Human necessities (A)

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Combination for acne treatment and method of its application // 2614392
FIELD: pharmacy.SUBSTANCE: combination for acne treatment, comprising an aqueous Gynura Procumbens leaf extract, and means containing non-activated platelets and white blood cells in their own blood plasma. A method of acne treatment by application of the above combination.EFFECT: combination and treatment method are characterized by high efficiency in acne treatment.2 cl, 2 dwg

Immunity-inducing means // 2614386
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to production of means containing at least one polypeptide selected from SEQ ID NO: 4, 2, 8, 10 and 12, and/or recombinant vector(s), comprising polynucleotide(s) encoding at least one polypeptide, as the active ingredient(s), and can be used in medicine. The resulting means is used for efficient induction of T-cell immunity against malignancies expressing KATNAL1.EFFECT: invention allows to obtain antigen-presenting cells presenting the polypeptide obtained from KATNAL1, and to effectively induce cytotoxic cells against KATNAL1, which is efficient as a therapeutic agent against malignant neoplasms expressing KATNAL1.7 cl, 3 dwg, 3 ex

Stable pharmaceutical composition for oral administration comprising levocetirizine, or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof and montelukast or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof // 2614382
FIELD: medicine, pharmacy.SUBSTANCE: this present invention relfers to a pharmaceutical composition in the form of a capsule for oral administration for asthma or allergic rhinitis prevention or treatment. The composition comprises: (a) the first fraction of particles in the form of mini-pill comprising levocetirizine, or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof and organic acid; and (b) the second fraction of particles in the form of mini-pill comprising montelukast or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof. The organic acid is citric acid, tartaric acid, succinic acid or ascorbic acid. The organic acid is present in the amount of 100 parts by weight per 100 parts of levocetirizine. The said first and second particle fractions are physically separated and filled into the capsule. A method for pharmaceutical capsule composition production is also described. The pharmaceutical composition of this invention inhibits the production of related contaminants of levocetirizine and montelukast and provides good stability.EFFECT: invention expands the product range of drugs for allergic rhinitis or asthma prevention or treatment.9 cl, 3 dwg, 4 tbl, 6 ex

Working element of mole plow // 2614380
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: working element of mole plow comprises a vertical knife with a drainer (2), a reamer (3), a horizontal knife (4) attached to the reamer(3) and made in the form of the wings diverging from the reamer (3) . Additional drainers (5) are installed on the wings. The reamer (3), the drainer (2) and additional drainers (5) in cross section formed in a Reuleux triangle, wherein they are oriented upwards by one of the corners in cross-section, and the other two corners of the Reuleux triangle of the reamer (3) and additional drainers (5) are located on the horizontal plane at the same axis with the horizontal knife (4).EFFECT: increased stability of mole drains.2 dwg
ultifunctional tiller // 2614379
FIELD: agriculture; machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machine building, in particular to tillage machines. Multifunctional tiller comprises frame with hitch attachment and side walls, milling drum with permanent and arranged there between detachable blades or teeth sections, rear spring-loaded shield with detachable ridging housings, center and side on its lower surface, and with detachable blades, detachable support wheels. Milling drum contains permanently fixed and detachable sections and has drive mechanisms in form of driveline, central reduction gear, intermediate and side gear transmissions. Tiller is equipped with removable rippers arranged below milling drum in front of its detachable sections, detachable furrow shapers made in form of spherical discs with adjustable angle of attack and installation height, arranged in front of side walls and facing by sphere concave to tiller longitudinal axis. Side walls are equipped with support wheels posts installation devices, made with possibility of installation in front of milling drum or along furrow shapers trace behind side walls. Ridging housings are made removable, and side housings are installed with controlled mid-path.EFFECT: such design solution is aimed at tiller functional capabilities expansion.1 cl, 8 dwg

Disk soil-forming section // 2614377
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: disk soil-forming section contains a bearing assembly with a rack and the shaft. On the shaft on one side of the bearing assembly, two needle disc set, the plane of which is perpendicular to the axis of the shaft. On the other side of the shaft, the spherical disc is fixed with cutout. The spherical disc is facing the convex sphere and a bearing assembly mounted within the plane of the blade to the shaft axis, and the maximum tilted disk portion opposite the notch located tangentially. The rear edge of the cutout has been rejected by an angle of up to 30° from radius to the point of its edges on the blade in the rotational direction. The angle of deviation of the radius of the rear edge does not exceed 20°. Between the bearing assembly and the spherical disc, the needle disk is installed. The vertical shaft section and the rotation axis of disc axis lie in one plane.EFFECT: increase the capacity of water-detention of cut furrows, preventing the clogging of the cut disc crop residues, increased section width.2 cl, 2 dwg

