 dwg
Protective products with regulated screening properties // 2626549
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: protective product with adjustable shielding properties contains underwear covering a significant part of the wearer's body and adjacent to it, outer clothing and a cooling system in the form of cells. Outer clothing includes a system of controlled cooling and is made in the form of a protective cape with a hood and covers the body of the wearer from head to toe and is represented by at least one separate layer with cells filled with hydrogel, and the system itself is made of a textile material with thermoplastic polymer and metal-dusting. The cells are separated by elements in the form of thread-glued joints. Textile material can have camouflage colouring.EFFECT: providing a high degree of camouflaging protection of a biological object at night time in various microclimatic environmental conditions.2 cl, 2 dwg
Respirator in the form of filtering face mask with amortizing nose element // 2625928
FIELD: personal care items.SUBSTANCE: respirator 10 in the form of a filtering face mask, comprising a fastening unit 14 and a mask substrate 12 comprising a multilayer filter structure 16. Respirator includes a cushioning member 64 disposed near the mask basis 12 nose region and enclosed in a layer of the filter structure 16. The cushioning member 64 is a compressible material, and also it can be elastic. The cushioning member 64 may be located directly opposite the nose clip 56.EFFECT: better convenience.20 cl, 7 dwg

Clothes for protecting person from blood-sucking tickers and flying blood-sucking insects // 2625432
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: clothes are equipped with insect traps made in the form of a belting textile strip with an acaricide, each of which consists of at least two parts, one of which is fixed at an acute angle of 5-60 degrees to the clothing surface. Trousers and a jacket are made of a fabric comprising a repellent composition, and each part of the belting textile strip contains an acaricidal composition. The acaricidal and the repellent compositions are made in the form of nano- or microcapsules with an internally placed acaricidal or repellent substance.EFFECT: reliable protection of a person from ticks and flying blood-sucking insects for a long time.8 cl, 7 dwg
Protective socks // 2624711
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: socks are provided with protective thickenings on the upper part of the foot and the front part of the leg, which completely cover the upper outer part of the foot, the ankle and the lower leg, forming a continuous protective zone. At that, the protective thickenings are predominantly formed by a plush weave, a complex elastomeric yarn is used as the ground thread, and cotton yarn or other yarn of natural or chemical fibers is used as a plush yarn. To protect the outside of the foot from critical mechanical influences, the upper part of the foot and the leg are additionally provided with a "dotty" polymer coating with certain dimensional parameters. The proposal is also different in that the lower part of the foot contains point projections formed by plush interlacing.EFFECT: additional functions of massage effect, including during cosmonaut training on a simulator.5 cl, 4 dwg
Protective clothes for electrical works // 2622814
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: protective clothing for work related to electricity, contains galvanically connected electrically conductive elements. The overalls or jacket with trousers or bib overall are made of a heat-resistant fabric based on cotton with a nylon embedding with a fire-resistant inserting or a heat-resistant fabric based on meta-aramid fibers. Electrically conductive elements are sewn onto the fabric from the wrong side in the form of flexible buses made on the basis of heat-resistant synthetic threads with interlacing of tinsel silvered thread and/or filaments of staple fibers on the basis of stainless steel, and on the inner side of the bus they are covered with a non-flammable light lining with a continuous layer or locally only under the buses. Flexible buses are located from one cuff of the sleeve to the cuff of the other one and through the inseam of trousers, these tires are connected to each other by parallel at least two additional buses located along the back piece of the garment.EFFECT: increased reliability of simultaneous protection from electric shock under induced and step voltage, and from the thermal risks of the electric arc.11 cl
Feeder of controlled optical signals in clothing // 2620247
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: feeder of the controlled optical signals in clothing, including a vehicle with the standard optical signal devices to indicate the size of the vehicle and send signals to other vehicles, the vehicle driver clothing having luminous elements, that duplicate signals of the standard optical signal devices of the vehicle, characterized in that, at least, one additional optical radiation source is mounted in the vehicle, which is optically coaxially coupled with the luminous elements of the vehicle driver clothing, made of, at least, one lightguide, which has an optical input and an optical output, wherein the lightguide output is located on the clothing in place ensuring recognizability and visibility of the supplied signal by other vehicles and pedestrians. The lightguides are located consistently, wherein the optical output of one lightguide is optically coaxially connected with the optical input of the next lightguide.EFFECT: enhancing the functionality, increasing the ease of use, optimizing the design, improving the performance properties under adverse weather conditions, ease of movement in space and improving the traffic safety.2 cl, 3 dwg

Transformable clothing // 2618414
FIELD: personal care items.SUBSTANCE: transformable clothing consisting of the back, the front part, the sleeves and the shirt-type collar. It is different in that the lower section of the front part and the cuts across the back in the middle from the bottom up to the level of the hips are connected through fixing parts of the gore, with two countersunk zipper fasteners, forming a bodysuit shirt; a rubber band is placed along the bottom edge of the gore, forming the bottom of the pant legs, the side seams of the lower part of the shirt are designed with eyelets, buttons or a velcro fastener to fix the desired width of the trouser legs.EFFECT: more convenient wearing experience of the shirt due to the fact that the bottom part is fixed by a removable gores, helping avoid unwanted creases at the waist or constant hitching up of the bottom of the garment when the wearer puts up the arms or bends; enhanced functionality of the garment and the product range by means of transforming and improving ergonomic characteristics of the clothing.4 dwg
Dickey bra // 2617664
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: compression bandage made of a textile fabric in the form of a bodice with clasps, with two cups, with two shoulder straps, having an additional portion arranged to form an annular neck cover, at that, the additional portion has the form of a dickey, continuously connected along the perimeter of its lower edge with the upper edge of the bandage, the bandage and the dickey form a single inseparable surface, at that, the dickey, side and front bandage segments are made of a heat-insulating material of individual size and shape of woman's breasts.EFFECT: improved quality of tissue regeneration after surgical manipulation on breasts, improved aesthetic result in surgical technologies of mammary glands correction.1 dwg

Insulating material with continuous insulation and filler // 2617394
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: disclosed the insulating materials, methods of its formation and its products, including the insulation materials. In some embodiments the insulating material contains a layer of backing material; the layer of face material; at least one layer of continuous synthetic insulation, located between the backing material layer and layer of the face material; filler, located between the backing material layer and the face material layer; one or more of the first joints connecting the backing material layer and at least one layer of continuous synthetic insulation; and one or more the second joints, connecting the face layer of material, and at least one layer of continuous synthetic insulation. The first and the second joints are formed by two or more partitions, separated the filler in the insulating material. Another embodiments are disclosed.EFFECT: simplification of the material production process.19 cl, dwg 6
Applicator for weft hair strands // 2616149
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: proposed applicator (1) for weft hair strands one end of which is placed into a thermoplastic element. The applicator comprises a block (5, 6) of the stamp and the matrix, in which the facing profiled operating parts correspond to the shape of at least one thermoplastic element. Stamp (6) is located on a rotatable head (10) with the additional stamp (11) having substantially the same outline. The main stamp (6) is provided with a heating device (12), and the additional stamp (11) is provided with a cooling device (13).EFFECT: guaranteed uninterrupted and continuous thermal fusion bonding between the strands of the own hair and the weft hair.8 cl, 8 dwg

ethod and system for construction of realistic 3d avatar of buyers for virtual fitting // 2615911
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: method for constructing a realistic 3D avatar of buyers for virtual fitting comprises determining base parameters of a user body using the visual interface for manually entering of values or automatic method based on body silhouette analysis; creating a manikin proportional to a user body by linear morphing of morftargets; calibrating a morphed manikin with cache the previously calibrated manikins; updating manikin parameters based on user body photoes; setting of manikin external characteristics; user face photo overlay on a mannequin; creating users body geometry for fitting clothes; generating a 3D body image for photorealistic rendering, and a system for constructing a realistic 3D avatar of a buyer for virtual fitting comprising a user body parameters entering interface, a module for creation of manikin body by morphing based on body parameters; a module of updating of a morphed manikin by iterative exchange and morphing; a module of interactive manikin body proportions setting; a module of appearence setting; a module of manikin face overlay.EFFECT: minimized errors in remote ordering of clothing, footwear, headgear, echanced list of technical means used in technology of remote ordering of clothing, improved remote ordering accuracy of clothing that exactly match with real customer's body characteristics with remaining of a more convenient method to present a result of fitting.12 cl, 5 dwg

Device for hand protection // 2615254
FIELD: personal care items.SUBSTANCE: device for hand protection has a textile cylindrical body, made in the form of a muff that is attached to clothes by flexible ribbons pinned to the loose ends at the butt ends of the muff. Heating elements are mounted inside the cylindrical body, with mounted contacts. A spring contact element is located inside the semicylinders of the heating elements, with its loose ends hooked in the horizontal plane and attached to the contacts located on the periphery of the heating element arc of one power source on one of semicylinders. The spring lock crossbar element has an arch shape that can come into contact with the other pole of the power supply unit. An additional duplicate element in the form of a spring clamp is located on the external surface of the body.EFFECT: Improved working conditions and increase ease of operation.4 dwg

Functional male underpants // 2614185
FIELD: clothes.SUBSTANCE: disclosed invention, associated with functional male underpants, differs by natural separation and penis and scrotum storage without any measures or restrictions during functional male underpants wearing and absence of penis and scrotum output from accommodating pocket regardless of penis and scrotum compression or expansion, or exercise, or daily activities.EFFECT: explained above characteristics, are preferable in presence of freshness feel in underpants and in prevention of unpleasant senses in scrotum and male sterility caused by sweat and temperature increase.10 cl, 19 dwg
ethod of creating maximum even line of eyelashes tips // 2614086
FIELD: cosmetology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of buildup of artificial parts from hair, in particular to artificial eyelashes, namely to the methods for the natural eyelashes buildup with artificial eyelashes by means of gluing them together. The inventive method of creating the maximum even line of the eyelashes tips is to determine the top row of lashes and the bottom row of lashes by separating, the proximity and distance of the lashes relative to one another; then, if all the eyelashes rows are located close to one another, and the distance between them is approximately 1 mm, the top row of eyelashes is built up 1 mm shorter than the middle and the bottom ones; in case that all rows of eyelashes are located far from one another, and the distance between them is 1-4 mm, the top row of eyelashes is built up 2, 3 or 4 mm shorter than the middle and the bottom ones.EFFECT: ensuring maximum even edge line of eyelashes tips, and ensuring the volume increase due to the number of lashes.4 dwg