Power supply system for portable aerosol generating device // 2614376
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an electrical system that comprises a primary and a secondary device, wherein the primary device comprises a source of electrical power; a cavity configured to device receiving; a plurality of electrical contacts within the cavity configured to contact with the corresponding contacts on the secondary device, when the device is in the secondary cavity, wherein the plurality of electrical contacts is in electrical communication with the electrical power source; and a lid moving between the first position to retain the secondary device in contact with at least one electrical contact, and the second position in which the secondary device can freely go out of contact with at least one electrical contact, the lid comprising at least one window allowing the organic material to exude from the cavity when the secondary device is in the cavity and the lid is in the first position.EFFECT: invention extends the product range of power supply systems by providing a reliable and efficient charging of the secondary system device through the guaranteed electrical contact between the primary and secondary devices.13 cl, 3 dwg
Zefir production method // 2614373
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to the field of food industry, in particular, to its confectionary branch. The method of zefir production comprises preparing zefir-agar isomalto-treacle syrup, for which purpose dry powdered agar is mixed in the technological vessel with water of the temperature of 15°C at mash ratio of 1:30, and left to swell for 1 hour, then the swollen agar is quickly dissolved under heating in the digester with the stirrer, isomalt is added, after its complete dissolution, the molasses preheated to the temperature of 60°C is introduced. The mixture is boiled out in the cooking coiled column at t = 110°C until the weight fraction of dry substances is 85 ± 0.5%, and is cooled in the tempering machine to t = 94 ± 1°C. To prepare the whipped mass, dry egg albumen is soaked in warm water of the temperature of 35-40°C at a dry albumen - water ratio 1: 3 for 20-30 min. Further isomalt is mixed with concentrated apple puree, with adding reconditioned egg albumen, whipped in the beating machine for 4-5 min, more egg albumen is added, whipped for 5 minutes, then citric acid, vanilla essence, isomalto-agar-molasses syrup are added and stirred for 2-3 min to evenly distribute the recipe components. The ready whipped mass is moulded by way of deposition by meams of the zefir-depositing machine on trays, sent to curing, drying, starch dusting, is cooled and packaged. Zefir is prepared at the following ratio of the recipe components, wt %: isomalt 51.18, agar 0.56, molasses 9.46, egg albumen 5.50, concentrated apple puree 33.04, citric acid 0.25, vanilla essence 0 01.EFFECT: method of zefir production allows to obtain zefirs of functional purpose with the reduced energy value, increased nutritional value, having a pleasant taste, aroma, delicate and soft texture, the whipped mass having well-fixed structure.1 tbl

ethod for producing pelmeni enriched with fish raw material // 2614372
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: method involves kneading the dough, preparing the raw material of beef, pork, fish of the cod family, and preparing the plant component of pearl barley porridge. Stuffing for pelmeni is prepared by mixing the animal raw materials, the plant component, fresh chopped onion, food salt, spices and water. The ground fish, beef, pork and pearl barley porridge are used at the specified weight ratio. The pelmeni are moulded, frozen, tumbled and packed.EFFECT: invention can improve the nutritional value of the product while reducing its caloric value.1 dwg, 3 tbl, 1 ex

Reclamation fertilizer distributor-subsoiler // 2614371
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machinery industry. The reclamation fertilizer distributor-subsoiler of plough-layer comprises moldboard bodies fixed to the frame fertilizer dispensers with fertilizer funnels, a high-pressure fan with an air duct. The fan is tightly connected to the fertilizer funnels. In front of the moldboard bodies on racks the unilateral flat hoes-subsoilers are mounted, located at a height below the cutting plane of the moldboard bodies. The racks of the unilateral flat hoes are made knife-like with an inclination of the blade to the horizontal plane against the direction of movement at an angle of 60-65°, providing the soil layer cutting with sliding on the blade. At the rear wall of the racks the fertilizer funnels are located, connected with fertilizer distributors mounted under the flat hoes. The fertilizer funnels are tightly connected to the fertilizer distributing units and the pressure cavity of the fan. The fertilizer distributing units are made screw and mounted in the bottom of the hoppers for fertilizers. The hoppers have tight covering lids. Over the hoppers a tank for livestock wastes with reel dispensers is mounted. The drive of the fertilizer dispensers and reel dispensers is made from the PTO shaft of the tractor through a gearbox. The fan drive is made from the hydraulic motor.EFFECT: decrease in the traction resistance of the tool and the fertilizer saturation of subsurface horizon is provided.3 dwg

Production line for powder hop-pumpkin starter // 2614364
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to baking industry, in particular to bakery starter manufacturing and can be used for functional purpose bread production. The line comprises manufacturing of two phases, phase of batch preparation of liquid hop-pumpkin starter and phase of powder hop-pumpkin starter preparation. For the purpose of liquid hop-pumpkin starter preparation, the line comprises head tanks for cold and hot water, reservoir for the liquid hop-pumpkin starter, liquid component metering unit, loose component metering unit, scalding machine, batching station, yeast vessel, pump. The line additionally includes a dosing hopper for crushed pumpkin, a vacuum evaporator to produce hop extract, a two-stage convective vacuum-pulse dryer to produce powder hop-pumpkin starter. The dryer consists of a convective stage, a vacuum pump and a vacuum-pulse cabinet.EFFECT: invention allows for the production of powder hop-pumpkin starter enriched with biologically active substances.1 dwg

Agent with antitumor activity based on arabinogalactan nanocomposites with selenium and methods for prepariation of such nanobiocomposites // 2614363
FIELD: pharmacy.SUBSTANCE: method of agent production includes interation of raw arabinogalactan and selenium dioxide or selenious acid salt in a solvent followed by precipitation in ethanol or acetone, or other organic solvent capable of mixing with water. The peculiarity of this method is that the process is carried out at the temperature of 20-25°C, stable selenium nanoparticles size is 0.5-250 nm, and raw arabinogalactan or arabinogalactan specially purified from phenolic impurities is used as the raw materila, while water or dimethylsulfoxide, or formamide are used as solvents.EFFECT: soluble stable nanocomposites providing antitumor activity, in dry form.3 cl, 7 dwg, 11 ex
ethod for hemorrhoidal foot processing during complicated internal hemorrhoids surgery // 2614362
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: hemorrhoidal feet processing is performed during surgical treatment of complicated internal hemorrhoids. A Luer clamp is imposed on the hemorrhoid tissue and the node feet is sutured proximally by an 8-shaped catgut ligature. Billroth forceps is imposed on a half of the foot and the node is undercut above it. The main suture is imposed with a node formed proximally to the retaining suture. An additional suture is imposed by the first injection of needle under the main ligature and second injection directly next to the stump in the direction of perianal skin. Node tissue is cut off after the last suture is applied. The third suture node is formed over the main ligature.EFFECT: reliable hemostasis during and after hemorrhoidectomy, reduced risk of postoperative submucosal hematomas and paraproctitis due to three 8-shaped stitches on the node foot during removal.3 dwg

ethod for cervix, vagina and vulva dystrophic diseases treatment by shockwave method and device for its implementation // 2614361
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: tissue with pathological changes is coated with fine particles of carbon dye. The coating is exposed to pulsed laser radiation. At the beginning of radiation, laser irradiation pulse power is set lower than the value expected for this threshold pathology. The repetition frequency of acoustic pulses generated by a surface thermal microexplosion and absorbing the laser emission of carbon dye particles is determined. It is compared to the laser pulses frequency. Laser pulses power is sequentially increased to a value at which the acoustic pulse frequency becomes equal to the repetition frequency of laser pulses. Irradiation is performed with this pulse power value. The device includes a laser operating in a pulse-periodic mode of laser radiation generation, a laser radiation operating parameters control unit, a laser radiation parameters measuring unit and an indication unit. It additionally contains an acoustic microphone, a selectable band-pass filter for a maximum range of 5-7 kHz, microphone signal amplifier and a two-input coincidence circuit, all connected in series. One of the coincidence circuit inputs is connected to the microphone signal amplifier output, the second icoincidence circuit input is connected to the laser pulses repetition driving frequency generator output, and output - to the laser radiation operating parameters control unit input and the indication unit.EFFECT: increased efficiency of treatment and reduced probability of postoperative recurrence and scar development processes through implementation of objective selection and monitoring of the adequacy of defined laser radiation parameters, providing the process of shock wave destruction.2 cl, dwg
Treatment method of haematogeneous osteomyelitis of vertebral column // 2614360
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention may be applied for the treatment of the haematogeneous osteomyelitis of the vertebral column. A porous implant, inside which a perforated drainage is mounted, is installed into a bone defect of vertebrae. Elimination of a pyoinflammatory exudate from the affected area is performed by means of vacuum at (-0.1)-(-0.2) mPa within 7-10 days.EFFECT: method allows improving efficiency of the drainage of the bone cavity and epidural space during the treatment of the haematogeneous osteomyelitis of the vertebral column.4 dwg, 1 tbl
Gas generator for therapeutic application // 2614359
FIELD: medical equipment.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to medical equipment. Gas generator for therapeutic application comprises device for electrolysis for electrolysis of water and formation of gas mixture, which contains hydrogen and oxygen. Gas generator for therapeutic application also has system for gas mixing, connected to device for electrolysis, containing gas mixture. System for gas mixing is intended for mixing of gas mixture with water vapor, sprayed medicinal fluid, volatile ether oil or their combination in order to form therapeutic gas inhalation for user.EFFECT: group of inventions improves patient's relaxation in treating.14 cl, 3 dwg

Absorbent product with set of sensors for detection of body excretions // 2614331
FIELD: hygiene.SUBSTANCE: absorbent article is disclosed. It comprises main part (32) comprising outer shell (40) with inner surface and outer surface, and absorbent structure (44), adjacent to outer shell inner surface. Device also has set (104) of contactless electronic sensors containing gas sensors, each of which is capable of separately monitoring level of concentration of gas, associated with specific volatile compound, wherein set of contactless electronic sensors monitors levels of concentration of gases, released as a result of inflow into absorbent product of contaminants in form of two or more volatile compounds. It also comprises controller (106), configured to detect changes in levels of gas concentration exceeding, as a result of inflow into absorbent product of contaminants in form of urine and/or defecation products, limit levels of gas sensors in set of contactless electronic sensors. Device also comprises signalling device (110) to notify user on controller detected changes in concentration of gases.EFFECT: alternative version of absorbent device and signalling device used in above absorbent products are also disclosed.20 cl, 6 dwg

Smoking article // 2614328
FIELD: tobacco industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a smoking article. Smoking product has first part and second part, installed with possibility of displacement relative to first part, wherein one of first and second parts includes tobacco rod and first filtering section, and other part includes sleeve and second filtering section, and sleeve includes material, in which, at least, one ventilation flow passage is formed, including one or more ventilation openings, and with this first part angular position relative to second part it is possible to selectively reduce ventilation degree through, at least, one ventilation flow passage, so that providing flow control system with possibility control gas flow change in smoking product or through it, and material having specified permeability in order to provide basic level of ventilation.EFFECT: technical result is possibility of controlling smoking product ventilation or gas flow through it.15 cl, 104 dwg