Fastening tool for wig, and wig using same // 2611035
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: fastener comprises: a stopper frame body including first and second frame bodies and a bonding portion, a part of first frame body and a part of second frame body being superimposed over each other and bonded together in bonding portion. Device comprises a first comb tooth having one end thereof fixed to first frame body and other free end extending from said one end towards an inside part of first frame body. Second comb tooth has one end thereof fixed to second frame body and other free end extends from said one end towards an inside part of second frame body. Stopper frame body can arbitrarily select positions: a first position of being curved to protrude toward an upper surface side thereof, and a second position of being curved toward a lower surface side thereof. Second end of first comb tooth and second end of second comb tooth are in contact with or close to stopper frame body in second position.EFFECT: disclosed is a fastening tool for a wig, which can reliably fix wig by means of sufficient retaining force, and a wig, using said tool.11 cl, 7 dwg
ethod for stimulating mental activity of children with disorders of nervous system, organs of vision and hearing and locomotor apparatus (icp) // 2611032
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to the light industry, more specifically to the production of clothes for children with congenital brain defects, disordered analyzers (organs of vision, hearing or locomotor system). Also, the declared invention enables the hand-eye orientation in the surroundings, coordinated arm movements, ensures the improved postural control of the body, helps to maintain focus and acquire the habit of indulging in various cognitive activities and developmental interaction with grown-ups while in sitting position. Method for stimulating the mental activity in children with disorders of the nervous system, organs of vision and hearing, locomotor apparatus (ICP), is characterized by the use of a clothing article that has a working surface with detachable elements attached to it and involves the following: the working surface that looks like a cuff/belt is immovably placed on one or two legs of the child, then various developmental detachable elements are attached to the working surface in the certain sequence, these elements stimulate the sensory perception and motor activity and affect the skin sensitivity, cognitive and motor performance; stimulation of the mental activity is achieved by the fact that the child can independently or following the instructions of a grown-up detach and attach the developmental detachable elements from/to the working surface.EFFECT: technical result is the expansion of technical capabilities of the clothing article that in addition to its main function can be used to facilitate the development of the mental and motion performance of children with serious disorders, while taking into account the physical characteristics and abnormal bodies of children with locomotor disorders.12 cl, 5 dwg
ethod of forming bundle in volume eyelash extension // 2607287
FIELD: cosmetology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to extension of artificial parts of hair, particularly to artificial lashes, namely to methods of extension of natural lashes with artificial lashes by means of their adhesion to each other. Disclosed method of forming bundle in volume eyelash extension involves placing line of lashes of required diameter and length based on discretion of master on hand, on board, on special band, wherein forceps should be kept so, that arm is relaxed and not tensed, then extraction of required amount of lashes is made based on desire of master and client, wherein release of eyelash for operation is made with far from master tip of forceps, which can be in any place relative to lashes, as closer to its ends, and closer to toe, wherein forceps is in such position, where 1–2 mm tip of forceps is free from lashes, then forceps is smoothly lowered downwards, to thrust so, that sponges of forceps face tape only after forceps is lowered down and got on tape with eyelashes, it is necessary to tightly close forceps, thus fixing selected eyelashes, then selected lashes with tape are torn off only by half, that is not completely, and are placed at little farther than main part of lashes, then forceps is removed, it is closed and with forceps slightly press on upper part of tape there, where selected eyelashes are, and forceps is slightly driven sideways thus brushing one part of bundle, then it is pushed again and again, moving forceps in other side to obtain uniformly open bundle of lashes, wherein in order to remove finished bundle from tape forceps is opened, carried so, that eyelashes are located between jaws of forceps, it is strongly closed and lashes are fixed either in middle of their length, or slightly above middle point, then they are smoothly removed from tape towards master and therefore in formed bundle remains in forceps.EFFECT: technical result of disclosed method is making uniform bundle of lashes, increased service life of fixed lashes, longer wearable lashes without deterioration of quality and maximum expression.1 cl, 10 dwg