Absorbent product // 2614325
FIELD: hygiene.SUBSTANCE: absorbent product can minimize amount of body excretions in contact with skin of carrier, and can minimize leakage frequency of body excretions from absorbent product. Absorbent product comprises front material in relation to body including first main surface and second main surface, second main surface is opposite to first main surface; liquid-impermeable outer coating and absorbent base containing front surface in relation to body, front surface in relation to clothing article, first longitudinal side edge and second longitudinal side edge, wherein second longitudinal side edge is opposite relative to first longitudinal side edge, front material in relation to body is at least partially wrapped around absorbent base so, that front material in relation to body is located above at least part of front surface of absorbent base in relation to body surface, passes around at least one of first longitudinal side edge and second longitudinal side edge of absorbent base and passes under at least part of front surface of absorbent base in relation to clothing article, where at least some front material relative to body running under front surface of absorbent base in relation to clothing article is in contact with front surface of liquid-impermeable outer coating in relation to body, where front material in relation to body is fabric of material subjected to jet fastening and includes multiple projecting parts extending from one of first and second main surfaces.EFFECT: absorbent product, characterized by improved retention of excretions of human organism.25 cl, 66 dwg, 16 tbl

Packaging // 2614324
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: packaging comprises form-stable twisted collagen carrier which contains a collagen layer and a coating layer containing thrombin and fibrinogen, and is characterized by the shape of the elongate member with a number of turns of the collagen carrier around the longitudinal axis of the elongate member with at least one external coil(s) oriented so that the coating layer forms an outer surface of each of the said external coil(s). Packaging comprises a portion made as a tank with a compartment which contains at least one portion of the twisted collagen carrier. The compartment comprises a hole in the upper surface of the portion made as a tank and at least one cavity disposed at the edge of the hole. The said cavity opens into the compartment and the upper surface.EFFECT: secure storage and retrieval of brittle twisted collagen carrier without damage to the coating.27 cl, 9 dwg

Interactive platform "dribblingtest" for football players training // 2614323
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to training devices for sportsmen, in particular, to football players, and can be used in interactive mode using training program "Dribblingtest" for sportsmen other team sports – hockey, handball, tennis, etc. Platform equipment includes lights, infrared rays emitters and receivers, crossing sportsman path, electric circuit, connecting these elements and controllers with power supply elements, as well as marks, determining sportsman motion path, wherein signal lamp is installed on variable height removable support for partner or rival simulation, and infrared rays emitters and receivers are arranged so, that generate rays at height, exceeding marks height and not exceeding football ball diameter to control its movement.EFFECT: such device performs task of functional capabilities expansion by adding new functions to existing solutions capabilities due to special arrangement of lights and infrared equipment, enabling, in particular, train skill of head correct position and ability of long-term attention concentration on several objects, as well as improve dribbling accuracy.1 cl, 3 dwg
ethod of explosive substance disposal by combustion // 2614286
FIELD: blasting operations.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to explosive substances (ES) disposal, namely, to ES disposal by combustion. Method of explosive substance disposal by combustion involves ES placing on combustion platform and its ignition initiation by means of electric igniter, located directly in disposed (burned) ES or on its surface. Electric igniter can be located in disposed EX or on its surface inside combustible material, and supply of electric current pulse is performed authorized from safe place.EFFECT: invention enables ES ignition ease and reliability and aims at increasing safety when organizing and conducting works on ES disposal.1 cl, 2 ex