Clothing article, in particular piece of sports clothes // 2606330
FIELD: clothes.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to piece (1) of clothing, in particular to a piece of sports clothes having part (2) that covers the wearer's body at least partially, wherein said part (2) has at least one vent element (3) to allow passage of air flow (F) from the outside of above piece (1) of clothing, through above part (2) and inside above piece (1) of clothing to cool a part of the wearer's body.EFFECT: to improve the cooling characteristics of piece (1) of clothing during wearer’s movements the present invention includes means (4) that are designed to open and close vent element (3) depending on the movement of a part of the wearer's body when using above piece (1) of clothing.12 cl, 4 dwg
Clothing article for going in for sports // 2606320
FIELD: personal use items.SUBSTANCE: clothing article (10) for going in for sports for wearing on the body including at least one zone of the main fabric from an elastically extensible textile and at least one compression zone, (1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 11), compression means formed by inserts provided on the textile side facing the skin surface. Compression zones (1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 11) with asymmetric distribution in relation to the body halves are located in provided for torso (20) and/or for upper and/or lower extremities (21, 22, 23, 24) zones.EFFECT: proposed is a clothing article for going in for sports.24 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of one-piece felted clothes producing with complex shapes and device for its implementation // 2606184
FIELD: textile.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to articles included into group of “consumer industry products”, particularly to one piece felted articles, and can be primarily used in making of clothes with complex shapes and transitions, as well as for felt products restoration. Disclosed invention aims at: expanding one piece felted articles processing methods in making clothes, increasing production quality and expansion of design solutions in designing and manufacturing of new types of designer products. Method is intended for manufacturing clothes, mainly, from wool or other raw materials, meeting one piece felted technology involving laying of material, e.g. wool fibres, on composite template, web formation on template (article felting) and drying. Technical task of disclosed invention is: development of technology, which enables during "felting" to eliminate or prevent various defects of article, its parts and pieces; development of technology providing formation in process of production of article individual structural elements and/or making of seamless article, mainly womenswear (cardigans, dresses, jackets); development of tooling (tools), providing control over article structural elements forming process, including production of article with seamless connection of individual parts, eliminating potential occurrence of clothes defects during its manufacturing. Set task is solved by using of composite template as tool (device). In disclosed method, composite model (template) is device, ensuring execution of formation method operations in process of article individual structural elements production and/or seamless formation of product (clothes) areas with complex shapes and transitions. And, if necessary, enabling determination of article structural-technological deformations areas and eliminating different shape defects during "felting" process, of its parts and pieces. Composite template during its use allows to reduce (or eliminate) different types of deformations distorting article designer structure. Simultaneously, method and tool enable formation of individual design elements of clothes with various geometric shapes and configurations; substantively enhancing manufacturing capabilities, for example, for seamless formation of irregular shaped article.EFFECT: achieved technical effect - method and tool for its implementation provides elimination of different defects at manufacture of clothes by one-piece felted method.2 cl, 17 dwg

ethod of female outerwear neck processing // 2605380
FIELD: sewing industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to sewing industry, namely to production of female outdoor clothes, and can be used in individual sewing and under conditions of industrial production, primarily, in production of storm coats. Method involves treatment of neck using double closed collar, wherein inner closed collar with height varying from maximum at back and sleeves neck section to minimum at front neck section, is made full cut with front and back parts, outer closed collar in form of rectangle with length, equal to width of conditional neck, which is determined based on addition to main neck width from 5 cm to value of shoulder slope, and width corresponding to selected model is made detachable. Outer closed collar is connected to conditional neck either by sewing of finished closed collar, or by folding its lower edge and catching up to conditional neck, and closed collar ends are processed using placket, which is stitched to front side edge, simultaneously stitching closed collar ends to placket inner edge.EFFECT: reduction of labor input and time for neck processing due to reduced number of process operations and reducing number of auxiliary parts, expansion of sewing products range and used fabric.4 cl, 4 dwg

Clothing article, containing porous polymer material // 2605179
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: porous polymer material is made of thermoplastic composition containing a continuous phase, including a matrix polymer. Additive of micro-inclusion and additive of nano-inclusion can be dispersed in a continuous phase in form of discrete domains, and in material a porous network is determined, which includes a plurality of nanopores with average size of cross section of approximately 800 nm or less.EFFECT: disclosed is a piece of clothing, which includes a porous polymer material.39 cl, 14 dwg

Design of heat-shielding packet with inner link // 2604856
FIELD: sewing industry.SUBSTANCE: proposed engineering solution relates to sewing industry and can be used to manufacture outer garments with a noncoherent insulant, providing a specified level of quality of finished products. Design of heat-shielding packet with internal link comprises two layers of coating material: external and internal, volumetric loose insulant, point of attachment of layers, characterised by that on inner layer of coating material there is a link for elastic band, located inside heat-shielding packet. Design of heat-shielding packet with an inner link is characterised by that value of tightening of link must not exceed 1/6 of length of link. Substance of invention is explained in Fig. 1, which presents design of heat-shielding packet with inner link. Two-layer structure of heat-shielding packet includes outer 1 and 2 inner layers of coating material, volumetric loose insulant 6 located between them, and point of attachment of layers of tightening stitches 3, wherein inner layer of coating material is processed link 5, located inside heat-shielding packet. Link is intended for fitting elastic band 4, which makes it possible to evenly distribute sag on inner side of coating, arising when forming a three-dimensional shape of heat protective bag. Value of tightening of inner link depends on thickness of heat protective bag and rigidity of coating material and must not exceed 1/6 of length of link. Proposed design of seam for attaching coating materials enables to hide through holes of tightening stitches on inner side of heat-shielding packet and reduced migration of heat insulation material. Elastic properties of elastic band facilitate process of formation of volumetric shape of coating of heat protective bag and ensures uniform distribution of sag along tightening lines. Furthermore, absence of through holes on inner side of heat-shielding packet enables to prevent migration of heat insulation material through puncture needle.EFFECT: therefore, proposed design of heat-shielding packet with inner link enables to maintain specified level of thermal resistance along entire surface of heat-protective packet after their formation and improving quality of heat protective clothes.1 cl, 1 dwg