Complex with filter for dry cleaning of explosive gas mixtures // 2614281
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: complex filter for dry cleaning of explosive gas mixtures comprises a bag filter 1 connected to the input flue 2, on which the inlet shut-off valve 3 and the pipe 18 with the shutoff valve 19 for connection to the atmosphere are mounted. The exhauster 5, the output shut-off valve 6, the pipe 20 with the shutoff valve 21 for connection to the atmosphere and to the gas sampler 22 are mounted on the outlet flue 4. Before the filter 1 downstream an explosion-localizing gas chamber 7 connected to the input flue 2 and to the filter 1 through the normally open self-closing in case of explosion valves 8 and 10 respectively. The explosion-localizing chamber 7 is provided with the igniter 11, the anti-explosion safety valve 12, the pipe 13 with the gate 14 for connecting to the atmosphere and to the explosion pressure sensor relay 15, which is electrically connected through the gas cleaning control system to the electric drives of the input shut-off valve 3, the output shut-off valve 6 and the exhauster 5. The filter housing 1 is made airtight. The explosion-localizing chamber 7 and the filter 1 are provided with airtight dust dumpers.EFFECT: location of the explosion-localizing chamber prevents the explosion wave spread and the filter elements destruction while cleaning explosive gas mixtures.2 cl, 1 dwg
ethod for preparation of collagen product // 2614273
FIELD: pharmacy.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to processing and cosmetics industris, namely to a method for production of a collagen product with the following characteristics: reception of skins of freshwater fish such as silver carp, carp, grass carp, mirror carp, manual or machine cleaning from scale, muscle tissue, fins and mechanical impurities, washing for 30 minutes in drum type machines with a solution of soap and then in water - to remove residual soap, the rinsed skins are subjected to peroxide and alkaline treatment, for which they are poured with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide with mass concentration of 3% and sodium hydroxide with mass concentration of 3 % and kept at 20-25°C for 1.5-2 hours and liquor ratio of 1:4, the treated skins are washed with flowing water at 8-12°C for 10-15 min, then the skins are poured with citric acid solution with mass concentration of 6% and kept for 6 days, the resulting mass is homogenized, packaged in polyethylene and stored at 0…+4°C for° max. 4 months.EFFECT: increase of collagen product quality indicators: increase in collagen output, improved organoleptic properties, reduced complexity and cost by reducing the number of process steps and reagents, intensification of the pre-treatment process and raw materials degreasing.1 tbl, 2 ex
ethod for brain protection in case of carotid reconstruction during acute ischemic stroke // 2614270
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: degree of the internal carotid artery (ICA) stenosis is determined and the initial blood pressure (BP) is measured. If the degree of ICA stenosis on the stroke side is up to 79% or in case of contralateral ICA occlusion and initial systolic blood pressure (SBP) less than 150 mm Hg, the main stage of surgery is arterial bed clamping, common carotid artery (CCA) longitudinal dissection with transition to the ICA, temporary internal bypass (TIB) installation, arteriotomical hole suturing, TIB removal and blood flow restoration in the carotid arteries, is performed at SBP level of 100-120 mm Hg, and if the initial SBP is 150 mm Hg and more - the main stage of surgery is carried out at SBP level of 120-140 mm Hg. If the degree of ICA stenosis on the stroke side is 80% or more, the main stage of surgery is arterial bed clamping, CCA dissection with transition to the ICA, arteriotomical hole suturing, TIB removal and blood flow restoration in the carotid arteries, is performed at SBP equal to the initial SBP plus 30%, but no more than 160 mm Hg.EFFECT: invention reduces intraoperative complications, which is achieved by SBP regulating depending on the degree of stenosis.2 cl, 1 dwg, 3 ex
ethod of adaptation of regenerated strawberry plants // 2614261
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention is a method of adapting the regenerated plants of strawberries, including the adaptation phase where the regenerated plants of strawberry large-fruited in the period of adaptation to moisturize three times during the period at regular intervals freshly prepared aqueous suspension of silicon-mechanocomposite based on rice husk and green tea prepared by mixing siliceous mechanocomposite and room temperature water in a concentration of 3 g/l and subsequent infusion for 1 hour at room temperature, and in between is moistened with distilled water.EFFECT: invention can successfully acclimate strawberries macrocarpa through feeding microplants stage adaptation siliceous mechanocomposites based on rice husk and green tea.1 tbl

Stable liquid pharmaceutical preparations of fused protein tnfr: fc // 2614257
FIELD: medicine, pharmacy.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to biotechnology, namely to stable pharmaceutical compositions of fused protein TNFR: Fc. Pharmaceutical compositions and kits for their application of different physical stability TNFR:Fc are obtained by using the citrate buffer system at a concentration of 25 to 120 mM and amino acid selected from the group consisting of proline and lysine, and their pharmaceutically acceptable salts at a concentration of 15 to 100 mM as a stabilizer.EFFECT: invention allows stability of pharmaceutical compositions of etanercept for long-term storage.50 cl, 1 dwg, 17 tbl, 3 ex

Alpha-v beta-8-binding antibodies // 2614252
FIELD: pharmacy.SUBSTANCE: antibodies with high affinity for β8-subunit αvβ8 proposed. Pharmaceutical composition comprising such antibodies, and methods of their application are also described. The proposed group of inventions can be used in medicine.EFFECT: improved antibody properties.23 cl, 14 dwg, 19 ex

Osteotropic radiopharmaceuticals for pet imaging // 2614235
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of nuclear medicine, namely to radiopharmaceuticals (RF) for metastatic bone lesions imaging using the positron emission tomography (PET) techniques and radiation therapy planning. This goal is achieved by application of a composition representing a solution containing gallium-68 in the form of a complex with oxa-bis (ethylene-nitrile)tetrametylene-phosphonic acid and sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide and a phosphate buffer containing sodium phosphate and sodium hydrogen phosphate, as the preparation for PET imaging of metastatic bone lesions and radiation therapy planning. Preparation is obtained from a lyophilized composition at the room temperature during 1-2 minutes, radiochemical purity of the preparation is more than 90%, pH range is from 4.5 to 8.0, maximum accumulation of drug in a pathological bone shall be reached 1.5 hours after introduction, and is 40-45% of the introduced activity, differential callus/blood accumulation factor is more than 10, accumulation of the drug in blood is less than 0.30%/year.EFFECT: invention expands the number of nuclear medicine devices, particularly for metastatic bone lesions imaging using the positron emission tomography (PET) techniques and radiation therapy planning.3 dwg, 4 ex, 1 tbl
Pharmaceutical composition based on 3-(4-methylimidazole-1-yl)imidazo[1,2-b][1,2,4,5]tetrazine as anti-tumor agent // 2614234
FIELD: pharmaceutics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pharmaceutical industry and includes pharmaceutical composition, which is solution of pharmaceutically acceptable substance 3-(4-methylimidazole-1-yl)imidazo[1,2-b][1,2,4,5]tetrazine of formula (I) and D-mannitol in water. Composition is used for therapy of malignant tumors in human or animal.EFFECT: technical result is obtaining stable, long-term stored solution of Substance 1.1 cl
ethod for cognitive impairment detection for persons of young and middle age // 2614222
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: testing is conducted by the "Concepts Exception" method for different age categories, recording the number of correct answers, time spent on the answers, and determining the thinking level integral index by the formula where Ind is the thinking level integral index; N is the number of correct answers in the test; t" is the time in seconds required for testing.EFFECT: method allows to identify human cognitive dysfunction by evaluating the integral index of the thinking level.4 tbl, 3 ex