Semirigid corset // 2604321
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the articles for domestic use. Corset is a ring, that is worn on top of the foot of the sock, with a lock at one end, locking the other end of the tape in bending it into a ring. One or both long sides of the initial tape have ledges to hold the rubber belt when loosening this sock down and elimination of sliding of the ring while walking, without irritating the skin. Required gap between the nails is achieved by cutting the free end of the initial belt.EFFECT: in order to avoid compression of blood vessels of legs, compressive force of a rubber belt sock is perceived by the corset.1 cl, 15 dwg

ethod for extension of lashes "perfect line" // 2604314
FIELD: cosmetology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to extension of artificial parts from hair, in particular, to artificial lashes, namely, to methods for extension of natural lashes with artificial lashes by means of their adhesion to each other. Disclosed method of serial extension of natural lashes with artificial lashes by means of their adhesion to each other "Perfect line" is characterized by that it includes the operation of joining artificial lashes and natural lashes with a glue, for this purpose each separate artificial lash or an individual beam of lashes is applied with a glue and this lash or the beam of lashes is glued, then combined with a natural lash and the artificial lash or the beam of lashes is glued to the natural lash by their pressing to each other, herewith rows of lashes are divided into two parts, namely either the lower rows are extended with long lashes, and the upper rows - with short ones, or the lower rows located closer to the mucosa are simulated with shorter eyelashes, and the upper lashes, which are closer to the skin of the eyelid, are simulated with long lashes.EFFECT: technical result of the proposed method is increased service life of attached lashes, providing maximum expressiveness, herewith in one extending two effects at once are simulated, making it possible to make the interlash space in the root zone brighter and more expressive creating the visual effect of eye-lining or wings.1 cl, 9 dwg

Postoperative breast bandage // 2603832
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: proposed invention relates to postoperative breast bandage (10) comprising front part (12), with left cup (14) and right cup (16) connected or made with possibility to contact with each other, at least, one rear strip (20) for placement around human back, left and right trans-axis parts (22), (24), connecting rear strip with left cup and right cup, wherein left and right trans-axis parts comprise left and right under-breast parts (26), (28) and left and right axillary parts (30), (32).EFFECT: proposed bandage is characterized by that left axillary part or right axillary part, or both said parts have outer layer, inner layer and absorbent bandage.24 cl, 6 dwg

Sock // 2603595
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a sock, in particular a sports sock, comprising sole region (10) which has toe region (1), a ball region (2) and heel region (3), wherein sole region (10) has heel guide pad (4) and ball guide pad (5), which are arranged substantially parallel to roll line (6) of a foot, wherein heel guide pad (4) has perforations (9) in region of longitudinal arch (8), wherein material reinforcements located in regions of perforations (9) have perforations (9), passing through in form of from boundary of longitudinal arch (8) to opposite sole marginal region (7).EFFECT: technical result is increased flexibility.13 cl, 3 dwg

Self-contained, suitable for wearing protective device and set of protective clothes // 2603568
FIELD: protective means.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to self-contained, suitable for wearing protective device (1), containing: bearing product (2) from thin textile material; at least one inflatable pad (13) located in area (19) provided in said bearing product (2) from thin textile material; at least, one gas generator (12) acting as inflation device, connected to said inflatable pad (13) and attached directly or indirectly to said bearing product (2) from textile material; control unit (10), also attached directly or indirectly to said bearing product (2) from textile material and made with possibility to activate said inflation device (12); and identification facilities (5) attached to said control unit (10) and located on said bearing product (2) from textile material. Present invention also relates to set of protective clothes, containing: protective clothes (30; 50), made from abrasion and frictional constraints resistant material; and said self-contained, suitable for wearing protective device (1).EFFECT: disclosed is self-contained, suitable for wearing protective device.16 cl, 13 dwg

Lashing strap for attachment to loop of protective clothes made of grid consisting of metal rings and protective clothes // 2603125
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a lashing strap (45; 180; 211; 250) for attachment to the loop (35, 40) of protective clothes (10, 50), made of grip (26), consisting of metal rings, as well as to such protective clothes (10; 50). Wherein said lashing strap (45; 180; 211; 250) contains at least one engaging element (70; 185) and recess (90; 205) corresponding to the engaging element by shape (70; 185), wherein said engaging element (70; 185) and the recess (90; 205) engage with each other and form a loop section (155) designed for the grip loop (35; 40) of protective clothes (10; 50) and attachment of said lashing strap (45; 180; 211; 250) to said loop (35, 40) of protective clothes (10; 50).EFFECT: lashing strap is suggested.17 cl, 18 dwg

Connecting elements of transformable clothing // 2600295
FIELD: clothes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transformable clothing and particularly to elements providing for clothes transformation. Feature of this invention consists in fact that transformable clothing connecting elements are installed on transformable clothing abutting parts, transformable clothing connecting elements are represented by loops and brace, wherein brace is installed in transformable clothing abutting parts loops, with possibility to control transformable clothing abutting elements tightening degree in their connection point by loops.EFFECT: invention objective is development of possibility to control transformable clothing abutting parts tightening degree in their connection point.1 cl, 7 dwg

Seat fixed on the human body // 2600074
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for protection from hypothermia, bruises in case of falling and can be used by sportsmen, fishermen, children, etc. Personal sitting device is used by fixing it on the body and consists of a flexible heat insulating material. Base (1) has vertical elongated shape and acquires physiologically curved shape when put on. Paired holes (3, 4, 5) are located in the three areas of base - in top left corner, in the upper right angle and in the lower part in the center. Said holes are fringed with metal eyelets (8), and one elastic belt (2) goes sequentially through them; belt secures the device on the body, it follows a triangular path along the body, through the groin to side points on the belt, and is buckled in the center of the belt. Silicone gel pad (6) can be made in the base, at its inner side, in the area of the user's coccyx; and the outer side of base (1) is covered with material with low friction coefficient.EFFECT: reliable fixation on the human body during active actions, reliable protection at falling, elimination of hindering movements, avoiding disturbed blood circulation, reliable protection against hypothermia of urogenital system organs of user while sitting on cold surfaces.3 cl, 6 dwg

Fabric from carbon fibre and method for production thereof // 2599607
FIELD: textile and paper.SUBSTANCE: fabric from a carbon fiber characterized by that polyurethane or acrylic film (4) is applied by lamination onto at least one side of this fabric (1) and partially penetrates into said fabric (1) to create intermediate layer (5), in which external filaments of fabric (1) make an integral part with polyurethane or acrylic film (4).EFFECT: this invention also relates to a method for production of such fabric, as well as to an article of clothing or leather articles containing this fabric.19 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of processing upper section of male trousers // 2597529
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to sewing industry, particularly, to production of male trousers with treatment of upper cut with band, and can be used in individual sewing and under conditions of industrial production. Method includes turning upper part of belt with bottom, on which are placed simple double-sided folds with fasteners in base, wherein, it is provided with lining made from two layers of cotton-paper fabric cut with different direction of base threads, which are ground off at upper sections, and lower sections are edged. Prepared butt with lining is stitched on allowance of upper section of belt and a braid is formed, by bending belt relative to lining, then belt is sewn with belt with lining to upper section of trousers. At central seam of belt behind vertical incision is performed, which is turned butt with lining and fixed with a horizontal clip. Belt ends of left and right front parts of trousers are treated.EFFECT: reduced thickness of processed upper edge of trousers and reduced rigidity, which provides more adherence of trousers on waist line and improves their setting, which improves marketable appearance of finished product and improves comfort of its wearing by consumers any size.3 cl, 5 dwg

Design of heat-shielding packet with reinforcing elements // 2596123
FIELD: sewing industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to sewing industry and can be used in making upper heat protective clothes with volumetric loose insulant, providing specified level of aesthetic and hygienic properties. Design of heat-shielding packet with reinforcing elements comprises two layers of shell material: external and internal, volumetric loose insulant, fastening points of layers and is characterised by that visible inner side of heat-shielding packet at points of attachment of layers of shell there are reinforcing elements, reducing area of contact of heat-shielding packet with bearing surface of human body. Reinforcing elements of foamed polyurethane enable to reduce area of support of heat-shielding packet when in contact with human body and reduce pressure on heat-shielding packet.EFFECT: reduced pressure on heat-shielding packet prevents migration of volumetric loose heat insulation material, which provides higher quality of finished products, does not require use of two, three or more layers of shell material.1 cl, 1 dwg

Removable magnetic fastening system // 2595970
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: this system allows reliable fastening fasten different by magnetic attraction force magnets. It consists of three separate components, namely: fixed part, consisting of at least one pocket (1) made directly from the side of the object(s) clothes or attached to surface of the clothing article; the movable part, consisting of two or more flexible detachable magnetic strips (10); magnet or magnetic attractable element (25), which is required for sliding insert or magnetic strip (10) into the pocket (1).EFFECT: disclosed is a removable magnetic system of fastening to multiple purpose systems, which, in particular, is designed and intended for use in clothes, underwear, skin articles, shoes, other attachments and any other applications.8 cl, 22 dwg

ethod for formation of impermeable connection of articles on lint-feather insulation // 2594552
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: disclosed and tested is a novel method of forming impermeable connection of articles on lint-feather insulation, which comprises placing self-adhesive film on line marked for sewing, followed by seaming. Before seaming between main part and cover of lint-feather heat insulation material on face side of cover is laid a self-adhesive film which is pre-cooled or soaked on side of adhesive layer with water by means of, for example, wet sponge placed in front of needle slider. Self-adhesive film is pressed, while simultaneously seaming, wherein self-adhesive film is cooled to 5-10 °C. Minimum pressure of pressing self-adhesive film to insulation is 20-30 kPa.EFFECT: invention increases impermeability of filar joints of clothes for lint-feather mixture, including during use, and simultaneously reduces labour input for preventing migration of lint-feather mixture.1 cl, 3 dwg, 1 tbl