Tube holder for irrigation system or silicone feeding systems for vitreoretinal surgery // 2614221
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: tube holder for irrigation system or silicone feeding systems for vitreoretinal surgery comprises a base with at least two longitudinal slots on the bottom surface, one with the minimum width of 10.0 mm and the other with the minimum width of 5.0 mm, depth of each slot is not less than 5.0 mm. The base between the slots has a through threaded hole with a stand screwed in from the side opposite to the base slots with a free end in the form of an arc, located above the base. The free end of the arc is spirally twisted with a pitch greater than the diameter of the tube with the irrigation system or silicone delivery system cannula.EFFECT: use of this invention allows to support and maintain a stable position of the fluid supply system and, accordingly, cannula position in the port.3 dwg, 1 ex
ethod of audiological diagnostics of perilymphatic fistulas of labyrinth in sensorineural hearing loss // 2614220
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: identification of sound lateralisation is performed with fork tined placed on patient's forehead centre or bridge of nose by "pinch" method. Audiometric control of patient's hearing acuity is performed with determination of initial thresholds of patient's sound perception by air conductivity on the entire tone-scale. Audiometric control of patient's hearing acuity is performed with determination of initial thresholds of patient's sound perception by bone conductivity on the entire tone-scale. After that, patient presses their head to sternum maximally tightly and keeps their head in such position for 55-65 seconds to ensure partial compression of their neck veins and to increase tension of meninges. It is accompanied by 30-50 mm of water column increase of liquor pressure. Immediately in patient determined is fact of presence or absence of change of their thresholds of sound perception by air conductivity on tone-scale at different frequencies of sounding. After that, when patient is in horizontal position on their back with their head turned on healthy ear, acoustic duct of affected ear is filled with inert liquid which has temperature equal to temperature of patient's body. Thresholds of patient's hearing are re-determined by bone conductivity. If after pressing head to sternum thresholds of patient's sound perception by air conductivity increases by 10 dB and more at not less than two different frequencies of sounding with simultaneous absence of tuning-fork lateralisation of sound into healthy ear and if threshold of sound perception by bone conductivity reduces in patient by 10 dB and more on not less than two different frequencies of sounding after filling acoustic duct of affected ear with inert liquid, presence of perilymphatic fistula of labyrinth is diagnosed in patient.EFFECT: method makes it possible to carry out reliable diagnostics of presence of perilymphatic fistulas of labyrinth independently on mechanism of their development, and reduce diagnostics time due to complex estimation of patient's sound perception by aie and bone conductivity.3 ex
ethod of posterior interbody fusion // 2614219
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the traumatology and orthopedics and may be used for posterior interbody fusion. Channels in the intebody space is formed with maintaining of integrity of the endplates of adjacent vertebral bodies. An autotransplant of bone chip formed during conduction of interlaminectomy, facetectomy, or decompression of spinal cord roots is formed by means of expression of the liquid fraction of a bone mass and compression until formation of a supportable bone column of an intended size. The implant of porous titanium nickelide is installed into the channel in such way to provide maintaining of support ability of the autotransplant.EFFECT: method of posterior interbody fusion allows quickening of formation of a bone and metal block.
ethod for rear retroperitoneal adrenalectomy perfomance // 2614218
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: rear retroperitoneoscopic adrenalectomy is performed through an incision to 30 mm under the 12th rib end. The workspace is created using an endoscope tube. Along the wound edges two punctures for the endoscope and working tool are made. Detection of adrenal gland tumours is performed. First, the lower part of the adrenal gland, then the side surfaces are subjected to mobilization, then the adrenal gland central vein is suppressed, and the rear surface is mobilized. The upper part is the last to be suppressed.EFFECT: method eliminates the costly special equipment, reduces pain in the postoperative period and provides a good cosmetic effect due to operation according to a specially developed algorithm of adrenal gland selection from the surrounding tissues.4 cl, 1 tbl, 2 ex

Device for puncture cyto- histo biopsy of parenchymal organs cancer // 2614217
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: device includes a conducting needle with centimetre marks a working needle with a Quincke form cut and an echogenic tip for better control of the introduction depth, and a recess for tissue sample gripping, it is characterized by the conducting needle having a non-toxic polyethylene coating and a connector for a syringe at the distal end, and 6 holes for tumour cells aspiration are located spirally at an angle of 120°.EFFECT: improved accuracy and reliability of morphological diagnosis of cancer.1 dwg