Device for protection against step voltage exposure // 2593135
FIELD: electrical engineering. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering, more precisely to devices for increasing electrical safety of workers, serving high-voltage power transmission lines, and can be used in transformer substations. Device for protection against step voltage exposure comprises working shoes 1 with electroconductive soles, connected by flexible conductor 2, in the gap of which primary winding of transductor 3 is connected, secondary winding is connected to input of blocking generator 4, output of which is connected to inputs of the dynamic head 5 and light indicator 6, inputs of which are connected. EFFECT: technical result is simplified design and higher reliability of the device. 1 cl, 1 dwg

Protective glove // 2593080
FIELD: safety. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of protecting hands from cuts and punctures in industrial conditions, in particular, in nuclear power production. Protective glove comprises a middle glove, made corrugated from metal, composite material and other materials. Outer glove is made from elastic material, inner glove is made of soft thin fabric material. EFFECT: invention aims at protecting hands from cuts and punctures, cracks. 1 cl, 2 dwg

Baby walking nest (versions) // 2591473
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of garments for infants and children aged up to six months or more and can be used as a means of protecting infant from ambient temperature effects, as a nest for newborn for discharge from maternity hospital, nest for trips in baby stroller or sleeping bag. To simplify design and manufacturing process of nest, expansion of consumer properties of nest by speeding up diaper changing, providing simple, yet effective protection of child's face from wind and from environment, providing best microclimatic conditions inside nest envelope at different time of year, transformation of nest into separate independent articles - mat, quilt, mattress or wrapper on feet, longer service life as child's height changes, baby walking nest, comprising connected at one edge lower and upper components and zipper for connection/disconnection of other edges of upper and lower components, wherein lower component of nest along length is larger than upper component, is characterised by that upper part of lower component is configured possibility to transform upper part of lower component into a hood, and upper part of upper component is elongated to obtain turn-up for closing/opening face and to fix position of position of upper part of upper component above face of baby, includes means of transforming upper part of lower component into a hood, made in form of suspended or slash loops and buttons, push buttons, hooks, magnetic fasteners, zip fasteners, adhesive tapes, ties or bands, is configured for transformation into a mat, quilt, mattress or wrapper on feet during unzipping along edges of nest.EFFECT: simplified design and technology of making nest, expansion of consumer properties of nest.18 cl, 32 dwg
Protective from insects and against overheat clothes (without face mesh) // 2590832
FIELD: personal usage items.SUBSTANCE: clothing comprises three layers. Outer layer-isolating from penetration of insects layer, which is made of good air-permeable thin, fine-mesh material. Central layer is remote (distancing) layer serving as braces system, which distance outer surface of insulating layer from human body at distance both for insects proboscis or sting, sitting on this surface, and made from mesh-like knitted material, which forming threads are plastic bands to create loops, knots, twisting, bending and other elements of knitted mesh-like material, placing these bands at multiple places with its width in thrust between human body and insulating layer of clothes, that is perpendicular to it or close to it position to form said system of braces. Inner layer is protecting, close to body layer of clothes from thin fine-mesh, good air-permeable, preserving human skin from pain at strong action of remote layer of clothes on it, which is made of good air-permeable thin, fine-mesh material (for example, gauze).EFFECT: disclosed is clothes protective against insects and against overheat.1 cl

Protective clothes of electrician // 2587373
FIELD: personal and household items; personal protective equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to protective clothes, namely to protective clothes of electrician for operation in step voltage zone. Protective clothes of electrician contains trousers 1 and shoes 2 with current conductive soles 3, which are interconnected by current-conducting shunts 4 from carbon fabric. Clothes is supplemented with jacket 5 and gloves 6 from carbon fabric, which are sewn to jacket 5 with carbon fabric. Gloves 6 are interconnected by additional current-conducting shunts 7 from carbon fabric. Additional current-conducting shunts 7 are connected electrically with conducting shunts, sewn to pants.EFFECT: improved protective properties of clothes.1 cl, 1 dwg