Endovascular delivery system for aortic heart valve prosthesis // 2614216
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: endovascular delivery system for the aortic heart valve prosthesis consists of the working tube with a handle with controls at the proximal end, and a conical tip and a protective cover at the distal end, the cover contains an inner holder to accommodate the aortic heart valve prosthesis. The conical tip comprises three longitudinal slots, each having a fastener in the form of a hollow tube. The radial groove formed at the tip, has an annular spring configured to compress the fasteners. The spring is fixed with at least three brackets located between the longitudinal slots; the working tube wall has at least three longitudinal channels, each containing a wire to connect the working tube and fastener with the aortic heart valve prosthesis frame. One end of each wire is fixed by a control and the other is intended for fixation of the aortic heart valve prosthesis frame fastener. At the proximal end of each clamp an U-shaped slot is made for release connection of wire stretched within the retainer with the aortic heart valve prosthesis frame fastener, the fasteners are fixed annularly inside the conical tip body.EFFECT: provision of controlled aortic valve prosthesis implantation.2 cl, 6 dwg
Low-invasive method for elimination of isolated residual adduction of anterior part of foot in case of equino-varo-adduction deformation of feet in children // 2614215
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: method includes performance of longitudinally lateral cut in projection of 5 metatarsal bone, reaching tendon of peroneus brevis. Tendon is cut off with cortical plate. Bed is formed on the base of 5 metatarsal bone. Free end of tendon of peroneus brevis with cortical plate is placed into bed, and cortical plate is fixed to metatarsal bone in position of foot deformation correction. It is advisable to shape cortical plate in form of polygon, and to shape bed on the base of 5 metatarsal bone if form of the same polygon as cortical plate.EFFECT: method prevents postoperative complications and fixes tendon to bone in more reliable way.4 cl, 3 dwg, 1 ex

Device for measurement of intraocular lenses support haptics elastic properties // 2614214
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: device for measurement of intraocular lenses supporting haptics elastic properties includes a base with a tripod, with a horizontal cantilever bar installed with a possibility of moving and fixation. At the end of the bar, a head is located with a tapered tip interacting with the measured element, on the opposite side of which another conical tip is arranged with displacement, and a measuring device associated with the measured element. Between the first bar and the base, an additional bar is fixed made of two parts: one is fixed on the tripod with a possibility of movement and fixing thereon, the other has the form of a plate mounted with a possibility of movement relative to the first part. The plate has holes for accommodation of the measured elements, represented by intraocular lenses. The head with a conical tip is provided with an assembly for dosed movement in the direction of the measured element, and scales are used as the measuring device.EFFECT: application of this invention allows to determine the quality of the intraocular lenses supporting haptics elasticity.2 dwg, 1 ex, 1 tbl

ethod for proximal gastrointestinal transplant blood circulation improve in case of esophagoplasty // 2614213
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: esophagus is formed by the isoperistaltic stem from the greater stomach curvature retaining the right gastro-omental artery. Ligation and intersection of three branches of the right gastric gastro-omental artery are performed. First, the gastric branch of the right gastro-omental artery is transected at a distance of 5-6 cm from the pylorus. Subsequent artery branches are ligated and transected preserving at least two branches between them.EFFECT: improved blood supply of the proximal transplant in case of total replacement of diseased esophagus.1 dwg

Suture material // 2614212
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: suture material contains a thread/(threads) of the superelastic NiTi. The suture material structure further includes a thread/(threads) made of an alloy with the following composition: 45% of titanium, 0.5% of molybdenum, 1.5% of iron, the rest - nickel. The diameter of the applied threads is selected from the range of 30-60 microns.EFFECT: increased handling quality of the suture material.3 dwg
eans for fixation of tissues connected during surgery // 2614211
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: fixation means is made of a cord material based on knitted fabric of nickel alloy and titanium thread. The means has the form of a ribbon, formed by cord material laying by several layers flattened to contact and layer binding along edges with each other.EFFECT: increased possibility of intraoperative monitoring of tightening effort adequacy and reduced local pressure and underlying tissues atrophy.5 dwg
ethod for bifixation and stereoscopic vision recovery at early stages of concomitant strabismus conservative treatment, and visual fields separator for method implementation // 2614210
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: method for bifixation and stereoscopic vision recovery at early stages of concomitant strabismus conservative treatment, which includes application of liquid crystal glasses, visual exercises to restore the fusional ability to merge on sinoptofore and/or visual fields separator, exercises to restore the binocular vision, according to the invention, preliminary inspection is conducted to reveal causality of strabismus with involvement of a neurologist and vertebrologist, therapeutic and rehabilitative measures to address the identified causes, the visual function is activated without strict separation of the right and the left eye visual fields, using liquid crystal glasses, partial blocking of objects visible by the better seeing eye and/or alternate blocking of the right and the left eye is provided, application of the direct occlusion is limited by 1 hour per day, and bifixation training on the visual fields separator starts at a distance of 5-7 cm from the eye, with development of fusional merging reflex with gradual distance increase up to 50 cm. The visual fields separator, which includes a separating bar and a transverse frame installed thereon for object placement, according to the invention, the transverse frame is movable along the separating bar. EFFECT: group of inventions allows to increase the efficiency of concomitant strabismus treatment at an early age. 4 cl, 3 dwg
ethod for glossalgia physical therapy // 2614209
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: mesodiencephalic modulation is performed. Pulse stimulation currents with a carrier frequency of 10,000 Hz, modulated in the low frequency range, varying from 20 to 100 Hz in a single session is used. current supply power changes from 0.5 to 4 mA during a session. The duration of each session is 30 minutes. The procedures are daily. During the first 3 days, two procedures are performed with a minimum interval of 6 hours, later - one procedure per day. The therapeutic course is 13 procedures.EFFECT: method provides relief of pain and paresthetic feelings, restoration of normal sensation and tissue viability function, improved microcirculation and oxygenation.3 ex

Anchor for legiment and muscles reinsetion in case of their separation from bones and key for installation and removal // 2614208
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: anchor for legiments and muscles reinsertion in case of separation from the bone comprises a threaded cylindrical portion and a head for the anchor installation and removal key, with hole and slots in the thread on both sides. Grooves are made along the entire length of the thread, a suture hole extends perpendicularly to the side surface and connects slots in the middle part, the key head has a cylindrical shape with flats at the grooves in the thread. The key for installation and removal of the above anchor is T-shaped and includes a handle and a rod. The working end of the rod is a stepwise cup, two opposing recesses are arranged on the lower step, coming from the edges of the rod to the handle. The recess height exceeds the anchor head height by 1 mm, while the walls of the lower cup step are flat from the inside at anchor head flats. The side wall of the rod contains an inclined channel extending to the upper step of the cup for suture withdrawal from the rod cavity, the channel outlet opening is located in a plane perpendicular to the side recesses plane.EFFECT: structural strength to secure the suture, suturing without any contact with the cutting edge of the anchor.2 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of treating chronic elbow and prepatellar brusitis // 2614207
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medicine, namely to traumatology-orthopedics and surgery, and can be applied for treatment of chronic elbow and prepatellar brusitis. For this purpose puncture of bursa, its content aspiration, introduction of medication in its cavity, drainage of bursa with constant active aspiration are realised. As medication 2 ml of heparin 10000 IU are introduced in bursa cavity. After 24 hours aspiration of content is carried out and 2 ml of heparin 10000 IU and 10 mg of trypsin are introduced. 3 hours after this vacuum system of active aspiration is placed in bursa cavity. Further, in a day removal of aspiration liquid from system is realised in the process of bandaging. System of active aspiration is applied until exudate extraction from bursa stops.EFFECT: method ensures improvement of treatment effects as a result of reduction of pain reaction to medicinal procedure, reduction of quantity of recurrences as a result of active influence on synovial envelope of bursa, thorough evacuation of its content and activation of regeneration processes.1 dwg, 2 ex

Actuating mechanism for fire extinguishing sprinkler-starter // 2614206
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: mechanism comprises a frangible closure formed as a cylindrical electrical insulator with thinning in the middle part and mounted between the sprinkle valve and the adjusting screw of sprinkler. There is a temperature sensor arranged in the form of wire ring with shape memory effect with rigidly fixed ends. The ring embraces closure and one of the sides of sprinkler bow, it is connected to the control unit and a power source with electrically forced start.EFFECT: increase of water extinguishing system reliability.5 cl, 3 dwg
ethod for myocardial revascularization in case of coronary artery disease // 2614196
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: combined effect on the myocardium is provided, including laser treatment and intramyocardial administration of autologous bone marrow stem cells (ABMSC). Through channels in the left ventricular wall in the myocardial ischemia area or areas are performed, with diameter of 0.3-1.0 mm and frequency of one channel per 1 cm2 of the left ventricle wall. Each channel is perpendicular to the left ventricle outer wall surface in the channel forming area. Channels are formed using the impact of CO2 laser, with a power of 800-1000 W and pulse duration of 20-50 ms. The pulse duration is chosen sufficient to form a channel by one pulse within the refractory period of the cardiac cycle. Then, 200 l of a solution containing 8.3 million of ABMSC is administered around each channel along its entire length using one injection. The needle is directed in the avascular zone at a distance of 1-2 mm from the outer channel wall. ABMSC is introduced when extracting the needle.EFFECT: reduction of intervention trauma, while maintaining its efficiency, reducing the volume of fluid injected with ABMSC, as well as application of one pulse to form a through channel in the myocardium, prevention of intraoperative complications and induced arrhythmia due to the laser pulse impact by forming channels in the myocardium within the refractory period of the cardiac cycle.1 ex

Functional male underpants // 2614185
FIELD: clothes.SUBSTANCE: disclosed invention, associated with functional male underpants, differs by natural separation and penis and scrotum storage without any measures or restrictions during functional male underpants wearing and absence of penis and scrotum output from accommodating pocket regardless of penis and scrotum compression or expansion, or exercise, or daily activities.EFFECT: explained above characteristics, are preferable in presence of freshness feel in underpants and in prevention of unpleasant senses in scrotum and male sterility caused by sweat and temperature increase.10 cl, 19 dwg
Composition for processed cheese // 2614129
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: processed cheese composition contains, wt %: rennet hard cheese in an amount of 55.0, low-fat curd in an amount of 15.0, a dairy product,represented by cream from cow's milk with the fat content of 10%, in an amount of 20.0, melting salt in an amount of 1.0, a functional ingredient which is represented by amaranth flour, in an amount of 3.0, and drinking water is the rest.EFFECT: increasing the food and biological value, improved organoleptic indices and imparting to it functional properties.2 tbl, 2 ex