Protective knitted glove and method of making same // 2586822
FIELD: individual protection means.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to protective devices for arms or hands and method of production of such devices, in particular, to protective gloves intended for use in extreme conditions. Protective fabric glove is a composite product consisting of an inner and outer interconnected gloves; at that, between inner and outer gloves there is a membrane layer; the outer glove is woven on a glove machine of class 10-15, the inner glove is woven on the machine of class 7-10. Method of manufacturing includes the following steps: manufacture of the membrane on the basis of the maximum size, which the finished article will have in a stretched form, application on the membrane, on the outer and inner side, of a hot-melt adhesive, further, for uniform adhesion of the article, there made a press-mould, dimensions of which correspond to the membrane. Membrane and the inner glove are placed into a thermal press, where, under pressure, there takes place a process of thermal lamination, then the ready product is removed from the mold and is subjected to rapid cooling.EFFECT: technical result consists in protection of the owner hands against impact of cutting objects, thermal and electric impact, effect of chemical substances; at that, the glove has moisture-repelling properties.16 cl, 2 dwg, 2 tbl

Cooling clothes // 2586469
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to sewing production and, in particular, can be used for production of summer, sports, working clothes and clothes medical specialised purpose.EFFECT: comfortable conditions for vital activity in hot climate and high ambient temperature is provided by the fact that cooling clothes includes outer tissue shape, on the inner surface of which there are hollow stripes of smooth material, for example, of silk and similar, at that, holes of hollow stripes are arranged one above the other, and size of upper holes of hollow stripes smaller than the lower openings.1 cl, 1 dwg

Gloves with washing surface // 2585721
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of economic and industrial activity in terms of cleaning contaminated surfaces of utensils, containers, and other devices, protecting the surfaces of the hands and the hands from adverse effects of water, detergents and others. The glove containing a shell in the shape and size of the hand, having at least the finger and the palm fields made of rubber, latex, spunbond and any other waterproof flexible material, coated on the inner surface with the washing layer of flexible or semi-rigid polyurethane foam of thickness 0.5 to 1.5 cm coated by gravity casting at a temperature from 10° to 60°C into prefabricated moulds, made of wood or compositions based on wood, metal, porcelain and other glassy materials, the polymer composite material: thermoplastics, thermoplastic elastomers, natural rubbers, rubbers, monolithic polymers, including filled or reinforced so as the washing surface is placed on the glove on the inner surface of the fingers, except for the thumb, and the palm, or separately on the finger part of the glove and on the palm, at that the pointer finger is completely covered with a washable surface on all sides.EFFECT: improvement of the design.2 cl, 7 dwg

ethod of limiting extensibility of individual sections of knitted fabric // 2584662
FIELD: textile.SUBSTANCE: method comprises manufacturing a knitted article comprising a conductive electrode textile and curing at least one selected portion of knitted fabric. Curing process comprises applying a curing agent to surface or depth of at least one selected portion of knitted fabric. At least one selected portion of knitted fabric is selected from a group consisting of a conductive electrode and a portion of textile knitted article located between two adjacent textile electrodes. Furthermore, present invention provides a knitted fabric of tubular shape, which is made using a knitting machine for knitting seamless from main yarns. Knitted product comprises at least one conductive textile electrode composed of multiple line segments knitted, each of which is produced by knitting from yarn and spandex conductive. Knitting spandex and at least one type of warp yarn is continuous.EFFECT: method can significantly reduce stretchability of at least one selected portion of knitted article.27 cl, 4 dwg

ultilayer packet // 2580104
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: multilayer packet consists of outer and inner layers and a gasket located between them, it is characterised in that the insulating gasket has a honeycomb structure made in the form of regular hexagons formed by stretching in the transverse direction of the lavsan strips which are bonded to each other at sites alternating with the free sites of the same length, and on adjacent strips the bonded and the free sites are staggered, and a reflective material is attached to the outer surface of the inner layer and the inner surface of the outer layer.EFFECT: multilayer packet enables to provide high enough quantities of the total thermal resistance of thermal protective garments without significant increase in its weight.4 dwg

X-shaped supporting element of bra and bra comprising such element // 2579731
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: supporting element (51) is X-shaped and comprises four branches united at the junction point, and has a moulded three-dimensional shape corresponding to the shape of the cups (42). The bra without carcasses comprises an X-shaped supporting element (51) and two cups (42). Each of the cups (42) comprises an outer insert (41) and an inner insert (52) between which there is an X-shaped supporting element (51). A method of manufacturing the bra without carcasses is also proposed, which comprises the step of moulding.EFFECT: enhanced usability.11 cl, 8 dwg

Protective glove and method for use thereof // 2579718
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction industry, in particular to means of individual protection of hands when performing finishing plastering in construction and repair of structures of industrial, residential and other purposes. Objective of proposed solution is expansion of functional capabilities owing to longer service life of product. Protective glove comprises a sheath made of elastic material, adapted to turn inside out, outer surface includes a working surface, an inner surface, fingers, carpal portion and a part of carpus as leggings. Working coating is made on inner surface. On outer surface of sheath of index, middle and ring fingers of middle part, in field convexity bending joints of fingers are formed as a thickening of convex disks facing convexities on outer surface of sheath.EFFECT: technical result consists in broader functional capabilities due to longer service life of product.1 cl, 2 dwg